the queen and i

Title: The Queen and I
Pairing: Tyler Joseph/Reader
Rating: Mature
Warning: Some dirty talk, unprotected sex. And more fluff than I usually write.
A/N: This one here’s for all my thicker girls out there. This was a request I got a while ago, and I’ve been trying to craft it ever since. I hope you guys like it, honestly, this is one of my favorite fics I’ve ever written.

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just you and i

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Title: just you and i
Pairing: Choi Seunghyun/Reader
Genre: Dad!AU
Summary: Seunghyun is beautifully surprised when he’s left alone with his son and he’s asked about art.

Seunghyun always saw the job of being a mother as the hardest task a woman could even fulfill –or a man, in certain cases- and he learnt said lesson with his mother. He remembers the moments he would look at other students in his class with his mom and dad, whilst he held his mother’s hand and she tried to give everyone a smile, because even when he made mistakes she saw the best in him. Seunghyun remembers when he smoked his first cigarette and how his mother cried hours to no end. He specially remembers seeing her there by his side when he wanted to reach a music career or when he acted in his first drama, everything was always something that he would thank her for endlessly but for the longest time, he thought that he was never going to find someone that would treat his future kids like his mother treated him, with both respect and love. It’s not that the man was picky with his partners, he had a fair exchange of girlfriends in the twenty-something years that he had when he met her, but he had never met someone like her, someone that couldn’t care less about what others thought of her and that protected her family like her life depended on it. Seunghyun could easily fall in love with her physical features, but her personality was what caught her.

Cherry blossoms, deep kisses, exchanged shouts and a few years later, the two remained together but with something different in their love lives. The two had gotten married around two years ago and Jiyong almost dropped everything to the floor when he heard that the uncatchable Seunghyun was getting married and he even helped him plan everything. His other bandmates were there as well, obviously. Whilst marriage life wasn’t the easiest, he enjoyed the feeling of the deep rain and how the sun would appear after every fight the two had and sooner than later, a decision was made and Seungkwan was brought to the world, which strangely enough…looked a lot like Seunghyun when he was a baby –or those were his mother’s words-, widened eyes, petite nose, puckered up lips and the most squishy cheeks that he had ever seen in his life and if he ever learnt something from taking care of his nephew was that pinching a baby’s fluffy cheeks and hearing their little giggles were better when they were your children, when you realized that you had all your hopes and dreams placed on them.

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softie (ii) // tom riddle

part i

pairing ➵ tom riddle x reader
genre ➵ angst
note ➵ I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write this but I hope the people who requested for it like it! I got so eMO writing this you guys omg but yeah lol anyway I hope you like it! 💞

“but- (y/n)-” he tried to speak to you.

“forget it, I wouldn’t expect you to understand. in fact, I don’t even know what you understand anymore, I don’t even know you anymore.”

and with that you left the common room.


after your argument, you left tom stunned.

he could hardly believe all that had happened between the 2 of you.

he couldn’t sleep that night.
he let you down, he truly had.
his whole life you were his best friend and he adored you more than anything, and now he’d thrown it all away.

you on the otherhand decided to go see if you could move houses.

you went to the library and picked up a copy of ‘hogwarts: a history’ and tried to find anything about being able to move houses.

though, of course, nothing.


days had now gone past and you and tom hadn’t spoken.

even the other slytherins were confused, to say the least. they were used to seeing tom riddle and his best friend together, always and forever and now, and now, you’d both not been seen together for what seems like forever.

tom would eat dinner by himself even though he had girls all around him fawning over him as they’d try and get their flirting in as he’d eat. it wasn’t dinner without you. this’d normally be the time that you and him would get your daily gossip in, he wasn’t one to talk during dinner but he loved listening to you talk.

you, meanwhile, would go to the kitchen and ask the house elves for food and would eat in the corridors or your room.

he’d even thought about going to your room, but tom wasn’t one who liked other people in his business and he knew him going over to your dorm to knock on your door to only have you not open the door will have people poking their noses into his business which is something he most definitely didn’t want.

so he decided to stick to keeping a look out on the corridors, being a prefect had it’s advantages, of course.

tom had tried to catch you about
school but, he couldn’t. until,

it was just another day of you sneaking food to your room from the house elves’ kitchen as you tried to hide yourself from the annoying slytherin prefects that’d be at your neck if they even caught a glimpse of you.

tom was with his ‘friends’ and they were in the corner just talking as there weren’t many people around.

you tried to make your escape but tom had seen you and immediately left his post.

“I’ll be right back.” he said quietly as he tried to catch up to you.

“(y/n)!” he whisper-yelled.

that’s it, there was no escape now.

you continued walking, hoping, praying, that if you ignored him he’d just walk away.

“come on, (y/n)! please!” he whisper-shouted again, but this time taking a hold of your hand.

“what do you want tom?” you asked facing him finally.

he’d finally been able to see your face after what seemed like forever, your usual glimmering eyes replaced with a dull look.

“(y/n), look, this is really hard for me, but I swear I’m trying. I’m sorry (y/n) for everything. I’m sorry for losing sight of our friendship and being sucked into what other people were saying.” tom said, his eyes filled with genuineness as he held your hand tightly.

“tom, let go of my hand.” you said bluntly as you tried to fight the tears beginning to form.

“(y/n)” he said with an almost whine in his voice, if you listened carefully there was a tremble, as if he was about to burst into tears.

you wanted to pull him into your chest to hug him tightly and nurture him back to happiness as you would have once done for your best friend, but face it. he wasn’t your best friend anymore.

“tom, let go.” you demanded, refusing to make eye contact because you knew that if you looked into his beautiful eyes, you might just crumble.

“please (y/n), I know it’s wrong of me to want your forgiveness but I can’t survive without you any longer. I can’t (y/n), I need you.” he said as his hold on your hand only got stronger, begging with all his might.

you couldn’t do it anymore. you looked into his eyes which were filled with heartbreak and sorrow and your own eyes had finally let go and tears began to trail down your face.

“(y/n)” he let out in a whisper as he wiped your tears, pulling you into his chest.

“you better never hurt me like that again, tom riddle.” you sobbed into his chest as he had you pressed against him, stroking your hair.

“I promise I won’t (y/n), never again I swear.” he said as tears finally left his eyes, but happy tears. grateful tears.

grateful that you’d forgiven him as he didn’t know what he would have done with himself if you didn’t forgive him.

9 Times... - Chapter I

Ah, first chapter is up! Hope you guys like it!!

Title: 9 Times Peter Parker Nearly Said ‘I Love You’ and the 1 Time He Did - Chapter I
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: A history study session between you and Peter is the first time he catches the feels
Word Count: 301
Warnings: None

Your name: submit What is this?

               “Nope, not the right Amendment,” you told him, securely holding the flash cards away from him.

           "The 14th? The 20th?“ he asks, voice rising in volume with each guess.

           You roll your eyes. "The 19th,” you tell him. “And there is no way you’re going to pass this test, Peter.”

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My Girl II

Part I

Pairing: Young!James Potter x Reader

Note: This is really late but I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  So some of you wanted a continuation to My Girl and I know it took forever but here it is! I’ve been rewriting this a million times, and I’m actually satisfied with this one, so I hope you guys like it!  

Oh and I just hit 139 followers, thank you all so much for your support!  Really, it makes me want to write more! <3

Other  stories: Beautiful | Ask You Out I II III IV

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from the Potterverse!


The smell of books, parchment, and ink filled your lungs as you flipped through the pages of The Standard Book of Spells. You were, as you named it, merely light-reading. Refreshing your memory with the list of spells and their functions, trying to forget the events that transpired earlier.

James was a total git.

You nodded to yourself in confirmation. That’s right. He was a git and you were never going to talk to him again unless he apologized. You didn’t mind his jokes, even the jokes he made about you, but the one he made earlier was just pushing his luck.

It’s not that the thought of you and James dating was totally out of the question. Because you have thought about it before, during the late hours of the night when you laid awake in your bed staring up at the canopy ceiling of your four-poster bed. Also, you may have had a childhood crush on him but everything is different now. James is different, you’re different. So any thought about that topic after that night was swiftly eradicated.

Besides, you let out a small sigh, he had Lily right?

You and Lily were friends. The redheaded girl always had your back whenever James and Sirius tried to bully persuade you to make their homework for them, and she was always ready to listen to whatever you had to say. Lily was the sweetest person you knew and anyone would be lucky to have her.

Your train of thought broke when you heard the chair in front of you get dragged out from under the table. You looked up to see Remus flash you a sheepish smile and sit down, gingerly placing his book on the table. “Sirius wants you to go back to the common room.” He informed you quietly and opened his book to start reading.

You rolled your e/c eyes. “So you’re here to pick me up?”

Remus shrugged. “Not if you want to stay here. Then I’ll be happy to accompany you.” He flashed you one of his rare grins and you laughed, making Madam Pince clear her throat. You shot her an apologetic glance before turning back to your friend.

“You’re the best Rem, if Sirius wants me to go back, he should’ve come pick me up himself.”

“He can’t. He and James are banned from entering the library for the rest of the year, remember?”

Your mouth formed a perfect ‘o’ as you just remembered that fact. The duo nearly set the entire library on fire while they were studying for their exam on charms. Sirius gave up on studying five minutes into it and he coaxed James out of it as well and they tried practicing their little spells. You hummed thoughtfully and looked at Remus who had his eyes fixed on the pages of his book.

“You’re staring.” He stated beneath his breath and you smiled at him.

“I was just thinking.”

Remus snorted in amusement. “A Knut for your thoughts?”

You rolled your eyes at him playfully. “Make it a Galleon and we’ll see.” You drummed your fingers on the wooden surface of the table softly, “I’m not going back to the common room with you any time soon, Remus.” You informed him. “I don’t want to have to deal with whatever happened earlier yet.”

Remus nodded in understanding, he knew your mind was still in a gutter. He was pretty surprised with James’ proposal earlier as well. Wasn’t it always Lily? Did he miss something? He racked his brain for clues, even subtle ones. He knew you sort of fancied James in a way, and if the circumstances were different, he would’ve loved to support you and tell you not to hold back, but with the other person in question clearly not showing any interest in reciprocation and only showing affection to the muggle-born, redheaded girl; he kept his mouth shut. Like he always did… and it made him feel terrible.

Hours later, it was nearly dinner time and Remus had gone off to the Great Hall. You actually had to force him to go since he didn’t want to leave you behind. He promised to come back with some grub for you, because even if he denied it, he was starving. Madam Pince left to eat her supper as well leaving you alone in the large, candlelit library. You had long removed your robe and draped it over the chair next to you.

You tied your hair up into a bun and rolled up your sleeves.


Your eyes roamed the deserted library, “Psst.” Came the whisper again and you took out your wand and got up of your seat. “Who’s there?” You questioned. You hoped it was anyone but a Slytherin or Peeves. Someone then hugged you tightly from behind making you yelp in surprise.

You turned and that someone took off a cloak, revealing the messy haired, glasses wearing idiot you called a friend. You frowned. Well you’d rather deal with a Slytherin of Peeves now instead of James Potter. You pushed him away and sat back down, huffing in irritation.

James cleared his throat and sat opposite of you, where Remus previously sat. “Hey, I brought you something to eat. You must be starving.” He quietly said and placed some sandwiches and treacle tarts on the table in front of you.

“Remus was going to bring me food.”

“Remus is not coming back here for a while.” He sounded a little cheerful at the proclamation which annoyed you more.

You sighed in realization. Oh of course. Remus may be your friend, but he was James’ friend too. You should’ve seen this coming. “James I’m not continuing this conversation until you apologize.”

“I’m not apologizing.” He deadpanned.

Your eyes flickered to him in anger. “Typical! You never really do apologize, even when you play pranks on me or got me into trouble!”

“Y/N, listen to me-”

“No, James. You listen. I’m tired alright? You can’t just boss me around like you do with Peter or Remus or sometimes even Sirius. I’m not your girl, I’m not your property. And… and…” You were nearly hyperventilating now, your emotions seemingly getting the better of you. “And you can’t just ask me out on a whim thinking I’ll accept when you obviously like another girl! I am not going to be some fling!” You cry out and buried your face in your hands in frustration. Oh Merlin… this was not what you had in mind.

Silence stretched making you think that maybe he left. Leaving you like an ugly mess until you felt his cold hands peeling yours away from your face. “Y/N, I’m sorry.”

You faced him uncertainly and your eyes caught his. “I’m sorry I wasn’t really thinking about how you felt. I know a can be a…”

“A bastard.” You supplied.

“Alright, a bastard sometimes.”

All the time you mentally thought.

“But I just wanted you to know that I really do like you very much.” He finished, his eyes still on you, his gaze never faltering.

You looked away first. “Please James, you honestly think I could believe you? Not once have you shown the slightest interest in me. It was always Evans this, Evans that. Now you’re suddenly Y/N, Y/N, Y/N?”

“You’re my girl, Y/N. Evans was a way to hide my feelings for you since Sirius caught me staring at you one time when you and her were talking. I became flustered and blurted out that I was looking at Lily instead and the lie stuck until now.” His hands still held yours and you could feel his slowly warming up and you just noticed that he was blushing. Actually blushing, and that made you blush too. You had never held hands with James before and it felt nice and it made you long to hold his hand any time you wanted to.  

“I fell in love with the girl who injured my foot on the first train ride to Hogwarts, and I fell hard.” He sincerely said, “As cliché as it sounds, it’s true. I hope you believe me.”

You bit your lower lip. You wanted to believe him, you really did. But this was all too good to be true. You removed your hands from his and hugged yourself. James looked crestfallen. “I think I’ll need to sleep on it.” You mumbled and lowered your gaze. You couldn’t face him after he looked so devastated. You could hear him stand up from his seat but still you didn’t look at him.

“It’s all right, I’ll wait for you.” He told you and threw his Invisibility Cloak on. You could hear his footsteps softly walk away but before he reached the door you called out to him.


“Yes?” You heard him reply from afar.

“No more lies, please?” You tried to keep your voice level but it shook fervently.

“No more lies.” He agreed and you could feel him crack into a grin as he left the library shutting the doors with a soft thud.

All I Want For Christmas....

iPairing: Quicksilver/ Reader

Warnings: fluff. Christmas. Snow.

Song: All I Want For Christmas

Guess who’s hella stoked for Christmas????

I wrote this in one and a half sittings but I feel it came out decent enough for me to post and tag these kiddos:


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You could feel it in your bones.

In your hands, your feet. Your nerves and tissue, and every single fiber that made up your anatomy. Cold. So damn cold.

You cursed under your breath and huddled closer to the tree you were leaning against, rubbing your hands together to spark up some warmth. It was a crooked oak whose stem was perfectly curved for you to twist into. But even with your back pressed firm and hard against the bark, you could still feel the biting cold nip at your skin.

Winter was always hectic for you.

The dead trees, peeling skin—the cold. God, the cold. Even in summer weather you’d complain to turn the thermostat on, and now this was just pure torture. You were always moving around practically swaddled in blankets, nothing but a rosy-cheeked face peering out from under a giant coat and scarves. Except for now.

Now, as you stood squeezed against the hard trunk of a tree, you were in nothing but a plaid shirt, jeans, and boots.


With his stupid games and stupid jokes and stealing you winter-ware, trying to lure you out into the snow. He’d been asking—challenging—you to a snowball fight for weeks now. But you hated the cold so much that the mere thought disgruntled you, and you’d always declined.

And Peter had always complained that you were no fun and you had always tried to make up for your lack of trying by offering to buy him candy or bake him pie in apology. And it had always worked

Until now, of course.

He’d managed to lure you out here and steal your winter-wear, swearing only to give ti back if you engaged in a snow-battle with him. Which you did. And lost. And now here you were, waiting for him to return after he’d left minutes ago to ‘”go and retrieve your clothes”.

“Peter!” you yelled angrily. Shivers ran up your spine from the biting cold as you squinted, searching for the silver-haired boy among the heaps of milky snow. It was snowing so heavily that you had to squint. You wondered how Peter managed to even fall through with this taken the fact that if you were left out here too long, then you’d most likely die of frost bite—you were pretty sure it was already happening. Your hands began to stiffen and the air you inhaled came in sharp cold breaths.

You heard a giggle.

It was feint. Barely there, really. But still audible enough for you to know that the silver-headed boy was somewhere in your reach, no less than six feet away.

You turned sharply to the left—

Peter stood no less than three inches away from you.

“Merry Christmas.” The brown-eyed boy grinned, holding something in his hands you couldn’t quite make out.

You took a long, hard look, then realizing it was your clothes. “Peter.” You scolded, taking them out of his hands.

He smiled crookedly. “A simple ‘you’re welcome’ would be nice.”

“Except you’re the idiot who took them in the first place.”


You shrugged on your coat and fastened its buttons. Although minimum, you felt a swarm of warmth throughout your arms, and sighed gratefully. “Peter,” You huffed distastefully. ” I could have died out here you know? What is it, like— -30? Frost bite.”

“I would’ve zoomed out here and saved you before it got that ugly.” He replied cooly, folding his arms over his chest. He was wearing a winter coat almost similar to yours, except tighter taken the fit on his body. That, and it was blue. Yours was lime.

“My blood would be on your hands.” You zipped up your jacket to the hilt.

“I don’t think frostbite makes you bleed.”

You gave him a hard shove and the grinning boy bounced into the trunk of the tree, laughing and you joined him shortly.

The two of you got to walking. The house was a reasonable distance away and everyone was already inside, most likely eating and huddling around the fire. That was at least one thing you could enjoy about the winter: it’s ability to bring everyone together. Even Logan pitched in and helped Jean bake Christmas pudding, which was a miracle in itself.

The snow crunched beneath the soles of your shoes as you tread on.

“What do you want for Christmas?” Peter suddenly asked.

You looked at him. His gaze was set straight ahead and his hands were casually in his pockets, making him appear more nonchalant than you were sure he felt. His hair, silver and silky and blowing in the wind, was standing up at the crown of his head. You almost laughed. You always teased Peter that he looked like Jack frost, and now with Christmas in bloom, the allegation seemed even more appropriate.

“Like…”You drew out “…as a gift?”

“Or a wish. Or favor—anything really.” Peter turned to you. “What do you want for Christmas?”

You shrugged. “I don’t know.” It would have been so much easier to merely say something cliché like a necklace or earrings, but the fact of the matter was you truly didn’t know. You didn’t care either. In fact before you’d joined the X-men, Christmas had been nothing but a date on the calendar. Not mention you’d already received gifts three years in a row. Just the previous year Jean had given you a nice jacket she’d made herself and Professor X got you studded diamond earrings. And on top of all else, Peter had gotten you a necklace.

You were wearing it right then as the two of you waded through the snow, keeping it under your shirt and coat. You always wore it. It was like carrying around a fraction of the silver-headed boy somewhere close to your heart, and it was magical.

He was magical.

You always liked to believe Peter was your Christmas angel, whether it was December or even May. It didn’t matter. All he had to do was be himself, and you were convinced that he was an angel from the clouds whom the heavens had blessed you with. The relation of Christmas tied into all that because of how Peter was the one who got you celebrating it in the first place. You’d joined the X-men three years back. Halloween had just passed and when you’d first arrived, Peter had already taken down the decorations and was putting up the Christmas tree. You’d found it utterly amusing; he’d found it completely necessary, even if the occasion was a month away.

“Of course you do. Come on, say it.”Peter’s voice reeled you back into reality. You realized your pace had slowed and the two of you were just barely sauntering.

“I mean it, Peter.” You said. “I don’t know if I even want a gift.”

“Of course you do.” Peter argued. You could hear the crunch of his boots as he kicked at the ground absent-mindedly. “Everybody wants at least something.”

“What is it you want?”

“Don’t divert the attention.”

“God,..” You tipped your head back and laughed, shaking it a little. Peter grinned at you. You could see the moonlight glint in his coffee-brown eyes. “I want you stop being so annoying.”

He smirked. “Well, I guess you’re in for a big disappointment this year.”

And then you laughed. And shoved Peter into the snow, but he bounced back, and soon the cold wasn’t such a big issue because the laughter you were emitting was enough to warm your body entirely.

Yours and Peter’s titters slowed to a stop eventually and the fond silence was back. “This is nice.” he said suddenly.

“What is?”You kept your eyes on the snow as you waded through it.

He shrugged. “You….us….”

“Sappy, much?”

“I mean—“ An abrupt chuckle tore through Peter. “—I mean us out here. Together. Like,….Christmas with everyone back in the house is great, don’t get me wrong. But it’s nice for it to just be you and I sometimes, you know?” He turned to you, smiling fondly.

You shook your head in good-nature. “Peter, it’s always just you and I. We’re always together.”

“Never like this.” He was right.  The two of you were always goofing off or doing homework together—and there were moments similar to these when the two of you had nothing but each other and the company of the moon to yourselves, but… this was different.

The air was more somber now. You opened your mouth to speak, about to say something when Peter abruptly stopped walking, and before you knew it, he was right in front of you.

You stopped in your tracks, jerking back in surprise. He was but inches away.

The silver-haired boy’s face nothing short of solemn, and when you looked beneath that, if you focused really hard, you could see a hint of shyness and anxiety.

Tentatively, peter reached for your wrists, ever so softly, and reeled you in.

You could feel sparks go off at the contact. A red blush you were hoping you could disguise as the cold getting to you began to crawl upon your skin. If Peter noticed this, he chose to ignore it.

“ Y/N.” His voice came quietly. He had to speak quietly. The intimacy around was so fragile that even the sound of a pin dropping could shatter it. “What is it you want for Christmas?”

You stared at him.

At his beautiful lips.

At his mocha eyes.

His hair—his jack frost hair that you wanted to swipe back into position so bad right now.

But you resisted.

For so long you resisted Peter and his charm and the aching desire in your chest to be with him, so maybe giving in this once wasn’t such a bad idea. Maybe it was destiny, or even just a Christmas miracle. A gift—your gift.

What did you want for Christmas?

“You.” The words eluded you as a whisper.

You could feel the whole world slow to hilt. Everything around you—your intimacy, your silence—faded like dust in the wind, and when you realized the words you had just uttered, you began to panic.

Because Peter was silent.

Peter wasn’t saying anything.

Just gazing at you wordlessly, letting the moon shine down on you both and the snow tickled your hair and your cheeks and every inch of you, but the cold needn’t matter when you were this close to Jack Frost himself.

“Peter…”You spoke in whispers.You’d kept it in too long, and now was good enough of a time to let him know.

The silver-head boy gulped thickly. Then he blinked. Then he said your name like it was his last dying word.


“I like you.” You managed. “I like you a lot….I… I have for some time now and I didn’t know if you felt the same, but I need you to know that now.”

“I do.”


“No, Y/N.” He looked convicted. Choked. Like the words he was uttering were being mechanically extracted. You held your breath. The earth didn’t start spinning again.

“I mean I do….I do feel the same.” Peter said.

And then it did.

You could feel all the blood in your head rush back down your body in a wave of relief as you gaped at Peter. You couldn’t believe it. Had he really…?

“You like me?” You asked, unsurely.

Peter let out a nervous laugh, scratching the back of his head. “I think I more than like you, Y/N….”


“Can I….?” He glanced down at your lips in silent query.


You felt the blush return with a vengeance and swallowed thickly. Your legs felt like jelly, but you did it anyway.

You nodded in approval, and Peter went right in.

It was soft. Tentative, almost reluctant, until Peter got the hang of it and got in deeper. His hands wove themselves into your hair, clasped behind your ears as he pressed his lips on yours, and you almost gasped in pleasure.

You’d waited so long for this and now here it was—here he was. Your Christmas gift, giving you an almost as desirable gift. God, you felt light headed. It was like he was leading something out of you by a thin thread, tempting and offering and consuming all at the same time.

And it was magic

And it was the best Christmas gift you could ever want.


Lmao this was cheesy af but it’s okay because there is no shame in having an undying love for Peter Maximoff and his beauty.

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Winchester brothers-Koda and I

Title: Koda and I

Pairings: Winchester brothers x sister reader

Word count:2240

Summary: Reader has developed schizophrenia and the brothers don’t know she keeps seeing a imaginative figure.

Warnings: Again can be quite dark, mentions of mental disorders. 

It had all started a long time ago. You were eight years old. You remember being sat alone in your room, your big brothers down stairs with your father.

You heard something, a small mutter that sent shivers tumbling down your small frame. You sat silently on the bed, tiny fingertips clasping the curled up sheets as your eyes stretched far across the room to spot the intruder.

You saw something shuffle in the corner, a black outline of a tall figure. You whimpered quietly, collecting your sobs as you pressed your hand to your crackled lips.

Shuffling further along the bed so you were buried deep into the wall, curled up in a tiny ball, you noticed the figure step out of the shadows. Your eyes wandered across a rather tall teenage boy.

His hair was in long golden curls that framed his forehead. His eyes were wide and fitted with forest green eyes that had specks of hazel merged in them.

He wore a black, skin fitting top with long sleeves and baggy blue jeans that ripped above the one knee. His jeans were loose, clinging onto his broad hips and the shredded ends almost hiding his battered converses.

He was rather tall and broad, his shoulders square and muscular. His cheekbone hollowed in, lips thick and pink. He slowly walked casually towards your bed, scooping himself onto his knee as his green orbs pierced yours.

“Hey. Don’t be afraid’‘He whispered, his eyes raking over your small frame. ’'I won’t hurt you, I’m your friend’'He smiled gently. You watched him for a while before shuffling forward and hovering out your tiny hand. He gave you a nod, his curls bouncing as his lips flickered up in the corners to create a loving smile.

You placed your hand on his pale skin, flinching at how cold he was.

’'Are you a ghost?’'You whispered, eyes wide and startled. He chuckled, shaking his head.

’'No, (Y/n)’'He chuckled, ’'I’m apart of your imagination; you created me’'He explained slowly. You thought about it for a while before it dulled on you.

’'Like an imaginary friend?’'You gaped in excitement. His smile fluttered in a frown as he shook his head, pursing his lips together.

’'Not quite, (Y/n). See…you’re very special but sometimes- sometimes people break, and their heads can’t handle it so their brains think of another way to solve that problem and they create things. Some people get sad, very sad. Some people develop something that makes them hear people inside their head or lets them see things that aren’t real. Do you understand me, (y/n)?’'He asked calmly.

You pondered on it for a while before tilting your head and nodding. ’'So you’re not real?’'You whispered, your eyelids drooping into a sad state.

’'I am to you.’'He shrugged, pulling himself up and sitting beside you. You looked up at him before placing your finger against your lips like the way grown ups did when they thought.

’'So…only I can see you. Not Sammy or De?’'You started, ’'And do they have their own friend too?’'You finished, waiting for him to answer your questions.

’'Well, yes only you can see me and it will stay that way but your brothers don’t have their own friends because remember what I said? Not everyone’s brain reacts in the same way. Sometimes people hurt and they deal with it their own way. Your brothers deal with it in their own way but not like you do’'He added, watching you patiently.

’'So…does that mean I’m weaker than them?’'You mumbled sadly, avoiding eye contact. You felt two large hands scoop under your arms and pull you onto his lap.

Your hands grasped at his shirt, head burying in his chest. ’'No; you’re not weak, (Y/n)’'He whispered, smoothing his fingertips through your locks and breaking apart the knots.

’'What’s your name?’'You asked, grinning up at him. His eyes bored into yours before he chuckled softly.

’'I don’t have a name’'He laughed.

’'Hmm…well that’s okay. Names are just labels anyway but everyone has one and I don’t want you to feel left out. So I’ll call you…Koda.’'You giggled.

’'Koda’'He nodded, his lips pursing together as he gave you a grin.


That was a long time ago. You hadn’t seen Koda since you were twelve years old. You had started to get better, not understanding that you had been schizophrenic, just that something was wrong with your head.

Koda was nice to you, he was sweet and patient and loved you like you were his own sister but there came times where Koda would be angry. He would sit on your plush bean bag with a strop on his face.

He would never be angry at you but he would say bad things about the world, about how no one cared about anyone and how everyone left everyone. He sometimes said bad things about Sam and Dean. Koda often got very protective of you.

After a while you turned sixteen, the age you are now. You had gone back to being miserable and snappy and after seeing and going through what you did it was back. After all, it never really leaves.

Koda had came back a few days ago. You were sitting on your bed reading your book when he appeared; still looking the exact same, not a hair out of place.

At first you pulled your gun out and shouted at him, it was only until Sam and Dean ran in and when they started panicking, asking what was wrong and didn’t address Koda, you knew it was true and that you were slowly going insane.

You had pushed Koda away. That made him angry. Koda was always there for you and he understood you like no one else did. He cared for you. But now you had left Koda back in and all you ever seemed to talk about was how mad and horrid the world was.

You made your way to the table, greeting your brothers and Cas before stealing Dean’s newspaper off him and flicking through.

Koda appeared by your side, his arms crossed over his chest as he flickered his eyes over everyone. He bent down, hands clasping his kneecaps as he eyed the newspaper.

’'Shocker. More dead people’'He jibed, poking his finger into the newspaper.

’'Hey’'You grunted, trying to clasp the paper. Sam and Dean looked up, Cas eyeing you as you blushed red. ’'H-hey, what’s up guys’'You giggled nervously.

’'Not much…’'Dean mumbled, the spoon half way to his mouth as he and Sam shared a confused look. ’'Just…eating’'He stated, as if it was obvious and you had missed it.

You sighed when they all went back to their tasks, your eyes scanning over the paper again. Koda slumped forward, hands shoving deep into his pockets as he groaned. He made his way over to the window, peering outside.

’'Poor suckers. Think their gonna go to heaven but their already in hell’'Koda muttered, breath fogging up the window. You closed your eyes, shuffling in your seat and blowing out a small breath.

When you opened your eyes you noticed Cas was looking at you. You gave him a sheepish smile before averting your eyes back to the paper.

You hadn’t said anything to him but Koda was seriously bumming you out. You were already miserable but he had started to get insanely dark. You had remember when you were little he would make comments but you were too young to understand them.

’'Why save people. Everyone’s gonna die anyway. It only makes you even more crazier’'He whispered down your ear, slumping into the empty chair next to you.

Your nostrils flared as you picked nervously at your hands. You flashed him a glare, eyes burning into the seat.

’'Erm…(Y/n). What are you glaring at?’'Dean questioned, now weary of your antics.

’'n-nothing’'You coughed, shuffling again. Cas was still watching you, his eyes squinted and head tilted before he looked away again but you could tell the cogs were turning in his head.

’'Angel’'Koda scoffed, walking over to Cas. He bent near Castiel’s ear (who remained oblivious). You eyed Koda warningly, waiting to see what he’d do. ’'There supposed to help people, great job they did with that the selfish dicks. Their just like every stupid god damn thing in this world.’'Koda growled.

’'I’m gonna wash up’'You yelped, running into the bathroom. The three men watched you with a startled and concerned expression before slowly getting ready themselves.


You had sat in the Impala with Koda next to you. Koda became a more permanent fix and was constantly there. He made snide comments the whole ride there and began to get darker and darker by each passing second.

He constantly made comments about death and how pathetic humans were, he never turned on you but he would go inches from Dean’s face and insult them. Insult the people who you cared about most.

Your eyes were watering, lips gnawed to death as you tried to get his toxic words out of your head. You were living your own nightmare. He was making you miserable.

You had all decided to split up, grasping the machete in your hands as you scoped out the empty barn. You stalked quietly, making sure not to make a sound but it was so hard with Koda casually walking behind you, kicking everything with his shoes as he whistled sharply and made comments about how the world was a filthy place.

Your eye twitched as you finally snapped.

’'WILL YOU SHUT UP! You’re doing my head in! I don’t care what you think. Boo hoo, the worlds terrible! Shut up! Just leave me alone!’'You screamed, chest heaving as your jaw flexed.

You spun around after Koda fell silent, not noticing his eyes darken as you turned back around. You froze when you saw your brothers and Cas standing their with surprised faces.

”(n/n), who you talking to?“Sam asked gingerly. His eyes flittered around the room but saw no one. They all waited silently for your answer and you knew you were screwed.

’'Oh…myself. I erm- got bored and gave myself a prep talk’'You laughed in nerves.

’'It’s positive. She’s a nutter’'Dean joked quietly. Koda’s eyes snapped towards Dean and you watched him. You knew the minute that left Dean’s mouth that Koda would go mental.

’'No!’'You yelped, trying to grasp Koda but he ripped away from your grasp and started to beat Dean. You watched as Dean fell to the floor, blood pouring from his mouth as his eyes widened.

Sam tried to help but Koda stabbed the pitch fork through his chest and flung Cas into the wall.

’'Sammy!’'You screamed, tears falling from your eyes as you slowly sunk down the wall. You were surrounded by blood that inched closer to your feet. Sobbing and tugging at your hair as you clasped your head.

You repeated Sam’s name over and over again in a whimper, crying harshly.

The three men looked at you in shock and worry. Sam’s instincts kicked in when he heard you sob his name, rocking back and fourth in the corner.

He ran over, boots pounding on the floor as he clasped his hands on your head to get you too look at him.

’'Hey, hey. Shhh… (y/n), baby, I’m right here’'Sam whispered, pulling your sobbing frame into his chest. ’'I’m okay, (y/n). I’m okay’'He lulled, rubbing his large hand over your back.

Dean and Cas shared a worried look, deciding to get you back into the Impala and forget the hunt for now. Cas called one of Dean’s friends and asked them to continue the job before Sam picked you up and sat in the back seat with you.

You cried into Sam’s chest, shaking. ’’S'mmy’'You whimpered, holding your wrists up. His eyes were wide and startled, worry and concern mixed with fear all swimming in his hazel orbs. ’'Blood. I-it won’t come off’'You gasped, hiccuping as you tried to control your sharp breaths.

”(Y/n), there’s no blood on your hands. I promise’'Sam eased, his fingers grasping your hands to try and prove it to you but all you saw was Sam’s fingers get coated in blood.

Koda appeared next to you, his expression calm and friendly. “Hey, (Y/n). Why don’t we play a game, like we did-”

“Go away!’'You screamed, curling up on Sam. Your hands clasped at your head again, squeezing harshly as you tried to block him out.

Koda’s smile dropped as a look of hurt fell over his face.

Sam grasped you tighter, looking back and fourth but again saw nothing. He exchanged a worried look with Dean in the mirror before they all piled out the car and Sam sat you on the motel bed, the three men surrounding you with worried expressions.

’'I helped you, (y/n)’'Koda whispered through clenched teeth. ’'I was there for you when you were little. You were supposed to be my friend. I’d never hurt you.’'He growled in a pained voice.

It was true that Koda would never say anything mean to you or hurt you but he didn’t hold back the idea of ripping apart your loved ones because he thought that he was the only one you should be with.

Of course in reality none of them were getting hurt but over and over again you saw your loved ones die.

’'What’s wrong with her?’'Dean whispered, his eyes watering at your state. You were whimpering, lying down on the bed, with your knee’s tucked up to your chest as you sobbed and covered your ears.

Cas leaned forward, pressing two fingers to your forehead as he closed his eyes. His lips parted slightly as he gave you a empathetic look and looked towards your brothers.

’'She appears to have a brain condition. Schizophrenia. She is seeing things that are traumatising her’'Cas stated, his hand smoothing over your upper arm.

’'W-what’'Sam choked out, his eyes falling over you. ’'How long has she had this…I- I mean, we should have known if she’s schizophrenic…we would have seen the signs’'Sam gulped.

’'She’s had it since she was eight years old, Sam. From such a young age the signs would now appear as just normal traits’'Cas added sympathetically.

’'Eight?!’'Dean mourned, his mouth dropping open. His eyes squeezed shut as he dropped beside you and placed a hand on your arm. You curled up in his lap, squeezing onto his leg as you closed your eyes.

His fingers ran through your hair as he watched your face scrunch up in pain.

’'Leave me alone’'You pleaded quietly.

’'We’re gonna fix this, (y/n)’'Dean promised, sharing a look with Sam and Cas.

Water and Fire

The Human Condition (a series in vignettes), Pt. I

Pairing: Human!CastielXReader

Warnings: Plenty of fluff – some suggestive situations – absolutely nothing explicit here.

A/N: Set after Dean kicks newly human Cas out of the bunker and the reader offers him a place to stay. Basically this is a series, published in parts, of shorts involving daily domestic life with the former angel. Requests are open if you have a certain situation in mind!

Previous Vignettes: Prologue, Homecoming, Cereal and a Shave, Nightmares and Birthdays, The Rulebook, Confession(s)

Water and Fire

“The weather forecast calls for biblical floods,” Cas stated, face lined with worry, “I do not believe we are prepared.”

“Cas, we’re good,” you gestured to the kitchen table. “Batteries, flashlights, candles, matches, firewood, water, and C rations if it comes down to it,” you hoisted the final grocery bag onto the counter and began unpacking, “We’re better prepared than most of the town.”

“You forget, I’ve witnessed biblical flooding,” he wrung his hands, voice gravel, “Noah’s neighbors thought they were prepared too.”

You stifled a giggle, turning towards him, frowning in mock seriousness, “So you’re saying you’d feel better if we had an arc?”

He pressed his lips, subtlety squinting his eyes, “Are you saying you wouldn’t?”

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Porn Star Dancing Part I

Title: Porn Star Dancing Part I

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Summary: For the SSJJ challenge by @teamfreewill-imagine​ & @latinenglishfandomblog

Sam Winchester has been in adult videos since he got accepted into law school, having intended to use the money to pay for law school.

Recently [Y/N] has gotten into the business, but is nervous about it. Sam, known for being a sweetheart despite being rough in the bedroom, takes [Y/N] under his wing to help her adjust to the business.

Author: Lettie

Reader gender: Female

Word count:  1713

Warnings: language, fluff, sexual talk (not dirty talk, just talking about sex), mention of character death (Jess)

Author’s Note 1: 

I’m not good at writing from the second person so I apologize for both of those things. There are awkward transitions and somethings come off as a little blunt or abrupt, but in some areas I couldn’t figure out how to make a smooth transition. Characters will be OOC a tad, which I apologize for. Writing Castiel is especially hard for me since I feel no muse for him.

Also, researching the porn industry is…interesting.

Author’s Note #2:

(Y/N) = Your name                                                 (y/e/c) = your eye colour

(y/h/c) = your hair colour                                             (y/l/n) = your last name

(f/d) = favorite drink                                                         (f/f) = favorite food

-Sam’s POV-

“Listen Winchester, she’s a newbie but she’s a bombshell,” the director said, arms folded over his chest as he looked up at Sam. “Issue is, she’s shy and pretty, e Maybe since you got in the business for the same reason she is, you can make her loosen up a bit,” the director added, “take that as a direction, not as a request.” The male reached and patted Sam’s strong bicep before walking away.

Sam took a deep breath, closing his hazel eyes for a minute. He was never thrilled to hear more people were getting into the business, especially when they did so because of the asinine prices universities charged. Hearing his phone buzz, Sam saw a text from the director with the girl’s name on it. ‘Wonder what fake name they’ll give her. Probably something with a type of jewel in it,’ Sam thought, shaking his head as he headed toward where the trailers were. Introducing himself to the new girl seemed like a good start.

Once finding a trailer with a star above a sign labeled [Y/N], Sam shuffled his feet and knocked. She either knew him from his…work or from her agent. Either way, his face would likely be familiar. It didn’t follow him too far, fortunately. Seems like none of the local grocery store cashiers watched his work.

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Dean Winchester-You and I

Title:You and I

Pairings: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count:1011

Request:P.S idk if you already read this or not cause it wasnt sending at first so i had to refresh the page so sorry if you already did & you can just ignore this one then)Could you do an one-shot of You & I by John Legend? fluff maybe a Deanxreader I think that it will fit well with that pair but if you have another idea that would be fine too. >.< I love your one-shots by the way <3

Request:Could you please write a oneshot based off The Best In Me by Sent by Ravens? And also, I really love your writing and since I’ve found your blog recently you’ve quickly become one of my favourite writers on Tumblr :)

You chewed on the pad of your thumb, teeth baring as you gnawed through the rough patches of the skin that had been left cassouled by the hunts. Your hands shook as you sighed in…in… you didn’t really know what you were feeling. 

You were having one of those days again where everything got to you. You were..numb almost. All your secrets and fears were climbing up the walls and clawing to overspill. 

You were so stuck in your own trance you missed the green eyed man walking in. He was meant to walk past but he stopped in his tracks as he a looked over at you, brows furrowed at you emotionless form. 

Your face was blank, nothing but a line of deep thought left on your forehead. You were biting and picking at your lip, red splotches marking the soft plump skin. 

Dean walked over, hand bracing on your shoulder as you jumped slightly, snapping out of your trance before glancing up at the taller man. He smiled down at you, that beautiful half crooked smile that was mixed with a playful smirk as he squeezed your shoulder. 

‘’Stop over thinking’’He whispered, bending down so he could peck the side of your head. 

‘’You always see right through me’’You laughed softly, even though you wasn’t happy. You weren’t sad either. Just numb. But you forced a pained smile in his direction to make him feel less panicked. 

‘’You’re so amazing’’He breathed out, lips landing on yours for a second before pulling away. 

‘’And you always saw the best in me’’You whispered, eyes latching onto his as you rubbed the back of your hand against his cheek. He smiled lovingly down at you before grabbing your hand and pulling you towards his room. 

‘’C’mon. I wanna show you something’’Dean grinned, wiggling his brows. You chuckled lightly as you started to feel the numbness fading away. Dean always brought out the best in you. 

That was until Dean was riffling through his draws, trying to find whatever it was he had to show you.. and you spotted the mirror. You cringed immediately and walked over to the mirror an grabbed your make up. You began to fix your make up but noticed Dean looking at you intently from the corner. 

‘’Why are you fixing your make up?’’Dean asked with a frown. ‘’We’re not going out’’.

‘’I know, Dean’’You shrugged quietly. He sighed softly, shaking his head as he grumbled something under his breath. ‘’And actually we are going out. Sam found us a case and it’s being held in a ball’’You grinned with a posh accent as you puckered your lips together. 

Dean only gave you a half smile, something clearly bugging him. 

Dean sat on the edge of the bed, legs draped over either side as he watched you trying on all your dresses. He frowned at you as he shook his head. ‘’You were fine in my eyes, a half hour ago’’Dean whispered, getting up and taking the dress from your hands and helping you put it on. 

‘’This one looks perfect. You looked beautiful in all of them’’Dean scolded gently, brushing back the strands of your hair to tuck them behind your ear.

‘’If your mirror won’t make it any clearer, I’ll be the one to let you know’’Dean muttered quietly, breath flushing down your neck as he placed his hands delicately on your waist. 

You smiled shyly, shaking your head as you playful pushed him away, cheeks locking on a crimson shade. 


You finally got to the party, all dressed up as you nervously and consciously picked at your nails again. You felt so conscious of all the beautiful girls here. 

Dean slid his warm hands down your arms before grabbing your hands in his. ‘’Out of all of the girls, you’re my one and only girl’’He mumbled into your ear as he pulled you closer.

You laughed quietly, once again bracing your hand on his chest as you motioned for him to look around. ‘’Do you see out guy?’’You asked, changing the subject. Dean rolled his eyes but looked around anyway. 

‘’Didn’t you see it?’’Dean asked, changing the subject once more and bringing it back to you. 

‘’See what?’’You asked in confusion, brows knitting together. 

‘’You stopped the room when we walked in’’He smirked, nudging your side as he continued to look around for the man. You shook your head, that being your only response as you ignored his comment. 

‘’Everybody’s staring’’He whispered into your ear, fingertips brushing against your waist. You giggled, tucking back your hair as you blushed like mad. 

‘’No their not Dean. And if they were’’You started, tone playful. ‘’They’re staring at you’’You chuckled. 

Dean rolled his eyes, groaning loudly as you looked around to see if anyone had heard. He over exaggerated a groan as he gripped your hands. 

‘’And this evening, I won’t let this feeling die’’He smirked no longer bothering to look for the man. ‘’I never wanna leave your side’’He purred teasingly. You had stopped looking around to and was now staring at him with surprise and awe. 

‘’I know what you’re doing’’Dean said, eyes serious as he stopped.

‘’W-what?’’You stuttered, stomach tensing. 

‘’You’re wondering if you’re what I’m wanting. And you are’’Dean grinned leaning down to kiss you. ‘’You don’t even have to try’’He whispered, inches away from your lips. 

You giggled, feeling much happier as you leaned in for one more kiss before squeezing his shoulder. 

‘’Dean?’’You mumbled, biting your lip as you tried not to give him a sly girn. 

‘’Hmm’’He hummed happily, huge smirk plastered on his mouth. He was still stuck in a love struck trance and didn’t even notice your smirk and raised brows, completely oblivious. ‘’What?’’He muttered. You lifted your finger up and pointed behind you, motioning for him to turn around. Dean frowned, awe and lust now wiped off his face as he turned around. 

You laughed loudly, but tried not to draw attention to yourself as you nudged his arm back.

‘’I think we found our guy….’’

Hindi naman ibig sabihin na iniwan ka ng taong mahal mo eh katapusan na ng mundo, hindi ibig sabihin na hindi ka crush ng crush mo eh panget ka na, hindi ibig sabihin na nasasaktan ka ngayon at umiiyak eh lagi ka na lang ganyan. Lahat ng bagay nangyayari kasi may nakalaang plano. Hindi ibigsabihin na iniwan ka eh forever alone ka na, at magpapakibitter ka sa forever kasi hindi siya ang naging ka-forever mo, tama na pagiging isip bata, hindi puro love ang dapat ipairal sa buhay mo, sa pagkatao mo, at sa isang relasyon. Dapat alam mo ang maging matured, ang bumangon at wag matakot na harapin ulit ang bagong kabanata, hindi lang love ang magpapasaya sayo, isa lang yan sa pwedeng magpasaya, pero hindi lang siya ang dapat maging rason. Naghiwalay man kayo ngayon, hindi man kayo hanggan dulo, jusko may mas pa ba diyan, kaya tama na mukmuk, intindihin mo muna sarili mo, bangon bangon.