iphone mod


inabadromance’s default replacement phones (2 brands)

Overrides the game phone mesh, screens in simlish, two types, reflective and not reflective. The difference is that when you move around the phone with the camera or when the sims moves while using it, the reflective version will have the screen shine according to the surroundings (I recommend non reflective)

⚕ download here

-not my creation, all credit goes to inabadromance


Fully custom lock screen, pattern draw for unlock, customize your message app, tiny notification bar, when you plug in headphones a menu will pop up asking what app you’d like to launch.

OH and my favorite tweak. Sign into multiple accounts on apps. When I click on tumblr it will ask what login is like to use and I never have to sign into the other one when I decide to switch logins.

I even have a finger print scanner for certain apps to lock personal information.

So much to do with a jailbreak :)