Last night around midnight, my face was picked for target practice by some egg throwin hooligans.  I was hit so hard that my contact was knocked out. I won’t get another pair for a couple days… which means I am practically blind in my right eye until then. 

BUT don’t feel sorry for me.  
I made an eye patch to wear in the meantime.
Which roolz. 

Once the box was opened, he had to stare at the gift for a litle bit.

However, soon afterwards, he was wearing it proudly.

Now he could listen to his music using his eyepatch. Still not the weirdest gift he’d been given for christmas, though he’s sure that the headphones plugged into his eyepatch will draw peoples attention.

He’d looked in the mirror. It made next to no sense. Ah well.

He had his favorite song blaring in his ears, so he could care less.