So crescentwrenches had an awesome idea for theater/AV techs to post their gig bags, tool boxes, etc. Here’s mine. I work in live audio (at a venue and freelance with my own small PA) and do field recording for broadcast. I’ve given everything in the pictures above a number, so look down below for a description and comment about each item!


1. Stanley tool bag: I got this for like $10 on Amazon a while back and it’s held up well. Holds what I need, durable enough, and looks professional.
2. Lutz interchangeable ratcheting screwdriver: I bought this when I interned for an IT department. I’ve used it for everything from rebuilding computers to repairing refrigerators to building props.
3. Kobalt adjustable wrench on tool tether: Every theater tech should have an adjustable wrench in their gig bag. I’ve been using this one for about four years and I love it.
4. Mechanix work gloves: For unloading trucks during load in, pushing cases, rigging, focusing lights, etc. Not very happy with these, but they do the job for now.
5. DeWalt belt tool holder: I don’t use this very often, but during big shows I can put this on my belt and hold an adjustable wrench, sharpies, flashlight, etc.
6. Various screwdrivers
7. Various pliers and a very mediocre set of wire cutters that need to be taken out of my bag
8. Scotch super glue: I stuck this in my tool bag because I found it on the floor one day and it’s saved me on about four shows since then.
9. Various adjustable wrenches to loan out to stagehands or when I need another one to hold something in place
10. 120v outlet tester: Checks for messed up ground, etc.
11. Crappy extra batteries: I usually have a few procells but I used them all up.
12. No contact voltage detector: I never use this, but it’s here if needed. I think the batteries are dead. It’s been months since I’ve touched it.
13. Crappy multimeter
14. Stanley precision screwdrivers: BEST $3 I’VE EVER SPENT
15. Ebtech cable tester: Everyone should have a cable tester in their bag. I happen to have this Ebtech. Nothing special. Works fine, but doesn’t test NL4.
16/17. Gerber multitool and holster
18. MagLite MiniMag LED and holster: Currently my favorite flashlight
19. Gerber Crucial multitool: Look it up. The black version is great.
20. Crappy flash drive
21. Crappy pocket knife
22. Really nice scissors: because nobody can ever figure out what happened to the venue’s scissors
23. Various lead and lead free solder
24. Wire strippers
25. Solder sucker
26. Mediocre Weller soldering iron
27. Tire pressure gauge: I work with a lot of carts and things
28. Pen with a bunch of different colored ink
29. Various sharpies
31. King Size Sharpie:
I don’t actually use it. It’s solely for bragging rights.
32. Metallic Sharpie: For writing on gaff and stuff. I love this thing.
33. Drum keys: Because drummers don’t know how to tune their own drums
32-36. Electrical tape in various colors: For labelling handheld mics, usually
37. Band-aids
38. Lexicon-branded lanyard:
As an emergency backup tool tether


39. Behringer UCA222 Audio Interface: This thing is technically a really mediocre interface, but it’s gotten me out of so many difficult situations since the headphone output on my MacBook has a grounding issue. Easy the best $25 I’ve ever spent.
40. (2) RCA to ¼ cables: The set that’s usually in my bag is still at work, so there’s a normal set of RCA cables holding it’s place in this picture. I use these for the UCA222 interface.
41. 1/8 to dual ¼ cable: For connecting a phone to the board
42. Adapter case (more on that below)
43. Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones
44. Mediocre Passive Behringer DI Box:
Hate on Behringer all you want, but this DI has gotten me out of dozens of difficult situations and doesn’t sound horrific, so I keep using it. (Yes, I have much better DIs for my PA, don’t worry)
45. HP Stream 7 Windows Tablet: This thing cost like $60 with a few discounts, and it’s great for looking up manuals and emails and stuff. I love Windows tablets. neotrotsky would be proud. Still running Windows 8 because 10 was giving me driver issues with the accelerometer, but it still works fine.
46. Kmashi 10,000mah battery: Because my stupid iPhone lasts two hours
47. Micro USB cable: Charges Stream 7 and my iPhone (with battery case)
48. (4) 6′ TRS to XLR Male cables: I get a lot of questions about why I carry these. I work on analog boards a lot with ¼ outputs. I usually don’t end up using all four of these, but they’ve saved me more times than I can count.

49. (6) XLR female to female turnarounds: Yes, I’ve used all six at the same time.
50. (6) XLR male to male turnarounds: Yes, I’ve also used all six of these at the same time.
51. NL4 to ¼
52/53. ¼ to XLR adapters
54. Mic stand parts and thread adapters
55. Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter
56. (2) RCA to ¼
57/59/60/62/61/63. Various AV adapters and things
58. TRS couplers
64/65. Barrel DIs
66. Whirlwind Little IMP:
 generally used to get mic level signal into guitar pedals
67/68/69/70. XLR splitter, 1/8 female to dual ¼, stereo RCA to mono ¼, other RCA adapters

Sorry this was so lengthy! Please ask if you have any questions or want details about any of these items! I love to talk gear!


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