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Crutchie, for the headcanon thing?

—He has three small dogs, and lets them sleep in his bed with him. He loves animals very much
—He’s pretty good at badminton. He and Finch will play the sport every now and then, and it makes Crutchie feel happy
—Crutchie is a great cook. He’ll cook cakes for his friends’ birthdays, cupcakes for happy occasions, and anyone who’s kind to him often gets a few cookies and perhaps a small pie
—He knows every word to Annie, Hamilton, and Sunday In The Park With George, and he’ll sing those shows with no shame
—He always has bandaids in his book bag. Why? He knows his friends will do something stupid and get hurt
—He’s the only one of his friends to not have a phone. He has an iPad instead
—Also, he’s that person who takes their iPad to special events and becomes a mom by taking many pictures
—People will call Crutchie at random times of the night if they need to talk, and he always lets them talk until they feel better
—He has fake snow in his room. Again, why? He loves winter (plus Race hates snow so it keeps Race out of his stuff)
—Surprisingly, he has a great immune system, and rarely gets sick. Meanwhile, his friends get the man flu when they simply have a cough
—Many people call Crutchie “Dad” because David’s the mom friend and they almost treat them like they’re parents
—Crutchie LOVES music. His favourite instrument is the saxophone, and his favourite music genres are musical theatre and jazz
—He rather enjoys The Bee Movie

A lot of digital ink has been spilled over Apple’s new stylus input device for the iPad Pro over the last 24 hours. The collective hot takes of the Internet have been asking whether Steve Jobs’ Apple would have ever released a product like this. Regardless, Apple introduced the Apple Pencil on Wednesday, and it has a lot of creatives getting pretty excited about a tablet from the company that is more geared towards getting real work done.

Watch us get hands-on with the Apple Pencil and discuss the stylus. 

Summary of the Apple Event:
  • Apple: We invented a tablet with a keyboard!
  • Crowd: You mean like a Surface pro?
  • Apple: No we invented this it's totally new shut up.
  • Apple: We invented a TV that you can use apps on!
  • Crowd: You mean like a smart TV?
  • Apple: No we invented this it's totally new shut up.
  • Apple: We invented live photos!
  • Crowd: You mean like videos and GIFs?
  • Apple: No we invented this it's totally new shut up.

Magical Summer in the City Adventure 2!!

Last year I made a SitC adventure poster for ishipthat and therealalexbertie and, in the same place, at the same time this year I made another! And this year I’m actually going to be at the event!! So damned excited!

I’m also drawing a comic for these two brilliant people which I’ll post after SitC ^.^

I'm a Steve Jobs fanboy...

As many of you know today (March 7th) they announced the 3rd generation iPad with a couple of hardware updates and some sleek new applications. Nothing that impressed me but I’ve not been impressed nor expected to be impressed since the original iPad. As a product the iPad is a sidekick to my iPhone and Mac. It only comes into its own when I have an 11 hour flight ahead of me.

What I noticed today whilst watching the live blogs and streams of the Apple event is that I’m definitely not an Apple fanboy like many would label me. I’ve known that for a long time since I still consider products like Apple TV and iTunes to be some of the worst in their field. Apple TV mostly due to its lack of content, especially comparing to the likes of Roku. iTunes because it’s still overpriced for non-music content and it’s possibly one of the worst pieces of software that I use regularly.

Turns out I’m a Steve Jobs fanboy. Even without watching him present live, just the pictures of him presenting on the live blogs gave me anticipation for the full video. I would without a doubt watch the event once the video went online however now I know for a fact I will just watch the ads and clips Apple release afterwards. As much as I think Tim Cook is more than capable of running Apple he’s just not Jobs. He’s not the father of Apple and never will be unfortunately.

I remember the first time I was properly into Apple products, it wasn’t that long ago. Up until the age of 17 (4 years ago) I was a Windows user. In fact I didn’t really know Macs existed and hadn’t even used one yet. To me Apple made iPods and that was their best product. Then I went to college and one of my classmates had a white 13" MacBook. I instantly fell in love with it and went out that weekend and used my savings my grandparents setup for me to buy one. It was not only my first Mac but also my first laptop to myself, I had desktops to myself before that but no laptops.

Within a few months the MacBook Air was going to be launched and I decided I’d give the event a watch. I discovered this fellow with grayish hair, John Lennon-esque glasses and a strangely captivating manner. Turns out his name was Steve Jobs and he founded Apple. That was me hooked, not to Apple but to Apple’s events to be entertained by this man. He made simple products sounds incredible and lo and behold a lot of them were due to their simplicity.

For many he was an innovator but for me he was also part entertainer. His captivating style and presence is among the likes of Sir David Attenborough and Morgan Freeman for me. He could narrate nature documentaries.

October sucked.