Mari and Yoshiko matching wallpapers (android, iPad) for anon

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Someone requested iPad backgrounds of Elsa, so here we go :D. I didn’t make as many as usual, because the number of images I can use are limited.

for some reason ipad backgrounds are square? huh

All artwork belongs to Disney, be it concept art or screencaps. If you believe I have taken any art from a different source, please contact me so I can credit properly/remove it.

mikaru-blackspade  asked:

Ania, you didn't let me know about Clive's reaction to the Clive x Ania wallpaper drawing that I made >:V

Ania: Sorry! He loved it and changed his ipad background to it!

Clive: You’ve GOT to do another one your art is so ‘kawaii’

Mob Psycho 100 Episodes 4-8 as narrated by an 11-year old

So I wish I’d had this idea when I first introduced my lil sis to MP100 because her reactions to anime she loves are fuckin hilarious and she’s jumped on the MP100 bandwagon as hard as I have lmao she customized a Littlest Pet Shop toy for me to look like Mob and she’s gonna try making Reigen because she knows he’s like one of my favourites (she’s too pure omg). So we watched episodes 4-7 last night and episode 8 just a little while ago but here’re her reactions to what happened in episodes 4-8. My dialogue is marked with an H and hers is indicated with a B.

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