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sidebar: the laptop crashed and fried last night while I was working on the charity commissions so sorry and thank you to everyone who’s still waiting! I’m getting to them as soon as I figure out the technobobble. 

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lucasinthemiddle  asked:

Hello ^^ I saw your post on iPad apps, and I was wondering if you've used ProCreate? I use it often and I have to say its really good for flat colouring.

Hi!! I’ve been saving this message for a while now~!
Recently my parents got me, my own iPad, for my birthday!!
I finally get to purchase illustration apps to play around
Here is my updated list!

To anyone who is REALLY interested in illustrating on the iPad,
My NUMBER 1 recommendation would be ProCreate!
It is only $5.99!!! Worth every cent!
It is super flexible and has majority of Photoshop’s functions.
It has layers, tons of awesome brushes, filters, and it even has a speed paint recorder!!! ITS AMAZING!!!
Here is how the interface looks like and the variety of brushes!!

Another cool app I found was Astropad
Its function is to convert your iPad into a cintiq
You get to navigate and draw on your iPad but its actually your computer’s interface, its like “Apple TV” but for the comp LOL
Its not necessary or “that” useful (lol) but its super cool HAHA!!
Must have good internet for it to function at its fullest without cable!
/throws dark angel!pete progress here//

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