sara has some trouble committing to romantic relationships, often relationships that she enters will only last around two weeks to six months. although she really wants to be in a committed relationship, she struggles keeping them once she has it. mostly, this is because she has a habit of flirting with others as well as one or two instances of cheating. granted, those ones where she cheated were relationships she had little attachments to.

her longest relationship lasted around nine months, with an asari named enissa that seemed to understand that she struggled with committing completely. as asari do, she let sara take it slow as to ease her slowly into the relationship and it seemed to go pretty well. unfortunately, the revelation of her father’s AI research scared her away as she was afraid that she might get in trouble for dating the daughter of someone doing illegal research. it was quite shocking to her ( someone that she thought she could truly be with dumping her because of her father ) but with her getting blacklisted almost everywhere for being alec’s daughter from this point, sara understood the reason why. it doesn’t mean that it didn’t hurt.

in short, if you want to have a committed relationship with sara it is going to take patience and effort. she needs to know that you are willing to be by her side and support her through tough times. also – it’s probably best if you hold off on sleeping with her early on as she’s likely to jump ship and cut off the romantic attachment. it’s best to be genuine than flirty too or she won’t consider that you’re being serious.