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Hello Haru!! I was wondering if you have or can make a tutorial about lighting, because it's kinda difficult for me and personally i love how you make such potent but soft games of lights, especially in your latest no.6/YoI au drawing. Hope you have a nice day/night/afternoon! *insert heart emoji*

Thanks so much!! It’s a bit hard to explain because it’s super expiremental, but I tried my best. I rely heavily on layer modes when it comes to lighting. It’s the lazy and pretty way out lol

1. Basic color and shading.

2. On a new layer, I filled all the contents of the drawing (NOT the contents of the layer) with black, and reduced the opacity to about 45%. This gives you the cool shadow.

3. Repeated step 2 with the color red, then erased for the lighter parts like shion’s hair (both the black and red layer)

4. Here I added 2 layers, one at overlay and air brushed some pretty bright colors, then another layer on add/color dodge or whatever you have for the colourful highlights and bits of light everywhere.

Tbh the only thing that runs in my head when I’m lighting is MAKE IT PRETTY (and in the process I defy all laws of lighting)

I hope this helps!

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Mr Puppet, How you can be the hottest thing ever?

The Puppet is just INCREDIBLY hot, we don’t know how this happened, or why, but it’s something we Must Appreciate

♥Villager Portrait Requests♥

hai there, my fellow mayors! the support and interest in my animal crossing portraits has been so exciting and encouraging - thank you sooo very much!

i am taking requests and will accept multiple requests from the same mayor ( i mean, we can have multiple dreamies right?!) just send an ask or a pm - i promise i don’t bite =3

click “keep reading” below for queue list and i will continue to update as i get more mayor requests. i’ll also tag mayors as soon as I have finished the precious portrait. 

again, thank you so much for all the positive vibes, messages and notes that you send me or leave for me. this all makes my heart swell with joy ♥ 

- mayor sashi

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…out of body..that’s just how i feel when i’m around you papi…