iphone app for fitness

Okay, listen up
This app raises money for charity just by you walking, running, biking etc. Every mile earns money for a charity of your choice from a list of many, and you don’t have to just stick with one charity either. I think everyone who has access to this app should download it, think how much money would be raised if people have it open in the background while they’re out and about.
Please can you reblog this to raise more awareness of this app as I only just found out about it today. Thank you.

This is my accountability post

Alright, people who don’t read my tumblr (that’s right…I don’t see you!), I’m doing a weightloss challenge summer on a wedding workout subreddit, I’m also getting the new iphone in just under 2 weeks (which coincides with the first few days of the challenge, so I’m *planning* on using the fitness app that comes on the iphones to really track what I’m doing. I’m going to try to do the 10,000 steps a day thing, as well as yoga, and working out, and running. I will also be working at an equine hospital for 3 days a week, so that will hopefully give me lots of much needed horse time, as well as exercise. :D

I definitely need to fix my diet, but I really don’t want to feel restricted. I think I’m going to try to focus on having good, healthy, wholesome foods when I’m hungry, so that I don’t want to snack on crap all day. I may try to get back into keto again, because it worked amazingly for me last year, but again, I just don’t like feeling restricted. My FH is/was very supportive of my keto diet, but would still eat what he wanted for the most part (which is totally fine) and it often made me crave the stuff I couldn’t have.

This weekend was a wash, my mother came up to visit and it absolutely sucked. She essentially made the weekend all about her (when she was coming up to see me get inducted into an honor society), and I spent the whole time reassuring her and just in general dealing with her.

SO, today is productive day. I’m currently enjoying some hot cocoa, I have eggs hard-boiling, and I’m going to work on my field experience application (which I need to finish in order to work with the horses this summer) and then work on my lab report, and finally my paper on whales if I have time.

Thanks, nonexistent people. :)