Some EotNS stuff. A Latrans falconer on the left with her trusty byrd, and a Zobel infantryman on the right.

Finished these on my iPad, which has been a great compliment to my standard tablet+desktop workstation. Also check out @nicholaskole’s page. I snuck him an Apple Pencil when they were backordered to hell, and he’s been wizarding up with it ever since, and has some pretty good thoughts about the device.

Witch Sisters

I got an ipad pro with the pencil and have been playing around with it. This one was done in procreate. 

My review of the Pencil:

my general view on this thing is it’s super powerful, feels great to draw on, maybe even better than my 21 inch cintiq. However, It’s still missing something for me. I feel like I can definitely sketch and get a great start on here, but I’ll still need to finish in Photoshop.

It’s so nice just to straight ahead paint or draw, but I’m a person who likes to put some stuff down, then select pieces and move/scale them. That’s clunky on the ipad. It’s possible but it slows my work flow to a crawl and I found myself sort of trying to avoid it. Might be a learning curve thing.

I’m also very reliant on adjustment layers and clipping masks, two things you can’t do. (as far as i can tell? the UI of procreate leaves something to be desired. it’s minimal but I don’t know what any of the icons mean and i can’t find some of the more hidden options quickly… that’s… a whole other review and I’m kinda particular about UI heh)

I’m sure as I play around with it I’ll find workarounds, but as of right now I’m still super happy with it. It will by no means replace my desktop set up but I didn’t want or expect it to do that.

Instead, it allows me to sit on my couch and sketch up quick mocks and ideas that I can then take into photoshop and finish.

I feel like my biggest hurdle right now is just sitting down in front of the computer after a long day or week of work and mustering up the energy and inspiration to make something. If I have a strong start I will be so much more likely to want to do this now.

So overall, definitely worth it for me. It certainly is a step up from the cintiq companion which is gathering dust on my shelf. it won’t replace my desktop set up but i don’t expect anything to anytime soon.