Here I am staring at your perfection,
In my arms, so beautiful.
The sky is getting bright, the stars are burning out,
Somebody slow it down.
This is way too hard,
‘Cause I know, when the sun comes up.
I will leave, this is my last glance,
That will soon be memory.

Dedicated to the wonderful @phati-sari, for writing such spell-binding stories! 

Guide to Every Indian Drama Ever

1. A humble heroine with big dreams

.. and a filthy rich hero with an attitude problem

2. Heroine has a strange disorder where she keeps falling on the hero

3. Magically transport to a forest, where the couple plays a game of Survivor

4. Right when it heats up, introduce the “vamp” (aka hero’s superslutty girlfriend)

5. Couple has huge misunderstandings, which could be resolved with a 5 minute convo

6. In a strange turn of events, hero force-marries heroine 

7. There must be an absurdly long drawn-out wait until the consummation

9. Throw in an an evil mom/grandma/ex/random twat to separate them

9. When the couple finally gets down to bizness … bam! heroine becomes pregnant the very next day

10. Actor becomes popular and gets the hell outta the show

11. Director tries to pass off a random guy as the hero

12. Show dies a slow, but swift death


A letter of the alphabet for each day that gets us closer to Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

L ⇥ all the Laughs, part 2 of 2

Khushi: “Aap mein aur kya kya takneeki kharabi hai? Sugar ki bimaari, agarbatti se allergy!”
Arnav: *glowers voicelessly*
Khushi: Nahi, matlab….aap bataa denge to hum aage se yaad rakhenge.