Still enchanted by Kimi no Na Wa! So I made some phone wallpapers as followed:

The first image is for the Note 5 (1440x2560)

The second is for the iPhone 7 Plus (1080x1920)

The third is for the iPhone 7 (750x1334)

The final image is the original I took the croppings from. IT IS NOT MY ART. I could not find the author’s name or handle online. If this is you, or someone you follow/know please message me, I really want to see their other work and help them share some of it!


I hope you enjoy!

what kind of gay guy are you based on your iPhone color?
  • Jet black: Rich daddy dom. Wears sock garters and a gold Rolex w/ Gucci cufflinks. Very entitled.
  • Matte black: Messy otter top. His 32GB is full from Kesha music and art memes. More sensitive than he lets on.
  • Space grey: Chill top. He treats you right. Always lets you use the aux cord in his car.
  • Silver: Vers. Owns a lot of white shirts. Has the best phone cases of anyone you know.
  • Gold: Bottom. Uses "retail therapy" a little too much, but at least has nice things. Probably has a cracked screen too.
  • Rose gold: Power bottom. Either the sweetest person you've ever met or the most repulsive White Gay ever. Really dramatic.
  • Any iPhone 5c color: a complete mess but somehow they rock it. Never texts back. Constantly asking to borrow your charger.
  • (BONUS) Android phone: either a masc top or a young gay who's parents bought their phone. They have a facebook they never use and have practically zero social media presence. Probably have that ugly android font activated.