iphone cameras are so good


although my fem!sei (long-haired sei?) cosplay is far from being done, i finally got a shirt i like and styled my wig, so i decided to take some pictures earlier this week. this is pretty much the first time i’ve done any kind of cosplay in like five years so idk if i look dumb or not……..


Good Kisser. Stars on Ice 2015. Montreal.

Alright, so SXSW is here and with the music portion of the festival kicking off for us Tuesday at House of Vans at The Mohawk, it’s time to prepare. What are your music festival essentials? Here are a few of our essentials that we carry around in our backpacks:

A comfy sweatshirt; Texas weather is crazy temperamental this time of year and it can get really cold out of nowhere. A cute hat; see previous sentence and swap cold for rain. Sunglasses, your iPhone & charger, a favorite camera, a good wallet (with cash! so many places are cash only) sunscreen, a water bottle, some emergen-c packets, a cool lanyard so you don’t lose all your credentials, and a notebook. Your phone is going to die, yes even with that charger so it’s always good to have some backup notes on locations, schedules, your friends phone numbers, etc. 

Macro Photography

I’ve noticed my macro photos get a LOT of attention, and a lot of people seem to really like the way they turn out, so I wanted to share how exactly it is that I take photos like these: 

I don’t have a fancy camera– I have an iPhone. And the camera on it is good, but not THAT good. 

So I picked up a set of these! They’re clip-on lenses that fit pretty much any smart phone. (Including the older, thicker iPhones!) They come in a lot of different styles, and you can find ones that have different lens choices (I know my housemate found one that had a telephoto lens too). I don’t usually promote specific products, but I know a ton of us are broke college students, and $15 is so so so much easier on the wallet than a fancy new camera!