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Yesterday, I posted asking you guys what you suggested using for digital notes: Evernote or OneNote. 

First of all, thank you to vestigial vicissitude​, livebodybeautiful, navigating notes​,  happy-little-rose, tiptoe dreams​ & samirah93 for replying.

After reading your responses and playing around with both apps for a while, I decided OneNote would probably work best for me. I like the hierarchy, modification options and all around aesthetic and functionality of OneNote more.

So, I decided for the next semester, I will use OneNote for my finalised digital lecture & textbook notes. So, I set up a notebook titled “Classes’ and created sections for each class I’m taking this semester. Once the semester begins, each lecture and corresponding chapter(s) will be one page. I feel like this is way more organised than keeping endless folders of word files, so I’m excited to see how it works out. Pictured above are screenshots of how OneNote looks on my 3 primary devices: my laptop, iPad and phone. 

All in all, I haven’t actually used OneNote for my notes yet, but from what I’ve seen so far I think it’s definitely worth looking into for anyone who likes to type up their notes. 

anonymous asked:

Would you analyze a Sylph of Heart, please?

Heehee! Always happy to help!

Sylph - This one heals their aspect, by their own aspect, or through their aspect. Sowing seeds of their aspect, where there is little to no amount of it. Gardener, planter, etc…

Heart - The aspect of the soul, and self. The personality, individuality and emotions.

This one is the therapist, my mistake!

I think all Sylphs probably have more control over others, in that, they are more terrifying when you’re against them.

Sylphs are healers and this one can heal your Soul, using their Soul, or any Soul lurking about.

They could bring back the ‘dead’, healing the soul of a ghost enough for it to come back. Maybe they could order the ghosts to protect their friends, basically conjuring an undead army!

If any of the Sylph’s friends suffer from splintering, the Sylph could heal the splinters, forming them into something whole. So people who are conflicted with schizophrenia or symptoms from bipolar disorder (including if there are any other disorders that deal with breaking up a person’s personality, individuality, or even their emotions), the Sylph would heal them.

As Sylphs are healers, and the Sylph of heart is a Healer of Hearts, the Sylph could also heal a broken heart, I guess. If your identity is damaged in any way, shape, or form the Sylph will heal this, using their own soul, or another’s. That is one way this Sylph could be dangerous, if you are anywhere near this Sylph while they healing their teammate and you are an enemy, they would have no compunctions to spare you. Because this Sylph would use their Soul’s energy to heal a friend’s, why would they hesitate to steal someone else’s?

Once the Sylph used your energy, you would feel fatigued, almost sluggish and really, only bed rest could fix that. However, if the Sylph used too much, you would either be a former shell of yourself or you could have died and the Sylph could always reanimate you, turn you into their soldier. Suddenly you are fighting your allies to protect your enemies and there is nothing you can do about it for the next few minutes, whereupon you are dead. Again.

Why are all sylphs so terrifying? Really, this is so unfair. All I can do is melt dishes.

funny story

so a couple weeks ago, my history teacher rented the IPads for our class room. we were given a ‘fill in the blank’ study to complete using the IPads for research. But I thought the IPads were ours to KEEP, seeing as a different class had done that.

So the moment I got it, I started doing research and found myself on a Bill Nye video. The class ended before it could get to the theme song so I decided to finish it later.

In my next class, I pulled in out once I was finished with my test and COMPLETELY forgot Bill Nye was on.

So in dead silence, the Bill Nye theme song BLASTED out. The case on the IPad made it really difficult to turn down the volume so I was just sitting there in English class with my head down on the desk as the class chanted “Bill! Bill! Bill!”

I’ve had a few people asking if my icon was a full drawing. YEP. A pretty old one, too! From early last year. I remember specifically it was done on my iPad before class one morning, and I was dead tired. I just liked how it turned out, I feel like this is me always lmao.

so we were using ipads today in spanish class to practice for the national spanish exam and i opened up the reminders app and someone made a to do list. the to do list reads as follows:

-do homework

-conquer the world

-steal the declaration independence

-brag about it to nicholas cage

you know what im tired of? when someone says “i cant access this app/app feature because its apple only and im on android” and some smartass replies with “lol just don’t fuck with android in the first place”
well i can’t afford apple devices you fantastic asshole, if it offends you so much that im stuck with android why don’t YOU buy me an iphone