iphone manipulation

I needed more Steve/Tony themed infinity War iPhone backgrounds so I made these. I thought I would share them with you! :) 

This is the same artwork from the posters cause I think it depicts the two and how they feel during infinity wars. Tony the scared but determined Bambi and Steve the angry papa bear that is ready to tear someone a new one. 

To have the individual ones I will put them under the ‘keep reading’ sign below!

Keep reading

Signs as disingenuous Tumblr posts
  • ARIES Mischaracterises popular media to annoy political opponents
  • TAURUS Creates secondary blog to agree with self in ongoing debate
  • GEMINI Claims relevant academic credentials; refuses to substantiate
  • CANCER Manufactured drama with own secondary blog
  • LEO Praise-seeking via bigoted anecdote with bait-and-switch ending
  • VIRGO Reblogs with huge wall of text to conceal lack of actual point
  • LIBRA Screenshots own Twitter/FB account; forgets to log out first
  • SCORPIO Attempted murder via deliberately misleading “life hacks”
  • SAGITTARIUS Manipulated iPhone screenshots
  • CAPRICORN Writes long-winded rebuttal entirely in the tags
  • AQUARIUS Claims made in post contradict article linked to support them
  • PISCES Rambling tale of public transit fracas ends with cheering crowd