iphone cases for sale

I am an artist who loves horses. I draw a bunch of other stuff as well though. My commissions are always open to get custom drawings, but I don’t do humans.

Hey Everyone, just wanted to give a reminder that I have merch on Redbubble! The site frequently has sales and has many different options from laptop sleeves to stickers. If you want some art piece that you don’t see listed on here or want to tweak the merch colors or placement, feel free to ask and I can do that.

I also sell buttons, specifically of my Neko Atsume collections. Orders consist of your pick of any 6 buttons, 1", 1.5", or 2" wide with a pin in the back to clip your button to bags, shirts, and anything you want to display them. Just name whatever 6 buttons you want and give me shipping information and I can give you the price. 1″ buttons are $3, 1.5″ buttons are $4, and 2″ buttons are $5 dollars, and they all come in packs of 6. Buttons are 75 cents extra for each button ordered over the original 6. 

All the money goes toward paying for my college stuff, so any purchase is appreciated :3