Someone requested iPad backgrounds of Elsa, so here we go :D. I didn’t make as many as usual, because the number of images I can use are limited.

for some reason ipad backgrounds are square? huh

All artwork belongs to Disney, be it concept art or screencaps. If you believe I have taken any art from a different source, please contact me so I can credit properly/remove it.


Mari and Yoshiko matching wallpapers (android, iPad) for anon

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Shay Mitchell Lockscreens (iPad Mini)

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OTP Challenge Prompt 5: Kissing 
 An appropriate follow up/companion piece to prompt 4, I think.

This turned out to be the ‘quick sketch that got away from me’! Whoops! Oh well, colour on the iPad is fun too, I guess.

A few notes: 1. took some creative license on Anna’s windows otherwise they don’t appear to open, and 2. Hans is a really good climber. 3. I still loathe drawing backgrounds.

IPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Procreate.

mikaru-blackspade  asked:

Ania, you didn't let me know about Clive's reaction to the Clive x Ania wallpaper drawing that I made >:V

Ania: Sorry! He loved it and changed his ipad background to it!

Clive: You’ve GOT to do another one your art is so ‘kawaii’