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ok but if you're fat you're not healthy like it's that easy sorry I don't see why lance would go with someone unhealthy when he clearly cares about his body doing masks and training

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A) There is chubby people who is healthy and skinny/fit people who are unhealthy. E RIDAJE. 

B) The implications that:

- Hunk doesn’t train (??)

- Hunk can’t have muscles while it also has chub

- People who… take care of their skin don’t dare chubby people? what?

- Hunk/chubby people is not attractive

- Lance, who is also not drawn canonically that attractive by beauty standards either and who gets continually rejected by people, is somehow too attractive for Hunk who canonically had a fling. Hm, k.

C) I don’t know how much you’ve dated in your life but tendencially people don’t date based on HEALTHY LEVELS

D) Why am I not surprised your ip is from a country that doesn’t have medical help for everyone for free?

I’ll end up writing a Sheithunk just to spite all of u I feel it

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