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ive had these watercolor marker things for literal months and never used them once so i decided to finally try them out during my cipher hunt induced motivation rush


Magazine Roundup #18 - Alexander, Gustaf and Bill Skarsgård / #ITMovie premiere + Emmys 2017 edition

  1. OK! (US, September 25, 2017 issue) - IT premiere 
  2. OK! (Australia) - IT premiere - thanks to BeerWolf for her find/pic!
  3. The Hollywood Reporter (US, September 13, 2017) - IT premiere 
  4. The Hollywood Reporter (US, September 13, 2017) - Laverne Cox wants to sit by Alex at the Emmys
  5. Variety (US, September 12, 2017 issue) - IT premiere 
  6. In Touch Weekly (US, September 25, 2017 issue) - IT premiere 
  7. Us Weekly (US, September 25, 2017 issue) - IT premiere 
  8. Life and Style (US, September 25, 2017 issue) - IT premiere 
  9. Women’s Day (Australia, September 18, 2017 issue) - IT premiere 

my digital scans/ iPhone pics other than OK! Australia pic

Master Post of Helpful Programs and Apps

I decided to make a master post of all the programs (free, of course) that I have used over the years to get me through AP’s, studying and exams! Most of these are either apps on my iPhone or programs that I have downloaded onto my Mac. However, all of these *should* be available for Android and PC as well, just let me know if something doesn’t work out!

  • Grammarly: This is a service that I use in computer program form, it is both a Chrome extension and a downloadable application. Not only does it edit your online posts (SUPER helpful to avoid making mistakes in important emails or posts!), you can download your paper into the application and it will edit both grammar and spelling in a way that I find more uniquely helpful than regular old spell check. Additionally, if you are reading a PDF or other article for school online you can click on certain words and Grammarly will define them for you!

  • Zotero: Guys, I can not stress enough what a freaking godsend this program is. You download it onto your computer, and you can save articles/PDF’s from databases directly into it as you are researching, which negates the need for thousands of tabs! You can also have it create your bibliography for you, which is insanely convenient, and you can take notes on the article within the program. That being said, the format was very confusing for me at the beginning. I would recommend watching YouTube videos on how to use it and doing the full tutorial online before you start!   

  • Scribd: Scribd is both an App and a website where you can look up books and read them for free online. It does have ads if you don’t want to pay for the full version, and I would recommend the phone app as opposed to the website formatting wise! I used this to find books at the last minute, and I also used it to find the teachers key for one of my textbooks in order to check my work while I studied for an exam. 

  • Quizlet: Let’s be real, we all know what this one is ;) But I have to give it a shout out! Flashcards, quizzing yourself, fun games, TONS of language options…oh Quizlet how I love you! Comes in both website and app form.

  • Pomodoro: A study timer that uses the Pomodoro method of timing out your study session with specific break time lengths and study time lengths to optimize your performance. I use this one for memorizing vocab and to study for repetitive tests like math, but I really do not find it useful for writing papers. That being said, everyone is different and some people swear by it! iPhone and Android app. 

  • Forest: I love this timer app, I use this for reading and writing papers! It has the added bonus of tugging at your morality by bringing life into the equation. As you study and don’t touch your phone, a little tree is growing. When your time is up, the tree is added to your forest. But if you touch your phone before your time is up, the tree dies! I honestly get super invested in it. App for iPhone and Android.

  • Genius Scan: This one is a bit more logistical, you can take pictures of documents on your phone and it scans them and converts them to PDF’s. I used this to share notes with classmates and to have my own notes with me for on the go review. I use this one surprisingly often! App for iPhone, not sure about Android. 

  • Wunderlist: Wunderlist is my all time favorite to-do list app. Generally, when I’m studying, I use a notepad to make my task list because I love the satisfaction of crossing out tasks. However, I use this for everything from chore lists to groceries to lists of books I want to read. You can have categories and multiple titled lists, and it’s super satisfying to check things off! App for iPhone, not sure about Android. 

These are all the apps and programs that I use with extreme regularity, but I love productivity apps and I am always looking for more! If anybody has anything to add or has any recommendations for me pleaaasssseee tell me about them. Good luck studying! 

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What was the worst guest experience you had working at wdw?

the day Frozen Ever After opened was also a day we had extra magic hours that night, when the park’s open an extra 2 hours after closing but only for guests staying at on-property disney resorts

before I tell this story just let it be known that Frozen’s opening day was an absolute disaster, the standby wait time was getting up to 5 hours because the Olaf animatronics kept breaking down and sending the ride 101, people with fastpasses for it kept getting emails updating it to an “any attraction any time” because of it breaking down so often so of course everyone was running to try to use their fastpasses as soon as it reopened which backed the fastpass line up which of course meant the standby line was barely moving at all
pair that with the fact that the ride has a very low capacity to begin with and that the norway CMs were (and kinda still are) bad at grouping parties together so all of the boats end up being half empty

anyway 9pm rolls around and I pull my next assignment which is TTI aka the worst role in the entire department aka standing out the front of the entrance with an iphone attached to a scanning device to scan guests’ magic bands to make sure they’re staying at a disney resort to let them into the park for extra magic hours

it’s a lot crazier than it usually is on EMH night because a whole bunch of people are coming specifically to ride Frozen because they assumed there would be no wait time because it was extra magic hours

this woman and her like 12 year old daughter try to come through, I scan their bands and the iphone is coming up saying they have no resort reservations, I ask them if they’re staying on property and the woman is like “no we just came to ride Frozen”

I tell her it’s EMH and only resort guests are allowed in and she starts getting angry, telling me that she’s an annual passholder and she’s sure EMH applies for APs as well!

I tell her again that I can’t let her into the park and she’s all like “I’m a platinum passholder! we drove 25 minutes on a school night just to ride Frozen!” then passive aggressively pulls out her phone and starts looking through the disney website to try to find anywhere saying that APs are allowed in for EMH (they’re not!!!)

eventually she realises she made an incredibly stupid assumption without even checking so she’s like “please can’t you just let us in my daughter just wants to ride Frozen we drove so far to get here” and I just reply “even if I let you in now there will be someone else outside the front of the ride scanning bands and I guarantee you that they won’t let you on” which is when she demanded to speak to a manager

of course, there are no managers out! there are never any managers actually out in the park with us so I just call over my coordinator and he pulls her aside and tells her the exact same thing I did

while all this is happening the Guest Relations guy working at the touchpoint is showing the 2 greeters something on his ipad so I go over to see and he’s pulled up the ride status app and it says that Frozen is shut down and apparently has been for a while!

this woman is refusing to leave and demanding to talk to someone higher up so my coordinator goes to his podium to call to see if there are any actual managers still at the park while the GR guy grabs the other phone to call the guest relations lobby to see how long Frozen has been 101

coordinator gets ahold of the night manager who says he’ll be out to deal with this woman, GR learns that Frozen broke down again at around 8pm and their leader made the decision to shut it down for the night and not reopen until the next day, then explains the situation to me

so before my manager arrives I go back out and tell the woman that we’d “just been informed that Frozen has been experiencing difficulties during the day and park management has decided to close it down for the rest of the night” blah blah blah and she EXPLODES with anger

the manager shows up and she starts yelling at him, he clearly wants to get rid of her and go back to his office ASAP so he tells her exactly what I just did then before she can respond is just like “if you’d like to ride Frozen you are more than welcome to come back tomorrow during regular park hours but there’s nothing we can do for you tonight”

the woman turns around and storms off with her very embarrassed looking daughter without another word, my coordinator takes over my position so he can tell any guests coming in that Frozen’s down for the night and I spend the rest of my shift telling everyone else what the fuck I just witnessed


Told y’all I’d post some sketches–I have four more waiting in the wings, but I didn’t feel like taking any more pictures 😂 sorry for the poor quality: these were taken with my iphone bc scanning is a pain. FYI: the lusamine portrait is one of three: her, Lillie and Gladion. All finished now, just need to be colored. 

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curse these broad shoulders, I should not have ordered a shirt online

presumably the iPhone with the infrared scanning ability will be able to upload your shoulder breadth directly to the tailoring cloud