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When recording TBS, do any of actors flub their lines by accident? If so, would we be able to listen to the bloopers?

Oh yeah, absolutely. I am an extremely cruel director and make them do single takes of entire episodes (sometimes 25+ pages) and, while they are all very talented professionals, there’s bound to be some stumbling. 

Putting together a blooper reel is something I’m kicking myself over not keeping track of at the start because now there is just hours upon hours of footage that I in no way shape or form have any time to listen through and pull clips from. Maybe someday we’ll hire someone to do that because there are some good moments. 

One of my favorite bloopers from early on was in a Caleb episode. This was still in the first season, when I was trying to figure out the best way to record/take notes during recording/direct/etc. I now sit on my bed as the actors sit at a table in front of me and use 1-tap touch to highlight the script for notes, but back then I was trying a bunch of stuff out. 

I didn’t want my note-taking to interfere with sound, so I sat out in the hallway with my headphones and left Julia and Briggon in my bedroom. So I’m sitting on the floor staring at a closed door, and Briggon and Julia are just on their own. Briggon gets to a line that went something like, “I had a rough day at school”, but instead of school, Briggon goes full-adult and says “work”. And even though I couldn’t see Briggon’s face, I could just hear him have that moment of, “wait, what”. 

I don’t know why, but that was such a fun, funny moment - Briggon plays a teenager extremely convincingly, but he definitely slips up sometimes. 


So my grandpa gave me his old, broken iPad mini, which was pretty sweet when I discovered last month that I could draw on it. Alas, this iPad has witnessed the heat death of the universe and died a painful and protracted death. It would put random dots on my canvas because its touchscreen was going haywire, refuse to acknowledge my own touch, resize the canvas or exit the app at will, draw its own lines, refuse to recognize my own, DELETE the lines it DID let me draw, make the canvas invisible, etc. 

Every line took like 50 tries, but sometimes there’d be like 20 magical seconds where it would let me live, so basically I just learned to draw as fast as possible in those windows. 

But I think that finally this iPad has breathed its last breaths into these three images of Lightning losing a race to a chicken. (Thanks for the prompt, @hostile-takeover-bank! <3) 

I didn’t get to finish any of these (you could say the iPad chicken-blocked me BD), and you can probably see the progressive deterioration of this poor iPad’s mind in these last three images. But I’m posting them anyway because IT WAS A FUN MONTH, IPAD. I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU. You probably made me a better artist with all these shenanigans. <3 RIP.

(There isn’t a chicken in that last one because the iPad wouldn’t let me get that far. It took like 20 minutes just to make sure Lightning at least got eyeballs. Which was a dumb use of time, but I didn’t want him to be without EYEBALLS. Poor babe!)

Kpop concert survival guide 101

Here’s some tips on how to survive kpop concerts! LOL oh the boredom of life can lead to crazy shit. Like me typing this….ANYWAYS. 

1. Dress comfortably and fashionably! (HIGHLY recommend comfortable shoes if you have GA pit tickets. You can wear heels too in the pit but at your own risk ._. ) Nothing too tight! You’re going to need room to move around and breathe! You’ll be sweating in the GA especially from all the body heat.

2. DO NOT BRING AN IPAD. I REPEAT DO NOT. Things like that obstructs other fans’ view. Please bring other smaller items for recording/picture taking…(trust me it’s annoying…a girl in front of me during BIGBANG brought her ipad and all you can see is her ipad blocking my fancam and i am not so tall so….) Please be courteous to other fans :)

3.DO NOT BRING FULL BLOWN SIZE poster boards. Again please do not…I know how much you want to tell your oppas/noonas/unnies/hyungs how much you love them. But seriously. Be courteous to other fans! (this too is in my BIGBANG fancams….all you see me is moving side to side to get a clear shot of them WITHOUT ANY POSTER BOARD IN MY WAY)

4.Bring lightsticks! or glowsticks if you can’t get their official lightsticks! (Check venue’s rules first regarding glowsticks). ALOT no wait ALL kpop groups pretty much have an official color for their fandom! Dont be the only one hanging and make a (fandom’s color) OCEAN! It’s beautiful trust me. BE CAREFUL OF HOW YOU SWING THAT LIGHTSTICK THOUGH. 


ELF (Super Junior) 


5. Please no pushing in the GA pit. Everyone is already sweating and skin to skin to each other. What is the benefit of pushing? nothing…Pushing each other you’re just basically putting others to harm. There are gates between the stage and pit. So the people in front basically is sandwich squash to the gates. Again please be courteous! 

6. Bring extra money for merchandises! Kpop merchandises can burn a hole in your wallet…literally. Also bring extra for food/drinks! You’re going to be thirsty from singing along and getting overly excited over oppa/unnie/noona/or hyung 

7. Bring a small backpack with you! (Like the example below). The past 2 kpop concerts I been to I brought this kind of bag with me. Just to hold my wallet and other personal belongings like my phone and keys. Pack lightly! Be careful of what you put in there though. It is possible your items will be damaged if the item is fragile!

8. Please no camping out over night >_< that’s not cool to fans that can’t do the same…I understand going probably 12 hours before the concert or so. But a full 24 hours….is kind of going overboard :c 


10. Don’t be afraid to talk to those around you! Pretty sure you’re all there for the same reason! 

11. Put your hair up! You’re going to sweating if you have GA pit tickets! If you have seats then you can do whatever with your hair lol  

12. Get your ears ready because there will be alot of screaming. Trust me. Your ears will be ringing and I’m not talking about from the music.

13. There will always ALWAYS be someone taller than you in front of you. Be prepared to have a sore neck from straining it to get around him/her 

14.IF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY CLAUSTROPHOBIC AVOID THE PIT. AND IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT BE, DONT TAKE THAT CHANCE. Kpop concerts are not the best time to suddenly discover you have a crippling fear of small places.

15. If you see someone having difficulties, HELP THEM and wave a security down to get help.

16. NO HAIR PULLING that is not cool

17. Avoid wearing glasses (if you’re in the pit) most likely you’ll lose them…

18. YOU HAVE TO CHARGE YOUR PHONE UP TO THE SECOND you need to disconnect it. it WILL DIE either way, but this way you will be able to take more pics and videos

19. Bring an extra camera, camera battery, and/or memory card! 


What I love most about the new Hunger Magazine video is that Colin just looks so confident in it. Not that he doesn’t normally, but in this video he’s just so incredibly coy: he flirts with the camera, looks up at you under his sweeping eyelashes, winks, waves, and even smirks a little while he does his thing. He knows he’s handsome, and he’s flaunting it so well in this video that you can’t help but fall in love with him just a tiny bit more.

Made With Paper - “Finding My Paper Passion” June.14.2014

My Paper passion sort of fell into a black hole for a while. Some changes to the app and using the Pencil somewhat affected my desire to draw with it. Still searching for that passion but hoping to regain it soon. I think I may need to upgrade to another stylus. Still love drawing on my ipad air though. May post other apps though. Props to my fellow Paper artists for sticking with it! Love you guys!!

Made with Paper by FiftyThree