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DAY 3235

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Feb 5/6,  2017                 Sun/Mon  1:54 am

Enough is enough .. I must rest .. the birthday is quietly over .. greetings with the family for Abhishek .. a family lunch at the dining table .. and a dinner with all at Italian in JWMarriot, Sahar .. 

And the finest discovery of all - being finally able to sync my iphone to the car music system and to be able to hear some fantastic music .. while you drive .. drive music is what keeps us so involved in the factor of driving a car .. and through the ages so many different inventions tried to replicate their inventions into profitable businesses .. but no they still have not been able to meet up and explain .. phone running well despite ..

Science was always a fascinating subject .. now more so .. and with each passing day, the learning with each machine or gadget is something that one never imagines .. but it does .. it teaches .. and the fascination of learning a fresh and new hidden asset of your mobile ipad Mac is what is taking away much on ones time ..

This hand set, this mobile .. is a fascinating word too ..

Most of us address it as mobile. Some as telephone, for it is now synonymous with anything that can get you talk, miles and miles away .. the Americans known for their love for brevity, abbreviation formations et all .. have always referred to the mobile as a ‘hand set’ or refer to the mobile as ‘hand’, because invariably the hand or the touch of it always remains in the realm of the hand .. 

Smart ..

Now the Smart Phone is an invaluable object of extreme desire, for its functions are enormous, educational, fishing you out of any deep waters, and above all informative to a degree of pain .. hehehaha ..

This phase of life when most deem it necessary to retire and lie back on a hammock, listening to the birds chirping, is something that is not for me .. and these fresh machines and inventive prodigies are an amazing side of life that has determined itself to carry out what one would do in a normal discussion, learning the intricacies of its functioning  .. but by then of course them newer models is out and ready to begin all over again ..

Good night dear Ef ..

Amitabh Bachchan

ID doc´s  year in life


Christmas is almost here and I can´t believe that it´s gonna be a year since I started…doctoring. AND WHAT A YEAR. I feel like i learnt a lot but also like I still have even more learning to do.

There is a lot of u here, still don´t get how this rant-filled blog has so many followers but I am glad it has. I am glad there are folks out there caring about my every day bs (and some of u even follow me on twitter! what a ride that has to be.)

Well anyway, I feel like i haven´t posted anything of value in a while. So for the first time in a long frickin time i sat down with my computer, opened a bag of extra cheesy nachos and started to write down some ideas.

In this first post (out of few i guess) I wanna write u down some of the ideas/schemes which worked for me about how to handle your time as a first year doc. As u can see I won´t be using the term intern. Where I am from …u r not really an intern. U are a full fledged doc who still needs some supervision but also sometimes when somebody professionally younger ends up with you….sometimes I am the “attending”. Doesn´t happen often but it does happen sometimes. So if u are from similar backround, or even if u r not…I hope this is gonna be helpful…or something.

  1. Plan your year

What? A year? YOU MUST BE CRAY.

No actually it´s pretty neat so just hear me out. Have some sort of plan/planner. I use my iphone calendar which can sync with my computer´s and I use a paper planner too…bc I am oldschool. 

There are occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, work stuff like a conferences and tests and certificates to take which has to be planned super ahead. Making a rough outlook of your next year wont hurt. Setting up a reminder for your boyfriends bday a month ahead so u can research the perfect gift? I mean common…that can be neat. Reminding u the next dentist or gyno visit…..The last possible day to pay for that conference….SET UP SOME REMINDERS. Made my life so much easier.

2. Plan your month

Girl u gotta set up those period reminders. Getting stuck in a all nighter without pad or a tampon and  have to ask the nurse to bring u some from the supplies u have for patients….not pretty…and those pads and AWFUL. Nothing worse that handling your shift well just to realize your panties are like something from a murder scene. 

Totally kills the vibe.

Also it´s good to know when do u have shifts. Mark the dates. Do meal prep before a shift and a “cool down” activity after a shift. I usually go out to see a movie or just plan a fun night with my bf and a bottle of wine watching Gilmore girls. It will make u something to look forward to as u get up at 4:00 in the frickin morning for otherwise healthy young man who had one watery stool and vomited once…and u bet your ass he called himself an ambulance. OH the rage.

If u have some holiday that month…do so! Sleep in, cook food, chill out…self care folks. Planning is caring.

3. Plan your week

I usually play my week around three or four main activities. Firstly work, second my free tme, my chill time and my beauty time. I´ll talk about work later.

My free time is all about friends, family and my boyfriend. I make sure I stay connected with people I care about even only when I send the poo emoticon to my brother. I call with my mom. I do some reding for work, I check up with finances, I check up what´s needed at home. I make plans to cook/buy/clean up. If not on paper at least in my head. I do yoga.

I CANNOT recommend a more useful app as Wunderlist. If u like lists and u have a partner with who u share a flat THIS IS THE SHIT. It makes u share lists and u can see if he or she checks the boxes as DONE. Makes doing house-work and buying stuff way more easier. And fun.

My chill time is about winding down. I don´t usually do a lot of moving during my chill time. I either just watch netflix or read a book or scroll on tumblr or play new Dishonored. I just chill and I dont care if there are dirty dishes or if my core isnt tight enough.

Beauty time is all about the pampering. Working at the hospital is gonna take a lot. Not just the stress and long hours - but also the overheated rooms during winter when the ganitors run the central heating UP TO MAX SOLAR LEVEL BURN BURN EVERYONE BURN. Your hair suffers and your skin suffers and its all dry and kinda unhealthy looking and there are weird spots and veins….I take long baths, I do face masks and hair masks and essential oils. At least once a week there is a section which is all about that bod. Your body is your temple. And u wouldn´t want your temple to be dry gray depressing wasteland would u. Take care of that bod. There are few essentials, when it comes to these things- I use/bring to wards everyday but about that some other time.

I usually plan one or two fun activities each week. Might seem like that´s not enough but When I come at home at four, it already dark outside, and its six below zero…there isnt much will left in me to even do stuff, not talking about going outside! that´s cray! So that leaves weekends. I plan meetups with friends, trips to the cinema, getting to know the city (bc we moved). Anything really. Something to look forward during your work hours. Unless you work weekend in which case everything sucks and nothing can save you.

4. Plan out your day

Oh boy. I use to plan a day  into two big sections. Firstly work, secondly the rest.

I have to be at work before 7:00 and I should know at 7:00 if shit went down with my patients. It usually means sitting behind a computer, eating my breakfast, slurping strong coffee and reading my colleagues notes about the night shift.

Then I make small notes about my patients like
“Miss X will have CT today, need to call the tech and tell him…..”


“Mr. Y doesn´t like his diet…gotta talk with the diet nurse and come up with something..”

Stuff like that. Stuff actual FOR THAT DAY. 

If u are freshly out of school and suddenly u work at a hospital…the whole process can and probably will take some time to getting use to. You will have to make up a system which works for u -  from how to best manage patient, who u can turn when u need a surgeon´s opinion when the the surgeon on call is a total asshole. Which therapist is the best and actually helps people. Where u can score some free pens ? Stuff like that.

For me the hardest thing was how to most effeciantly do rounds. I often have 8-10patients. SOmetines when I am all alone on the floor I have 20patients. And they can be all very difficult cases. And nobody is there to help me.

So I usually start - first the acutely worsening - septic, old folks which cardiac problems, suspected PE etc….there is A LOT that can happen in ID department. If there isn´t anyone actively dying on me I usually start with new admits. They normally take the most time.

I check their papers, their vitals, their main complains and after I go check on the physically. Then I come back and write my notes, order tests etc. When that is all done I check out if any new results came in.

!!I always write notes into my patient´s papers about which results we are still waiting for.

Again, if nobody is actively dying, around twelve I go to have a lunch. I eat regularly. Bc, once again guys. Self-care. The department won´t crumble after you leave for 20-40minutes for your legally required brake. Also running a floor…its a team effort.

And thats why I have to make  a correction here…

The first thing I actually do when I come in in the morning, I ask the nurse: Who do I need to see first. Bc nurses are your eyes and ears and hands.

After lunch I write down plans for my patients, something like :need another chest xray and if clear will go home the day after tomorrow…etc. In that case u always know who and when u wanna discharge somebody.

Also I write discharge papers…I try to write a bit every day of their hospitalization…but i am gonna be honest…sometimes I am just too frickin lazy.

And then its 5minutes before the end of my work day. And that´s that.

When it comes to most of my notes in my planner about my post-work activities….I usually have writing down stuff like - V cooks dinner, dishes are on me this time, gotta start christmas decorations. Gotta buy a christmas tree! Write down all the food I wanna cook on christmas…look up recepies and ….

U get the idea.

I was never a big planner. I kinda swam tru my life plan-free. Stuff happened and I managed. But once I started working as a doc I realize there IS A LOT I have to keep up with - work and home and friends and LIFE. It cannot be all work and no fun.


Introducing, The dodocool 2-in-1 cable.

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i’ve been trying to sync my iphone to itunes but my phone isn’t even popping up??
i looked at the devices on my laptop and it showed my phone was connected
my phone would start charging when i connected it but it’s not showing up on itunes
i tried a different usb and i restarted both my phone and my laptop but nothing seems to be working
any ideas??

Hello to my fellow students, I have wanted to make a series of posts on studying for a while now. I spend 5 days a week working for my degree and I have picked up a few strategies during my education that may help one or two of you. I hope that my experiences can be of help to someone. Have a nice day :) 

Wake up early

The way you start your day generally sets the scene for the rest of your day. That’s why every day I wake up at 7am, eat my breakfast and then immediately start studying. This allows me to fit in those extra hours of studying instead of pressing the snooze button on the alarm clock. It took me a while to get in to the swing of this but it’s become a habit and 7am no longer feels that early, I get so much more work done and feel great about myself! 

Be clever with note taking

Taking notes is a skill that we all perfect in our own individual ways. Whatever way you find most effective will be the most effective for you even if it is not for someone else. I like to type my notes and I use Evernote to do this as it allows me to sync all my devices together and have my notes saved everywhere.
If your lecturer uses slides, this gives you a chance to listen. Why take down every word on the slide and miss the important information they say if your lecturer has already made the information available to you. I see many people just copying down lecture slides when what you really need to do is take down the words that come out of their mouths. Later, combine all the information together - this is important. I have made the mistake of forgetting to combine it all and then not knowing what on earth I was writing about a few months down the line. 

Schedule your entire term

I schedule everything months in advance - right now I know what my day will look like in 2 months time. I use the calendar on my iphone as this syncs with my ipad and my university email account. A simple diary and a bit of colour coordination would work just as nicely. I enter in all my lectures and seminars and I schedule in my study time. This keeps me accountable so I know when I should be studying. I also make a rough plan of what I should be studying each day. This is especially useful for planning in study time leading up to exams so I know which exam I am revising for each day, this is especially helpful when exams are not spread out as conveniently as we may like. 

Stay organised

If you have an essay or assignment due in, don’t leave it until a few days before to start it, or even worse the night before. My university has a strict policy on late submissions and so there is absolutely no leeway period. If it is even 30 seconds late we are penalised. Usually all my essays are due in the last week of term, but this usually equates to around 10,000+ words worth of essays due in at once. This means around 2 months before everything is due I have to start my research for my essays so that I can complete them to the required standard and still have time to do my weekly readings for my classes.

Talk to your lecturers/teachers

Developing a relationship with your lecturers makes you stand out from the rest of their students. Most lecturers have office hours where you can go and ask them questions and get help on things you struggle with. I regularly see my lecturers about my essays or any academic problems I may have. I have found since I made myself known to my lecturers they are much more willing to make an effort to help me out. The lecturers who know me best are always willing to give me advice when I am having a bad day and they have opened doors for me that I otherwise would not have had. Realising they are human beings like you and me can be pretty weird, they go through life like everyone else. But remember to respect them as they deserve and always use your pleases and thank yous - they go a long way.  

Get feedback

When you get an essay or assignment back you may get a few sentences off your lecturer (or whoever is marking it) telling you what was good and what needs to be improved upon. Sometimes this can be useful but it s really good to get a further explanation of what you’ve done well on and exactly how they think you could get a better mark next time. Lecturers are happy to help you, after all, it is their job! My main tutor (or academic advisor as they are called at my uni) encourages me to always ask for further feedback, and he is right to do so as this is always an extremely productive exercise. Even if you get A grades, its good to know why and how you can go from an A to an A+ and feedback can help you across subjects as often what is picked up on is not subject specific. 

Be honest with your self

Many students think that they are working hard and can not understand why they don’t get good grades. I think this was probably me when I first started at university. I thought working for 2 hours (at most) a day was enough to get a good degree. I was, of course, mistaken. But I completely believed I was a normal, hard working student. However, once I was honest with my self I realised this was not enough. I am having to make up for this now by working extra hard to bring my grades up to where I would like them to be. Another issue is that students who get distracted easily can take a 5 min break which turns into an hour break. If you’re not honest with yourself that you’re doing this, you will never break the habit. Procrastinating now will only make you stress more later. Is it worth it? 

See Study Tips No.2 Here

When Your Hearing Aid Is an iPhone

The world is loud. As a partial result of this, the typical human aging process involves hearing loss that ranges from mild to severe. And though that loss can be a big problem—"blindness separates people from things,“ Helen Keller said, while "deafness separates people from people"—it’s one that has a solution: Get a hearing aid.

It’s a solution that should be both easy and obvious. At this point, hearing aids are relatively advanced; digital technology means that the devices have gotten very good at filtering out background noise, minimizing feedback, and emphasizing human voices in noisy environments. The little machines have become adept, as one audiologist puts it, at making "soft sounds audible, average sounds average, and loud sounds okay to hear.”

The main problem with hearing aids, though, has less to do with technology and more to do with culture: Many people who need the aids don’t want to get them. They associate them with age. They associate them with ailment. They associate them with the ailment that comes with age. As a result, in a society that values youth above almost all else, the people who can benefit most from hearing aids are often the ones least likely to take advantage of them. 

While hearing aid manufacturers have responded to this by designing devices that are as small as possible and custom-fitted to the ear canal, one company has come up with another solution: a hearing aid that is integrated into smartphones. Starkey Hearing Technologies recently launched Halo, a hearing device that syncs with iPhones and iPads. The technology, the company says, doesn’t just amplify hearing; it also allows users to listen to music, sync movies, receive phone calls, and chat over Facetime. It allows for geotagging according to specific places—so, for example, it calibrates itself to the volume of a user’s favorite restaurant or coffee shop. It joins devices across wireless networks. It’s a medical-tech answer, basically, to the broad aspiration of the connected home.

Read more. [Image: TruLink/Starkey Hearing Technologies]


Its a new month and a new start

Here is how I stay organised:

Every month I stick a new calendar on my wall that tells me the basics of what I do when and I cross each day off as it goes by. I have a basic outline of every thing I need for that day - the time of my class (if I have one), what subject I need to study that day or what essay I need to write, if I need to email someone or complete an action, and what workout I need to do that day.

I keep a more detailed hour to hour outline on my iPhone, this syncs to my iPad and my uni outlook account. The example above is from last month, and it’s a bit jumbled as I changed a few things that week, but you can get a rough idea of what I do. Basically all I do is put in when I should go for a run, when I should study, when and where my classes are and any meetings I might have, I also make sure I remember that I have to get the bus places and eat and shower ect. I schedule every weekday between 8am and 6pm and I use different colours for each activity. I generally schedule everything weeks or months in advance, this way I don’t waste time when I’m busy.

Organisation is the key to maintaining my sanity whilst spending so many days working constantly without anyone there to give me a push. I think being a student can be challenging at times like this, I will have done five weeks without seeing a lecturer or tutor by the end of this month and I have to carry on working like I always do. Motivation can disappear, but staying organised and planning my time keeps me accountable and is successfully keeping me working for between 8 and 10 hours a day even whilst I’m not attending classes.

There was a time when I thought Apple products were worth the premium.

I liked the simple functionality, the ease of use across multiple devices.  It’s not that I like paying more (and I’ll concede, I’m an ignorant consumer who got hooked on Macs at school), but I like my stuff to work together without tons of effort from me.  I’m a moron.

When my MacBook Air tells me that certain files don’t exist anymore, but my ancient PS3 and Samsung home theater play those mythical files with no effort, I have a problem.  When iTunes constantly freezes and locks my laptop, but my Blu-ray player finds my old imported Boards of Canada tracks like it’s no big thing, I have a problem. 

I told a friend tonight that I’ve bought my last Apple products, and I was maybe ¼ joking.  After struggling to play the music I’ve bought- and this is a daily occurrence now- there’s no more equivocation. 

My MacBook can wear my Calvin Johnson jersey, because they’re equally inconsistent and overpriced.  And my Stafford-esque iPhone can’t sync correctly, either.  

I will now go watch some old talkies on my hand-cranked projector.