Here is the making of my Paper project ‘Red Tail’ - inspired from an image of a Juvenile Red Tail hawk by Suni Roveto. This was done on the iPad using the app Paper by FiftyThree.

‘Heath Ledger’
(The One That Started It All)
About a year ago, the company Lunatik was promoting their combination stylus and pen. They had teamed up with FiftyThree and formed a contest “Lunatik On Paper”. The prizes were thirty winners would receive their new stylus, ten would receive the alloy version of the stylus and the grand prize winner would receive a new iPad!
As the weeks went by many artists around world submitted their art. I believe over 3000 submissions and out of 3000, my Paper creation wound up in the top ten.
I have become connected to some of the other winners thru social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and also the folks at Fiftythree. It has been a fellowship that has grown in time. So along with these relationships, I believe the greatest reward from this contest is the fire that has re-ignited my passion for art, something that I enjoy to this day.
There are many art apps out there but, for me, while Paper appeared limited, it had some of the most powerful behaviors in it’s tools I had seen at that time. With it’s 'Back To Basics’ approach, every project was a new learning experience. It has been an enjoyable challenge to see something/ imagine something and say “How can I create that in Paper?” :)