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My Brother, My Brother, and Me (dir. J.D. Amato, 2017)


This simple mind+ app is a BRILLIANT way to revise - it allows you to create your own mind maps.

Every time you start a new section it automatically begins a new colour,

you can make them as big as you like,

its easy to use and I’m so glad I found it on the app store…

I did a crime and deviance one for sociology and I’m so happy with the way it turned out:-)

free on the app store if you have an iPhone (not sure about other stores)

i don’t use any other “social media” besides tumblr so maybe this is a realization many people have already had and i’m just understanding this now, but someone just showed me the vast number of emoticons / emojis one can use on facebook and we were talking about how those emojis can be used on their own to communicate so many things…which is really cool but also makes me so fucking angry because like do people realize that that’s basically a form of AAC? 

like, it’s not that different than a communication board or whatever with pre-set images one can select to communicate various emotions or thoughts - the difference here being that because emojis aren’t seen as AAC and aren’t only used by disabled people, they are treated really differently and people think emojis are fun and cool and use them as a convenient way to communicate things without having to necessarily attach words to it…whereas PECS boards or other similar AAC things - including apps that work on iPhones or iPads or whatever  - are mostly treated as “special” and often pitiable or whatever and that’s just like?? 

to be clear, I’m super glad that it has become so much more possible to express oneself using little pictures of pizza and cats and rainclouds, but if you’re gonna use emojis / pictures to tell other people stuff, maybe also consider that doing so is a fucking valid form of communication 

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Hi Emily! I may sound stupid but I downloaded the Otto radio app and can't seem to find the true crime podcast station! If you could help me out that wound be great, thank you!

Thank you for the support. I really appreciate you downloading the app and wanting to listen to my station! I describe how to find it here:


However, this is only for iPhones and iPads. They’re currently working on the app for other phones. Unfortunately other phones can’t see the featured stations page. I’ll keep ya updated with that, though!


Okay so my brother’s iphone was stolen by some asshole and the phone is REALLY important to him. Like in a sentimental way.

It was a gift from our dad who passed away recently and my brother is currently having a mental breakdown. So does anyone know how to track an iphone??

We tried using the “Find My iPhone app” but it doesn’t work :(

It would be great if anyone can give me some advice on what to do. I hate seeing my brother crying.

Take a Lap

Request: 12 daehyun please ♡

12) You and your bias play truth or dare until the power comes back on during the middle of a storm.

 Original prompt list can be found here! New prompt list can be found here!

Member: B.A.P. Daehyun x Y/N

Type: Fluff/slight Smut

“Aish,” Daehyun grumbled as he tapped furiously at his iphone. “Why isn’t your wifi working? My karaoke app won’t even begin to download the new cover I just did.”

“Obviously the world may fall in on itself,” I laughed, wincing. My head was on Daehyun’s lap with his phone hovering in his hands above my face. “If you drop that on me though, you’ll have much more to worry about.” 

He moved his phone and looked at me with a smile and easy eyes. “I don’t have to worry, you love me,” he said smoothly in his thick Busan accent. I loved that damn accent, and I loved the fact that he felt at ease enough around me to ditch the Seoul accent even more. 

“I think this storm knocked something down,” he huffed, throwing his phone to the side. “This rain is getting bad.”

Almost poetically, the lights flickered as another crack of thunder rang through the air. After another crack the lights went out all together. 

“Oh…this is good…” I mumbled, sitting up quickly and nearly hitting Daehyun’s skull with my own. I began moving slowly around my apartment trying to locate my candles. After a few minutes I had a few lit and placed on the coffee table. 

“I’m glad you were prepared,” Daehyun smiled. “I didn’t want to have to sit in the darkness and not get to see your gorgeous face.” 

“Maybe now you won’t complain when I drag you into the candle store,” I muttered, plopping on the ground to face him. 

‘I don’t complain anyway!” he argued with a hurt expression. “I like it. Most of the candles smell like food…”

“Just remember you said that,” I chuckled, leaning back onto the carpet. After a few moments of silence, Daehyun whispered, “Jagi.”

“Hmmm?” I hummed. 

“Let’s play truth or dare? Like we used to?”

“Okay,” I smiled. “Go ahead then.”

“Truth or dare,” he nodded. 

“Truth, of course,” I smiled. 

“Who’s more attractive, me, BTS Taehyung, or Exo’s Baekhyun,” he smirked. 

“Oh my god,” I groaned. “You are literally the same person!”

“Not true!” he gasped. 

“You’re right,” I smiled wryly, “You have much better bone structure.” 

“Damn right,” he nodded. “So I am the answer to the question?”

“No, Taehyung is,” I muttered, waiting for his reaction. 

Daehyun cut his eyes at me, his expression deadpanned. “That deeply hurt and I do not find your sense of humor even remotely engaging.”

“Awww love!” I cooed, putting the aegyo on thick. “I’m joking. I love you. You love me. Love!” 

“Yeah yeah,” he muttered, not even looking at me. “Get on with it.”

“Truth or dare,” I laughed. 

“Dare,” he nodded. 

“Sing to me,” I said, knowing I would only get on his nerves more. 

“What am I? A human ipod to you?” he chuckled, shaking his head. “That’s not even a dare.”

“But when you sing a song, it’s so much better!” I pouted. “Jagggggiiii”

“No,” he said shaking his head. “I want a real dare!” 

“Fine!” I grumbled. “You want a real dare? Strip naked and take a lap!” 

Daehyun lifted an eyebrow, not taking his eyes from mine. He stood and began unbuckling his belt and slid his jeans down. He began to slowly unbutton his shirt and let it drop from his shoulders as well. In mere moments he stood in front of me in only his underwear.

I lifted my eyebrows and nodded shortly at the boxer briefs. 

He tried to mask a smirk, taking his briefs with one hand and putting a hand in protection of his privates. He slid down his underwear and kicked them to the side. 

He took a deep breath and began a quick sprint around the perimeter of my apartment. 

Oh.My.Gahd. He was magnificent. Those arms. Those legs. That butt. 

I felt a blush burn deeply on my cheeks as he finally made his round and appeared back in front of me, his hand still over his front and breathing quickly. He glanced at the pile of clothes on the floor, and then back to my eyes, a smirk growing on his face. 

“So Y/N,” he said slowly. “Truth…or dare?”

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Will you offer to read Natsumichi Drive online, cuz I tried multiple times to open the download link of google drive in my zip extractor app on my iphone but it doesn't work cuz my drive app won't cooperate with my zip extractor..😭😭 and since it's a rar file I can't read it on the drive app 😣 my phone hates me but thank you anyway 🌸🌸💖💖

I uploaded it to myreadingmanga but they need a while to add it.

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I really really really want to use your moving wallpapers on my android as a lock screen. Unfortunately it doesn't move 😭. What can I use the wallpaper for that allows the wallpaper to move?

ε-(´∀`; ) ahh thank you for wanting to use them. I’m not sure for android users whether you’re able to down this app called INTOLIVE. It works for iPhone users but I’m not sure if it works for android users tho ( ・᷄ὢ・᷅ )/

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The links for mobile FAQ aren't working 🙁I wanted to to review them... but it doesn't seem to be working on either the app or the iPhones google chrome. The link looks like it ought to be in your description but nothing happens when I try to click 😕

ill fix it up for you! thanks for letting me know :3


One person unfollowed me for that post.

People that work at Cheritz for Mystic Messenger, don’t work for free.

They work because they can’t yell at the stores to give the food free.

They can’t tell the stores to give them free clothes.

This game is free enough already, why diminish this wonderful quality it already is?


Time and money goes into

- translating Korean


**** NO?! Then why are you upset it’s not free?? Translation cannot be direct because the meaning isn’t the same, it’s gotta fit for those who will read it in English.

- coding the game

**** Tell me will you Code a game for free?

**** Do you know how long it takes to code a game?

**** Do you know anything about Coding?

- The legal workers

**** Remember how it took awhile for us iOS users to get it?? They had to sort it out in an office or over emails over long periods of time.

- Beta Testers

**** They might be checking if the app works on the iPhone 7 and other newer phones, so we can play it.

- Artists

**** As an artist myself, digital art is HIGHLY TIME CONSUMING


**** They needed to be in the studio for hours to record and study their lines. Even practice and just get them right.


Good quality isn’t cheap guys.

Telling them to remove the ban for thieves is like a slap in the face, and saying, “OKAY STEAL OUR MONEY SO WE CAN’T PAY FOR A LIVING! ITS ABSOLUTELY FINE IF WE DON’T EAT, OR HAVE GOOD CLOTHES, OR SUPPORT OUR FAMILIES,”

Think about it, just find healthy and safe ways to earn money instead of cheating.

Spending money on mobile otome helps bring more otome to us alright?

Stealing from them does not bring more otome.

Support Cheritz by actually buying the hourglasses.


Drag and drop between apps works on the iPhone, Apple just has it turned off
The big limitation, however, is that you can only drag and drop between apps on the iPad. On the iPhone your drag and drops are constrained to moving objects around inside an app. For a feature that’s so dependent on developer adoption, restraining its most interesting use case to a platform that’s vastly less popular than the iPhone is disappointing. Read more
Favorite technologies of 2013 for college

1. Calendar App

The Calendar app in iphone as been so helpful in keeping me organized. In the beginning of the semester get add your courses and their allotted times/locations to your calendar app. It is great to see how much time is taken by your courses and then schedule study time and relax time!  

2. Evernote

Although I did not use this app this semester, I love it and will re-download it for the spring semester. It is great for recording lectures also note taking, and organizing your notes by notebook. Evernote probably goes into the list of the top ten apps for college students, with it use being easy and the design sleek and simple, I completely recommend for students of all walks of life.

3. GPAcalculator.net

Funny enough, I discovered this website this week and found it quite easy to use. Although my school already has a gpa predictor, many of my friends who go to different colleges have found this app helpful in many respects.

4. Self Control App (Google Chrome)

Procrastination killer. I do not use it that much because I like completely work fully and then relaxing, but if you are finding it difficult to focus and stay on task this app is magical.

5. Mint.com

Excellent financial planner. For me, it just keeps tracks of my spending and how well I am saving. I like that if offer loan repayment advice and personalized emails.

6. Facetime (Iphone/Mac)

Going to college away from home, going to college and want to speak with family and friends, facetime is great. I used to app to facetime family and friends weekly, it is fun and reminds you how connected you still can be miles away.

7. 8tracks.com

My favorite website, love it! It is a music site, where you can stream playlist, save songs you like, and discover wonderful study playlist. I love the music I find there and the playlists I find fit my mood and helps me writes and get my in work mood!

8. Podcast (Iphone app)

I am probably late but I discovered this app in October. I enjoy it because, I can listen to intelligent and inspirational people I look up to discuss ideas, on the spot, and argue their case when needed. I think listening to podcasts have made me more assertive

9. Nytimes.com

Love the newspaper and the website since high school, but I often times enjoy the editorals, anything by paul krugman, and any health/science related piece. Reading once in a while is a nice break, the most I read of it in college, the more I become wary of correlation equating to causation, but often than the occasional sensationalism, I love it.

10. Duolingo

Best app/program for foreign language. Helped me aced spanish

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Well it has been a while since I have updated this blog, but I plan to continue my weekly updates. I am so happy with the growth of the blog, please continue to share the passion. 

Official Sailor Moon App Launches

An official Sailor Moon app has been launched! Right now it’s only available for Android (and only in Japanese), but an iOS release will follow shortly.

You can view the official 20th Anniversary Project site through the app, FC members can read the newsletter and purchase special FC goods, and there is a new game included called “Crystal Puzzle.”

Here’s the download link for Android:


(Note: I’m an iPhone user, so I don’t know how Android’s app store works. I know for iPhone there are different stores for each country so you have to create a separate login to access to the JP store. If any Android users want to give tips to other users on how to access the app please do!)

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What are you using to learn Japanese?

Hello there  (•͈⌔•͈⑅) The tools I mainly use are:

  • Genki: this is a series of two texbooks + two workbooks, which also includes CDs with various audio tracks and exercises. I use it mainly for grammar, particles, sentence structures and those kind of things.  I’m still on the first book at the moment and I’m really enjoying it so far, it’s explained very clearly with lots of various types of exercise so you really don’t get bored when studying. It also has a good selection of vocabularies and kanji, and it even has some cultural notes that help you learn something new about the Japanese culture.
  • Imiwa?: it’s an iphone app that’s essentially a dictionary. It also divides kanji depending on which level of JLPT you are most likely to encounter them in as well as according to which grades they’re taught at. You can also bookmark kanji and take notes. It’s a lifesaver, really.
  • Remembering the kanji: a series of three books that covers the 3000+ basic kanji, helping you remember them by associating to each character a funny or weird story. I’ve recently started using it and I have to say it really works, some of the stories are so absurd that they do get stuck in my head.
  • Waygo: another iphone app. This one works like a “camera”, and basically detects the text you’re pointing it at and it gives you a rough translation. I use it mainly when grocery shopping, to avoid making mistakes and buying weirdly flavoured things instead of the plain ones. (soy milk, I’m looking at you)
  • Shirokuma café: it’s a 5 volumes manga series about a polar bear that runs a café. It’s composed of simple short stories and all of the kanji have furigana over them, which means that I can pretty much read it without problems. What I do is, I search every single word I don’t know the meaning of as I go (which is every other word, basically) and try to commit them to memory. Being able to do something tangible with the language I’m learning, even if it’s just reading a simple manga like this one, gives me enough motivation to keep going. Once I finish a volume I reread it from the start straight away to retain as much as possible. At some point I’m sure I’ll be able to read them without looking anything up
    ( ◡ θ ◡ )
  • Flashcards: of course there are tons of apps and websites that provide flashcards, such as Anki and Memrise, and I’ve tried using them in the past just to end up burning myself out. Now I mainly work with self made flashcards, both for kanji and vocabulary. I buy blank business cards and decorate them with some washi tape to make them look all cute and appealing, and then revise them before and after studying.
  • Writing workbooks: I suck at writing Japanese, let’s be honest. My ideograms look all wobbly and strange so I usually buy kids’ hiragana/katana/kanji workbooks from 100 yen shops and do them in my spare time.

I hope this helped a little!


This Pokémon GO app allegedly allows you to play without moving

A third-party Pokémon Go app allowing users to walk throughout the game without physically moving reportedly surfaced on Apple’s App Store last week. The app, called PokéGOD, claimed to work without jailbreaking iPhones and included “auto-catch” and unlimited PokéStop spinning features, as well. Sounds too good to be true, right?

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