Inside Penguins Hockey: What animal would you be and why 

Letang: cheetah
Fehr: bear
Rust: polar bear
Cole: wolf
Sheary: dog
Dumoulin: dog (English Bulldog)
Kessel: his dog
Schultz: dog (Golden Retriever)
Kuhnhackl: cat
Daley: lion
Murray: bald eagle
Crosby: eagle or lion
Malkin: snake or scorpion
Fleury: monkey
Hagelin: dolphin
Bonino: penguin


I figured I should probably make it easier for you guys, so I’ve made a Masterlist of all my Dunkirk imagines.

Aneurin Barnard

He proposes 

You see him again at a high school reunion

He comforts you after you see Dunkirk

You realize you love him

You’re attracted to one another

Barry Keoghan

You go to his Dunkirk premiere (MxM)

He gets hurt on set

He takes care of you while drunk

You get hurt and he gets protective

You have a nightmare

You end up in the hospital

He takes care of you when you get a migraine

Cillian Murphy

Feelings are admitted

You’re his co-star

Your brother sets you Up

Fionn Whitehead

You meet on set  

Cillian gets protective when you two flirt

He takes care of you when your sick

You get into a fight

He comforts you after a bad day

He sings you to sleep

The cast forces you to admit your feelings

He asks your brother for permission to marry you

He surprises you (smut)

You save him from fans

Jack Lowden

You meet him at the pub

He gets jealous

You meet him at the Dunkirk premiere

He admits his feelings at movie night

You work with him on set

You fly with him in a Spitfire

You meet his parents

He asks you to move in with him

You get married

He’s your ‘fake’ date for the VMA’s

He comes home drunk

He knows too much about your perfume

You’re reunited after 6 years

He drags you home after getting jealous

You’re Harry’s ex but fall in love with him

He just wants to cuddle 

You see each other again after a break ip

He proposes 

Some sexual tension is relieved after dancing together (smut)

He takes you to Scotland for your birthday

He takes you to a haunted house

Tom Glynn-Carney

You surprise him for his premiere

He’s your best friends brother

You have a panic attack (Brother)

Harry introduces the two of you

Harmless flirting leads to more (smut)

Tom Hardy

You’re attracted to one another

He stops you from marrying someone else

He defends you in front of the media

Pregnancy reveal



He shows his caring side


You help him get home

You’re his nurse

You tell your brother your dating him

You help him out of the cockpit

You clean him up after a fight


He comes home from Dunkirk

You help hin get to the beaches of Dunkirk 


You tell him you love him


You comfort him after George gets hurt

You help him with Georges article


He saves your life

You meet on the train

You welcome him home (male x male)

Shivering Soldier

You comfort him