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Miss our Shared Spaces symposium on the museum in the age of social media? We documented the evening—peruse videos on whitney.org.

Enxuto & Love (2009), Anonymous Painting 3D #V2 GE_W202_03, 2013. Inkjet on cotton, 40 x 52 inches. Courtesy the artists

Fuck what I said before. I was completely mistaken. Love isn’t something you could put a timer on. However long it takes you to fall in love with someone should be based on you and your significant other. With that being said, whether it takes 1 month or 1 year, if you fall in love then you fall in love. I’m not talking about that bullshit puppy love now. I’m on some full-fleged Facebook relationship change type of shit. All jokes aside though. You learn what love really means to you throughout the years. Through break-ups and make-ups, first times and last. No matter what there is always room for you to learn. When you finally find out, it’s the best feeling in the world. Better than sex, better than throwing up after a good nights party, hell it’s even better than getting blazed. I hope that everyone experiences that type of concentrated 100% extract type love because then if you don’t then you’re not living your life to the fullest potential.

Photo // @jimmy_chin
Always happy to find some iphone gems in the archives. Cruising w @kitdski in Banff National Park a couple months ago. If you ever need some inspiration or motivation, you should read her new book, Higher Love: Skiing the Seven Summits, available on Amazon. Yup, she’s pretty motivated…. #iphone @thephotosociety by natgeo