ipad 2 review


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iPad 2 Review

The iPad 2 is a great upgrade, but some things from the iPad 1 will be missed. Here are my 7 points I would love to make before you adopt one. 

  1. The iPad 2’s updated design was the most eye-catching change about the iPad to me. It is so much thinner and lighter than what was not necessarily a thick or heavy device before. If you want a size comparison, rip off the screen of your Unibody MacBook Pro and your looking at how thin the new iPad is. You can feel the difference in your hands, I’m noticing that I can hold the iPad 2 longer without arm strain.
  2. The iPad 2 adopts the iPod Touch 4th Gen’s sharp edges with recessed buttons. While this combination fails on the iPod touch leaving it difficult to access, the button layout works flawlessly on the iPad 2. The buttons are hidden under the curves of the device; I never accidentally touch buttons on the new iPad. Unfortunately, the edges leave my hands in pain because they are a little to sharp. 
  3. The white is flawless. Nothing but love for the black model, but the white is absolutely flawless. Many bloggers are chastising the white one saying that it looks “cheap” and creates unattractive borders around movies in the dark. I completely disagree, the white iPad combined with the new thin body leaves it looking like a thin, organized, stack of papers on a desk, I also watch video on it all the time and the white rim fades away mostly in the dark, I wouldn’t call it a problem nor a distraction. 
  4. The iPad 2, I feel like, has a less robust speaker than the iPad 1. I might need to test this one out again but it feels like the audio is weaker. The body also feels cheaper and not to be repetitive but less robust than the iPad 1. I noticed this production value drop when I switched from the iPhone 1 to the iPhone 3G. Mass production can hurt a product. Many reports are saying that some iPad 2 users have light leaks through the bezel onto the screen. I can confirm that this is true for me, I have many small light streaks on the bottom of my iPad screen, again not too distracting but it would be nice if they were not there. 
  5. Browsing is way faster, and downloading feels quicker. Gaming feels much smoother, the gyroscope addition is nice. But everything else feels just as slow as it did in the previous model. Same YouTube hiccups, same apps crashing. 
  6. Cameras are not as horrific as people are saying they are. I love them. Recorded video looks great. The picture quality is not stellar but then again the iPad doesn’t need cameras in the first place. I’m just pleased that Apple is giving us something, plus they can scan a document nicely. Also FaceTime is much friendlier on the bigger screen: you can easily fit a whole family on the iPad screen. And last but not least, Photobooth is so much fun, but needs video support and universal support for the iPhone 4. 
  7. The smart cover is an awesome idea but it is not worth $40. It breathes innovation and is very cool, but the thing is just a cover. I wouldn’t recommend throwing your iPad 2 in a bag with just this cover on. First of all, if the cover moves off the screen, the screen will turn on. I left my iPad 2 in my bag and when I went to take it out, the battery was down 20% and garageband was open playing on repeat. The smart cover also doesn’t snap on as easily as Apple says it does. I have to take it out of its docked positions just to put it on. Though it did make the iPad 1 uglier, I really loved the previous iPad case. It just worked and it was a proper case. 

A lot of people have been asking me, with the iPad 1 floating around the internet and retail stores for as little as $300, is it worth buying an iPad 2? The iPad 2 has a lot of potential from a developer standpoint but it feels like most developers are still catching up with the iPad 1. My word of wisdom: If you can find an iPad 1 for under $350 dollars and you don’t think you are going to be doing any facetiming, go ahead and buy the iPad 1. Otherwise, jump in to the future, the iPad 2 is sexy and is going to be on the top of the tablet pack for a very long time. 


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