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ambirrdy-brittana  asked:

Prompt: high school teachers and the students ship them but only one of them knows what shipping is. (Idk if ur only taking prompts from Jenna, but they have been so good so far so I thought I'll give u one too :D)

Brittany loves her job at McKinley Arts. Really, she does.

But she doesn’t understand what’s up with her students lately. They’re always chattering and chittering before class, but now they actually stop when she comes into the room…without her having to ask them to.

She feels like something is up.

She asks the music teacher if she’s noticed anything weird while they both enjoy their off period in the teachers lounge together.

“Yeah actually… they’ve been weird. Sneaky.” Santana says.

“I don’t like this. Something is up. No one else seems to notice it.”

Brittany thinks, maybe just maybe, her students have something up their sleeve.

She pulls her favorite student aside one day.

“Jake, come here for a sec.”

The rest of the class glance at him as he trots over, his dance bag over his shoulder, towel around his neck.

“Yeah, Ms. Pierce?”

“I want you to spill. What’s going on with you guys lately?”

He blushes. Shit.


“Nope. Definitely something.”

She corners him into telling her, playing the favorite student card.

“Ok, just… some of us have noticed you talking to Ms. Lopez more these days. Since you broke up with that blonde dude with the weird voices.”

Ah. Brittany feels butterflies in her stomach.

She has been talking to Santana more.

In fact, it’s why she broke up with Sam in the first place.

She hasn’t been able to get a certain music teacher off her mind.

And when she sings, when she sings Brittany feels the earth rattle around her.

“I see. So why all the whispering?”

“Well…some of us think you… well, we actually think you two are cute.”

She blushes. Students shouldn’t be picking up on this.

“Do you think that’s really appropriate, Jake?”

“No. Not at all. But, have you seen how you look at her?”

“How could I see how I look at someone?”

“I don’t know, Ms. Pierce… you know us high school kids, we love gossip, and we love shipping things, people, couples on television.” He smiles a wry smile and Brittany shoves his shoulder.

“Get out of here, Puckerman.”

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crit-the-universe  asked:

First, let me say my wife and I LOVE your show. I can't believe it took me this long to discover it but luckily I happened to glance at an ad for it at my LGS and since then we've been hooked!!. I was in a serious gaming rut prior to that day! Anyways, 2 questions. 1. Do you have any good tabletop blogs you recommend? Ones that keep up with current news and rumors. 2. In your tabletop day video I am curious what you were drinking out of the tall tulip glass. (IPA I'm assuming).

I read Critical Hits and Gnome Stew, which are RPG blogs. If I want information about other Tabletop games, I always find what I’m looking for at Boardgame Geek.

Maybe someone reading this can PM you some suggestions for other gaming blogs.

Oh, and don’t forget r/boardgames. That’s a great community.