Hear me out ok, why don’t you make it so that you can have a gif as your background on your iPhone or iPad? You could have a toggle on settings that could would turn on and off the whole moving part if you want to save battery but it would be so cool to unlock my phone and boom it’s my favourite gif of a cat falling off a couch


Bricked iPad Mini.

I used this thing nearly every day for school once upon a time. I was charging it one day, and then it died on me for no goddamn reason (didn’t jailbreak it or do anything illicit with it whatsoever.) Took it to the Apple Store and they said there was absolutely nothing they could do and that I’d have to buy a new one for $300. So I went to Memory Express and bought a Galaxy Tab for $175.

Try to fix it. Drop it in your bathtub for the aesthetic. Shove it up your ass. I don’t give a shit, just take it.

  • Mildly used. There are some scratches on the front, but I’ve had a protective screen on it from day one, so peeling it off should make the screen like-new. A couple of scratches on the back, but nothing too bad.
  • $5 USD + shipping/fees.
  • E-mail fivetailforsale@gmail.com to reserve.
Apple x Samsung

Hi people :3 I want to buy a tablet so I can take it to school and download all the textbooks I’m using this semester and also write notes on it. Which model should I get though? iPad or Samsung??

Samsung: cheaper, can add extra memory, easier to sync with google drive, bigger (good thing)

iPad: faster, doesn’t lag as much, can’t add extra memory, annoying syncing, prettier, more accessories, heavier

What do you think? 

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Electricomics Is Now Live To Download On iPad

Electricomics Is Now Live To Download On iPad

Electricomics – now live on the iPad – hopefully on Android soon too! Download the iPad App HERE: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/electricomics/id1025920561 Electricomics is a digital comics reader app, which gives you free access to innovative digital comics by some of the best writers and artists in the business. You can read Red Horse by the mighty Garth Ennis. A moving story from World War…

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Electricomics Unleashed! | Electricomics
Not so much pushing the envelope of comicbook storytelling as folding it up to make a nice hat.

Tomorrow is here today! Alan and Leah Moore’s new app, Electricomics, was released this morning, with a few comics available for free. Additionally, resources will be available soon to make your own: 

Coming very soon, you will be able to go to and download the creator tool to your desktop PC or MAC. It lets you lay out, and package your own comics, and read them in the app. You can build Infinite Canvas comics, where the reader follows the story from panel to panel in whichever direction it leads. You can make Panel delivery comics, where you have control of the reading experience at panel level, every panel can be a reveal, and the page is fluid, changing.

There is, unfortunately, no central hub or hosting service for comics created using these resources. I’m sure one or two will pop up - I’ll certainly be making a few strips and sharing them here, and I invite others to do the same. 

The app is open source, and the reader is currently for iPad only. 


Inexpensive iPad Case & Keyboard Accessory Bundle

Your iPad is a trusted and essential tool for staying up-to-date on information, responding to emails, researching for work or school and much more. Take your productivity to the next level with this iPad Keyboard Case that converts your iPad into a laptop-like position for faster and more comfortable typing.

  • Bluetooth keyboard is light, fast, and built to improve your productivity
  • Case has an anodized finish that helps protect it from the elements
  • High quality stylus and screen protector helps keep your iPad scratch free
  • Case provides 2 viewing angles in both portrait and landscape modes
  • Smooth and accurate typing experience

Buy it here!

Easyacc Travel Cable Organizer Case with Handle for Electronics Accessories Wrap Bag/ Superior Protection Ultrabook Laptop Sleeve Bag Case for 8.9" 9.7" 10" 10.1" Inch Tablet, Such as Apple iPad air 2, Ipad 2/3/4, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1, tab A 9.7 - Black

Easyacc Travel Cable Organizer Case with Handle for Electronics Accessories Wrap Bag/ Superior Protection Ultrabook Laptop Sleeve Bag Case for 8.9″ 9.7″ 10″ 10.1″ Inch Tablet, Such as Apple iPad air 2, Ipad 2/¾, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1, tab A 9.7 – Black

Specification: – Environmentally-friendly and durable double-sided antiskid rubber, the prominent (salient) rubber particle can prevent items from slide and scratches. – The high intensity PE board can bear heavy strength and will not be easily bent. – The nylon cotton surface can better protect the small objects in the bag. Features: – The criss-cross rubber makes items in different sizes such…

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Here’s a short MediBang Paint Tablet - iPad time lapse video using a Wacom’s Bamboo Stylus Fineline.

MediBang Paint uses the cloud to let you move your art to your computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Get it for free here


by Snowman

** http://vidsher.com/pT/?id=950812012 **

Above the placid ivory snow lies a sleepy mountain village, brimming with the promise of adventure. “A piece of interactive art” – WIRED “Best of February 2015” and “15 Most Beautiful Games” - Apple “Already one of my favorite mobile games” – The Verge “Alto&ntion” – IGN “Alto’s Adventure for iOS may be the most beautiful endless runner you’ve ever played” – The Next Web “The visuals really are incredible” – TouchArcade “Magnificently designed” – T …

** http://vidsher.com/pT/?id=950812012 **