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Against the late-eighties backdrop of MTV, moral hysteria, and the culture wars, the rise of N.W.A. represented total negation—of the mainstream music industry, of the status quo, of waiting your turn and holding your tongue. Well before anyone with an iPhone could document police brutality, the frustrations of young black people went viral by way of abrasively funky anthems like ‘Fuck the Police,’ 'Gangsta Gangsta,’ and 'Straight Outta Compton.’

nobody, nobody 🎶

company employee: hi, here’s our new logo! please put it in our ad:

me, a graphic design intern: thanks, but do you have something a little bigger i can use?

employee: sure! :) here you go:

me: wow you know what i had my doubts but i think pixels sharp enough to surgically remove my spleen just by looking at them from your email attachment are the next big innovation in advertising