iphone fingerprint


i’m sorry about the watermark, but i need you guys to watch this csi: cyber video i made. this show is a gong show. it’s like the howard the duck of tv shows. it is so campy and i am so on board. plus, there is clearly no one involved with any knowledge of anything “cyber”. real technology from the show:

  • people snap iphone photos of fingerprints and immediately get details on who they belong to
  • instead of going to the morgue all bodies are hologrammed in to their control center
  • lil bow wow (this show stars lil bow wow) is an expert hacker but his whole job is that he turns different computer screens into code and if that code is green the computer is safe but if that code is red the computer was hacked

its all so so so good. so worth your time. i will review the shit out of this show if you guys start watching.