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do you have any workout or dieting tips?

yeah actually, and it’s kinda just one tip:

Prioritize your own happiness. Put your happiness first and foremost and above everything else if you’re planning on taking up a diet and exercise routine.

Because society has done an incredibly malicious job of making diet and exercise about self-hatred. I don’t think I even need to explain this one. Marketed diets and exercises always come with taglines about “buy this product and you’ll lose [an unreasonably large amount of weight] in [an unreasonably short amount of time] and then you’ll look exactly like this bikini model and finally, finally, after all these years and years, you can stop hating yourself!!!!!!” **

( ** “Disclaimer: We’re the ones who made you start hating yourself at age ~10 because we’ve been bombarding you with images and messages that say your body isn’t good enough and you should hate it and change it.”)

That mindset is toxic, and malicious, and cruel, and absolutely mentally and physically exhausting to live with if food and exercise are suddenly only about weightloss. So many people, and young girls especially, will attempt dangerous, unhealthy, desperate things to alter their body to society’s ideal, and society will encourage them to do it.

For the love of god, do not approach this as a means of punishment against your body for not being what you want it to be. It’s debilitating.

That being said, healthy eating and exercise can absolutely improve your life. Running is a great stress reducer. Listening to cheesy boppy bubblegum pop songs while running to the beat is damn good for your soul. The endorphins that exercise releases make you feel better, more content, more accomplished. Healthy eating will make your body feel and function better.

So if you’re going to take up a diet and exercise routine, please do it for these reasons. Do it to feel happy. Do it because you want to feel proud and accomplished with yourself. If you’re going to push yourself when you dont feel like running, push yourself because you’re mastering self-discipline, not because you’re trying to punish your body. If you’re self-conscious about your weight and want to lose some, let it be a possible and positive side effect of a lifestyle change, not an absolute goal. Don’t obsessively count calories. Don’t obsessively weigh yourself.

Go for runs because there’s a great new album you wanna listen to. Go for runs because your favorite anime updated and you wanna watch the episode on the TV/iPad in front of your treadmill. Go for walks outside because it’s pretty, and the air feels nice, and because you’ll see so many dogs out there. Make healthy food choices because you want your body to get the nutrients it needs. 

And if you want a triple fudge brownie with molten lavacake extra creamy chocolate filling, go eat the goddamn triple fudge brownie with molten lavacake extra creamy chocolate filling. It’ll taste great. Let yourself have that happiness.


…out of body..that’s just how i feel when i’m around you papi…

People who assume self-dx’ers are kids trying to be “cool” are wrong.

My mom can’t sit and do nothing, she’s always gotta be stimulated by some activity even if it’s a jigsaw puzzle or reading. She usually has games going on her iPad while the TV is blasting.

Even while recovering from surgery in 2012, she had to have things to entertain her like crocheting, having her bed by the window so she could look outside and access to the hospital TV set in her room.

Sitting and waiting with nothing to do makes her extremely irritable. My mom is not normally a grumpy person, but when she has to wait longer than expected you’ll swear the look on her face will melt bricks.

A commercial on TV prompted her into weeks of Google searches that helped my mom figure out why she is the way she is. 

She discovered she drinks coffee so much (literally morning to night) because the stimulant action of caffeine helps her focus. She’s been calming herself down with coffee since she was 8. It started when her mom put coffee in her milk and school got easier in the morning and hard in the afternoon until she came home and drank more milk-coffee before doing her homework.

Today, my mom walked into my room with her iPad in hand and a look of triumph on her face as she said, “I have ADHD.”

My mom just self-diagnosed herself with ADHD. 

She’ll be 71 years old in September of 2016.

What I took [the title] to mean was… When a screen is off. When a screen is off, it looks like a black mirror. Because any TV, LCD, iPad or something like that - if you turn it off it just looks like a black mirror and there’s something cold and horrifying about that. It was such a fitting title that-… I mean I don’t know what else we would’ve called it. “Spooky Technology Time” - would’ve been rubbish.
—  Charlie Brooker, Creator Charlie Brooker Explains…