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The Fever Code, important Newtmas moments

- Page 127: “What’s up, Tommy?”, Newt exclaimed, his face filled with genuine happiness at the pleasant surprise that’d been sprung on him. Thomas couldn’t remember exactly how long it’d been since the last time he saw Newt. “You look bloody fantastic for three in the morning.”

- Page 159: you were saying again? Teresa asked. He felt every morsel of her evil glee. That’s  a really nice dance you put on down there. Don’t worry, I have it recorded, ready to show Newt and everybody else next time we get together. “Not funny!”, he yelled out.

- Page 172: Thomas jumped at the sound [of Newt’s whisper], then stumbled. Newt tripped over him, and then they were both laughing, legs and arms tangled up in a pile on the ground.

- Page 248: He found himself thinking of Newt, maybe the one he liked most of them, not immune.

- Page 326: I’m coming for you, Newt”, Thomas whispered, so softly that no one could possibly hear him.



Math notes written on iPad Pro printed in A5. (Quote printable from @emmastudies) 

600 pages of math update! 

Yesterday I was stuck on two assignments, today I’ve solved them both! I love that feeling. Note to self: Try again tomorrow morning, you will be smarter then.

High School Reunion

Pairing: Y/N/Exhusband!Michael

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 11.600+

Summary:  Y/N tries to collect herself together at an old the high school reunion with friends from her teenage days. But she literally can’t enjoy herself in fear of meeting her ex husband and old high school sweet heart Michael

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Remember when Gali had a blog?

And Tahu and Kopaka would get annoyed at her wanting to stop to add updates while they were on missions?

Except, it wasn’t a blog, in-universe. She was just lugging a bunch of stone slabs around everywhere and carving everything on them which probably took hours (though I suppose she could probably dictate to Pohatu, who could just make the words appear instantly to save time, but the text implies she was doing it the hard way. Probably just to piss Tahu and Kopaka off).


She was blogging on her tablet.

A/B/O preference #1 He protects you

A/N: This is an Alpha/Beta/Omega! Alphas are the bosses basically, and omegas and alphas usually mate as the omegas are the “lowest” and “weakest”. Alphas are also very possessive over their mate. If you guys have any questions, please ask!

Also, this is written on iPad with Danish autocorrect in the car, so bear with me

Request: He protects you (you’re an omega, he’s your alpha)

HARRY: You had been sick for the past week now, and Harry had made you stay home from school and make the assignments your teacher sent your way. You’d already made the essay for Monday, and now you were thudding around in the empty house, waiting for your mate to get his ass home from his meeting with Modest. There was a knock on the door right as you were about to collapse onto the couch with a cup of tea and Netflix, and you reluctantly went to open. In front of you stood a man, two heads taller than you, upper lip pulled back in a sneer. “Uh,” you said eloquently as he shoved his way inside and pushed you up against the nearest wall. “You’re that boybanders bitch, aren’t you?” You whimpered at the tight grip he had on your arms and tried to squirm away. Suddenly, there was a loud growl and the man was ripped away. He was thrown to the ground with a sickening sound bouncing off the walls. Harry was looming over him, eyes dark and curls wild. The adrenaline and pheromones were clear in his scent, and you immediately relaxed at the smell of your alpha. “Out,” was all he had to snap before the man scrambled away. “Harry,” you breathed when your alpha just continued stared out the open door. Immediately, he snapped into action and was wrapping you up in his arms within seconds. “I’m here. I’ll protect you,” he assured. “How did he get in?” you asked. “I have no idea. The mailman must’ve let him in or something.” You knew that wasn’t likely, but at the moment, you were more than willing to accept the flat explanation. “I’ll fix it baby, don’t worry.” You sighed into the crook of his neck. “Okay.”

NIALL: “We forgot the chips,” you groaned to Niall at the grocery shop, leaning heavily against his arm as you neared the check-out. “Want me to get them?” Niall offered in that soft voice he saved especially for you. “Nah, you always get them wrong ones, I’ll be back in a jiff.” You kissed Niall’s cheek quickly before hurrying back down the aisle. When you reached the chips, you quickly picked up a bag and was just about to scurry back to Niall when a hand on your shoulder stopped you in your tracks. The lingering scent of an alpha that wasn’t yours hit you like a brick wall, and you knew you were in trouble. The lust was rolling off the man in waves. “I’m mated,” you told him in a feeble attempt to get rid of him, “my mate is here.” The man laughed as his fingers dug into your shoulder. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing to my mate?” God, even though a strange alpha was breathing down your neck, Niall’s possessive voice was still so hot. “We were just talking,” the man said, but the way Niall’s eyes darkened told you he didn’t believe him. “Go. Don’t ever talk to my mate again.” The man nodded and with a mumbled apology, he left. “Thank you.” Niall smiled slightly, slinging an arm around your shoulder and sniffing your mating mark on your neck. He growled when another smell entered his nostrils, and he instantly set upon sucking on the mark to rid you of the strangers smell. “Niall! We’re in public,” you scolded, but tipped your head to the side nevertheless to expose your neck. “I don’t care. You’re my mate. My pretty omega.” You giggled. “Let’s go home, now.”

LIAM: “Please, Liam. He’s been following me for five minutes,” you whimpered into the phone, clutching it to your ear as you let the steady breathing of your alpha calm you down slightly. “Where are you?” You glanced back and saw the man behind you, reeking of alpha, had almost caught up to you. “The old playground, I’m going towards the movie theater,” you quickly instructed. “I’m getting in the car now, don’t hang up okay? I’m there in two minutes.” You squeezed your eyes shut as the scent behind you grew more prominent. He was closing in. “I love you, okay?” You let out a breath. “I love you too.” Just then, a hand clasped around your arm, pulling you back against a broad chest. “Hey sexy,” a voice breathed in your ear. “Y/N? I’m almost there, babe,” Liam said. You knew he was trying to stay calm for your sake, but the worry was making his voice shake audibly. “Hurry,” you urged before the phone was slapped out of your palm. “C'mon, we’re gonna have fun, babe,” the alpha said mockingly before laughing. A car rounded the corner and was thrown into park right next to you. Liam left the engine running and jumped out, a growl already rumbling low in his chest. “Fine!” the man snapped before Liam could say a word and stepped back. He turned on his heel and vanished down the street, leaving you standing in the middle of the sidewalk, shaking like a leaf. “Baby,” Liam muttered before pulling you to his chest. You buried your face there and calmed down at the smell of your mate.

LOUIS: Your breathing hitched at the unexpected scent that was surrounding you. This wasn’t your alpha. “Louis!” you screamed before the man clapped a hand over your mouth. “Quiet, slut!” he hissed. He wrapped an arm around your waist and started dragging you backwards, further away from Louis.  Well, going to the club was just a splendid idea, it seemed. You prayed Louis had heard you, but the bass was pounding and the music was a loud roar, and despite how in tune you and Louis were, you doubted he’d notice your absence until it was too late. Even though the stranger couldn’t mate you, as that title already belonged to Louis, he could still knock you up, and you really didn’t want that. The man dragged you into the bathroom and was about to throw you into a stall when the door smacked open, revealing a Louis with storming eyes and clenched fists, knuckles white from the strain. “Step away,” he growled possessively, taking a step further into the bathroom. “Why? She’s gagging for it, I can tell,” the man chuckled, sniffing up and down your neck. “I said; step away.” When the alpha behind you responded with a smirk, Louis flew forward and landed a hard punch to his jaw. The man reeled back, eyes wide in shock, and hesitated a second, which was just enough for Louis to knee him in the balls. “Bye!” he snapped and the man sunk to the floor in pain, before crawling out on all fours. “Babe? I’m sorry it took me so long,” Louis said instantly, crossing the room so he could wrap his arms around your waist. “No, no, it was perfect timing.”