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theoriginalvicki  asked:

Me again! Uhm your most luscious Dean gif is blocking the first bit of "Three in the ams", and I so want to read it. Could you, pretty please, send me a screen shot of the first bit? The beginning down to the paragraph of only her grumbly thoughts. Thank you darling Rexy!!

Ah yes, the Android problem. I tried to fix it yesterday, but no suck luck. iPhones: You can have all the gifs and all the words. Androids: You can only have GIFS!!!. Haha :) Here you go, love. And for everyone else on Android, here’s the first part of my fic Three in the AM’s.


so, I was doing some google image searching and  happened to stumble upon those super cute phone covers by @saisai-chan, and imagined inko having them… only if I had an iphone….

(here’s also the original artwork!)


Made some Muskies iPhone wallpapers