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yo!! I was just wondering;;; if you had any tips on drawing dudes!! I have a beefy boy of mine I've been dying to draw a full body of but I can't seem to get it right!! if you don't have any that's ok!

Well, step one is to have way too many pictures of just men, random men, sometimes half nude, too many to the point where you should be mildly concerned. 

Seriously though, lots of references. Men have an incredible amount of variation, in terms of body type, so really search around for types you like, or that fit your character. 

The main difference between an “average” body type, and more heavy set one is how solid it looks. This includes eliminating any sense of structural fragility, broadening it, and just messing around with how fat plays with the body. 

And when thinking about muscular bodies, consider which areas are more defined than others, how much weight is on the body, etc. For a more stocky muscular type, keep it round. 

So when I’m drawing any sort of guy, there’s a list of what I normally keep in mind. But definitely look around, see which body types strike your fancy more than others. Play around with it! And thanks, hope that helps! 💙


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