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Here’s one for Yuuri! This one took me the longest out of the 3 of them, mostly just because it took me fucking forever to get a screenshot that looked the way I needed it to. Anyways, since I’m having fun with it and a bunch of people are requesting that I do more, I decided I’m going to do one like this for all of the skaters!! Phichit is next!! 😋

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Since school is about to start for me and many, many others, I decided to do a post about apps I use for school to help anyone looking for apps to help them out in any way.


  • Google Apps

Most of my classes in school require something to be done online, whether its an essay or a presentation or whatever. I like to use google apps like Drive, Docs and Slides to save and write and create everything I need for school. I feel it’s a lot better (for me at least) than Microsoft word and Powerpoint.

  • Forest & FocusNow

I know this is very popular in the Studyblr community and I completely understand why. I use this almost everytime that I study or do school work. It gives me better motivation to study and it’s cute.
Forest is a paid app, but there are ways that the app will plant real trees in areas that need it. FocusNow is a free app if you don’t have the ability to buy Forest. It still works just as well.

  • TED

TED Talks are so amazing. I love to listen and watch them when I have free time. It helps me feel productive when I’m not doing anything since I’m learning and feeding my mind. 

  • Duolingo

Since I’m not taking a languages class this year, I decided I want to practice my Spanish. I’m still rusty, but I would love to continue.

  • Dictionary

Of course I need a Dictionary app. It’s what I use for all my vocab.

  • iHydrate & Plant Nanny

It is so important to stay hydrated and I know for sure that sometimes it’s hard to do that during the stress of school. I use these two apps to track my water intake and motivate me more to drink. iHydrate lets you track all liquids, not just water. And Plant Nanny is just adorable, watering a plant while you water yourself.

  • Apple Apps

Just ones that came with my phone I use often. Notes, Calculator, Reminders- all self-explanatory. Podcasts is the app I use all the time. I love podcasts so much and listen to them all the time. My faves are NightVale, Kings Falls AM, Serial and RadioLab. I’m always looking for new podcasts to listen to, so if you have any suggestions, please tell me!

And of course, you need games on your phone. I just have a few to pass times and sometimes I play them if I need to calm down or need to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Merged, Two Dots, Dots & Co, and INKS are games that are beautiful, simple and so perfect and calming. 

And the rest are just fun games I play purely for fun. (gotta catch ‘em all!)

So that’s all for now. If during the school year I find any other new apps to use and love, I’ll update you on them. Also if you have any requests on posts, message me please and I’ll be happy to put in my input.

(Graphic made with Canva.)