ipad dump

“They don’t like it, Murdoc?”

2D’s eyes were full of tears, leaning over Murdoc’s laptop. Murdoc quickly shut the lid,

“Oi now Mate, they like it they do. These trogladytes wouldn’t know good music if it bit ‘em in the arse.”

Vixen patted her blue haired friend’s shoulder trying to comfort him. the tears were budding in the corners of his eyes now. She exchanged a worried look with Murdoc.

“It just has a unique sound they aren’t used to, I think The Fall is great sweetie.”

2D sadly shuffled upstairs to his room where he proceeded to dump his Ipad in the waste bin next to his bed.

“I knew it was silly. I shouldn’t have put it out.”

Because even doctors need taking care of too
A topic I want to raise in my BioEthics class someday. Many doctors fall into depression because of their work, the demands, and the general pressure of being a healer.
I’d certainly hate for that to happen to any of my classmates and my fellow doctors-to-be but statistics are oft true.

Fic: Champions

Summary: Set in 6.03, “Jagged Little Tapestry." Jane and Mason might have said that they were watching old competition videos, but they never said who “they” included. The New New New Directions visit the past and find out exactly what they’ve gotten themselves into.

Gen, includes references to Finn, Finchel, and Klaine

WC: 1.6K



“We’ve been watching YouTubes of the New Directions at regionals and nationals.” 

“We wanna be as good as you guys were. If we’re gonna do this, we wanna be champions.”


“Have you found the nationals videos yet?”


“ … How about now?” 



“Really?” Roderick looked back over his shoulder to find Madison waving and smiling like a proud fifth-grader at a science fair.

He’d spent the last fifteen minutes hunched over Jane’s iPad trying to find old Glee performances on YouTube. Jane watched at his side, while the twins took turns spinning themselves in the astronomy classroom’s single working roller chair. On her turns in the chair, Madison added sound effects, like a tiny, perky propeller whirring around the room.

Roderick rolled his eyes. “We’re almost there, I think. Can’t you wait, like, five minutes until I can figure this out?”

“Well sure I can,” Madison grinned, “but you make better faces when I ask how you’re doing.”

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Nickelodeon Portfolio Review

Usually to get the chance to be an intern

Signed up for the hell of it

First thing I say to them “goth me up!” In my radical sounding voice which I used through the interview

The 2 portfolio scouts look very confused

no portfolio other than drawings in my iPad

Info dump my ideas and characters

Show them Emily and her voice

Their both confused but impressed with what I showed

They say I’m better pitching a pilot than being an intern since they like my characters and ideas

I would describe how I acted as a mix of Freddy Got Fingered pitching his cartoons, and The main guy from Nightcrawler

I must pitch a show with Emily and Stephany