Two weeks? Three?

I wonder when the pre-orders will start for iPhone 4S here in Sweden. Having had my 3GS for quite some time now I can feel the need for an upgrade. This time around I’ll get it while it’s “fresh”, maybe it’ll last me a while longer and I might upgrade with the iPhone 7 or something.

I’m sorry for the frequent (well not that frequent) talk about the iPhone, but I promise this isn’t going to be an iPhone blog.

So, who else is playing Minecraft? I’m trying to get into the VoxelBox whitelist. Even though my exterior and interior designs where approved of, I still have to build something a bit more unique than a house. I’m thinking about a small landing platform for shuttlecrafts with an adjoining control structure as well as the current living quarters. We’ll see what comes of it. If you happen to play on The VoxelBox and feel like talking I’m under the handle “Rajaman”.