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Busy week before the exam. I have been writing some stuff for some of the iPad questions as well. The plan is to posts one bigger iPad-post every week, answering your questions. The first one is a about writing on iPad vs. on paper. Which one is faster? People tend to believe the iPad will make you write slower or somehow make you inefficient. What do you think? 

Keep asking, messaging or comment questions you have about the iPad (school related) and I will answer them in a separate post.  

Does Alaska have the same dollars we do?

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While exploring the internet, I came across an article about a book with an interesting concept. Basically, it’s a novel in which being autistic is the norm and Neurotypicals are considered as disabled.

When I looked up the name of the author, I was pretty disappointed to see that she was Neurotypical and that her only experience was to spend six months in a camp with autistic people. Not the best starting point. But she was young (only eighteen) and seemed full of good intentions, so I decided to take a chance. And it was… not as bad as I thought it would be. But not great either.

The story is called “Dépourvu” (Devoid in english) and is written by a canadian author, Victoria Grondin. I’m assuming there might be an english version somewhere, because the one I read specified that it was the “french version”.

[picture of the book cover of “Dépourvu”. It features a white blonde teenager, with a red scarf, looking at us with a shy smile. She’s surrounded by other people, who don’t have particular features and are just shadows]

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I keep seeing classrooms where the teacher has a QR code posted by the door. And in order to use the bathroom, students have to scan the QR code on their school-assigned iPad or one of the classroom iPads and take a survey (answering what, I don’t know).

And that, hands down, has got to be the most inane, pointless use of technology I have ever seen in a classroom (and there is a lot of ridiculous technology thrown in so teachers can look tech savvy).

It takes kids twice as long to go to the bathroom because they’re standing there fiddling with an iPad and answering questions, and what are teachers even doing with this data, if they keep records of it at all?? Why do you need to be able to compile a spreadsheet on how much your students use the bathroom?? If a problem is using the bathroom too much, you’ll be able to tell. If you need a graph to tell you how much a student is using the bathroom, they’re not using it too often.

Ipad Question: Is the iPad Pro worth it?

james-p0tter said: 

In terms of your iPad, would you say it was worth the money? I want to get one but I’m worried it would be too big of an investment in terms of cost, and that I might not use it enough… What sort of different things do you use it for?

This is probably one of my most frequently asked questions. Is the iPad Pro worth it? Should you buy one?

My answer would often be no, it’s not worth it. And I will tell you why - and when it actually IS worth it.

studying-sprout said:

Do you find that the iPad is worth it? Is it easier with the pen?

There’s only one thing with the iPad Pro that could make it worth the money:

The Apple Pencil.

If you have consider buying the iPad Pro without the pencil then the iPad is not worth it for you. For a couple of reasons:

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Clint: I’m not really sure what you mean about using it to my advantage. I guess it allows me to concentrate more on my other senses and remove the distraction while shooting. I also take my hearing aids out when I want some quiet, I find it peaceful that way.

hedgethebellarkelover-deactivat  asked:

Is there going to be any 'official' Bellarke? Because their chemistry on screen is amazing! Thanx 😊

If I had a dollar for every question in the ask box about Bellarke… Well, I could at least buy a new iPad.

But, to your question! After the events of Episode 9, Clarke is really not in a place for a romantic relationship with anyone. That being said, hopefully she will find her way again and open her heart. If Bellamy happens to be there when that happens…

As a secondary note, I’ve seen the concerns that Finn was killed to “make way for Bellarke.” This is categorically not true. Finn’s death feeds the narrative of this story we’re telling. It has nothing to do with Bellamy and Clarke. At all. (I know, I know, you won’t believe me. Fine.)

Of course, the reason we talk about Bellarke at all is because Eliza and Bob have such amazing chemistry as you pointed out. Who knew?? Certainly not Jason and the writers… Of course, they know NOW…