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missing connections: ip anon m4m

things we know:

- he is most likely male
- a virgo
- good with computers
- is a sassy smart ass
- is confirmed to be an adult
- is shy
- does not live in arizona
- is mutuals with me


Steam Integration and Multiplayer set up!

This is a pretty big deal as this is the main pitch of our game, but we’ve successfully set up and tested multiplayer in two ways.

1. You can host a game, and also find your friends hosted games easily.

Before Jayden and I had to use our IPs to connect to each other, however thanks to being accepted into Steam we were able to integrated it where we can simply find each other’s Steam name in a list and easily join each other’s session. While this is pretty straightforward and can be done by anyone it’s not the best way to host a game as the host has to be online or else everyone gets booted. However, it’s great to play with a few friends if you are online at the same time and don’t want to be bothered setting up a dedicated server.

2. You can host a dedicated server either on your computer or via a hosting service like Digital Ocean. 

We moved away from our original plan to be a traditional mmo because those kinds of games die and go away if the developers can’t support the cost for servers. Our game will not be able to hold thousands of people, but to ensure its survival we’re setting it up so players can host their own servers either on their computers or using a hosting service like Digital Ocean. We tested our server version of the game on both a computer and a version that can be used with Digital Ocean and they both worked. 

We’ve only tested with two people but so far there has been little to no lag which is a good sign.

While that is all good news, there are still are quite a few bug fixes we need to do before we can show it off, however we’re getting there.

Thanks so much for your support! We could not have made it this far without you guys.

Pumpkin Online is a multiplayer, farming dating sim, currently being developed by a small indie company, Pumpkin Interactive. Feel free to check out our website for more information about our game.



Implied sex. If that isn’t your cup of tea I would suggest not reading.

“Are you sure no round two?” You asked, grabbing Cisco’s hands and linking your fingers together. He was trying to get out of bed and you were trying to keep him in bed, the comfortable place where you two could stay warm and cuddle and wouldn’t have to worry about villians or science.

“It is nine a.m, (y/n), we need to get up and make breakfast and get into work.“

Cisco took your arm and pulled you up out of the bed and you followed, almost juming with the force that Cisco used to pull on you. You trailed after him into the kitchen, still holding on to his hand.

“How do you want your eggs, babe?” you asked, going to the fridge and pulling our the yellow carton. Cisco went for the coffe first, going to make a pot. 

“With tobasco sauce.” He answered, turning around to give a small smile. 

“Scrambled it is,” You decided, turning the shove on and then moving behind Cisco, putting your arms around his waist as he put the grounds into the coffee machine.

“I love you.” You said, your head falling in between Cisco’s shoulder blades. His hand touched yours that were resting on his stomach. 

“I love you too.” You peeked over his shoulder to make sure nothing was in is other hand and when you saw there wasn’t, you took Cisco by the hips and sharply turned him around so he was facing you.

“You love me, huh?” Teasingly, you tucked a piece of hair behind Cisco’s ear and gently cupping his face. Cisco took you by the waist and pulled you up so your ips connected. This must’ve been your hundreth, thousandth kiss with Cisco. It never ceases to leave you wanting more.

“You do love me,” you managed to get out in between kisses. Cisco smiled and moved you so your back was against the counter rather than his. Although he took it a step further and picked you up to put you on the counter.

“And you love me,” Cisco said.

“Damn right.” 

“I guess I should just leave then.“

Cisco jumped back snad you jumped of the counter top, screeching, “Barry!”

The speedster looked so awkward, uncomfortable, and out of place in the kitchen. He had probably stayed the night at Iris’s place and was just coming home. Bad time for you and Cisco to start making out in the kitchen counter. Barry stood there, the jacket he was holding becoming a crutch for his wringing hands. You became suddenly aware that you weren’t wearing any pants and your underwear didn’t really leave anything to the imagination.

“Okay, this is totally awkward. I’m gonna change while Cisco starts on breakfast.“ You walked out of the kitchen and Barry couldn’t even look you in the eye as you walked passed him.

requested by: anonymous

There is no Kdin GTA headcanons, nor the OG B-Team of Jeremy, Matt, and Kdin running amuck in Los Santos.

Let’s change that.

It was just the three of them, Matt and Jeremy meeting at a gas station and just talking while having donuts and slurpees, and Matt lowkey mentioning that he has a friend that likes to hack into websites and change everything into a spelling error.

And thats basically how B-Team started.

I’m serious.

Jeremy was the muscle of the three, doing the dirty work of stealing and robbing. Kdin was the one who wiped the camera feeds and turn off the security alarms. Matt was a mix of the two, he is skilled in both ways, so it was really what is needed for the crime.

They become best friends, and even know what they’re doing is illegal, they take the bare minimum for survival. Just enought to eat and make rent and pay the electric bill. It was nice, just barely under the radar to not be seen as a threat, and they planned to keep it that way.

Until one night, at 5 am, prime bad idea making time, Jeremy bets that Kdin can’t mess with the best crew in the city.

Kdin isn’t one to step down from a bet that he could clearly win, brigs Jeremy and Matt to the rooftop of a building next to the penthouse, hacks into the crew’s secured WiFi (named “wi the fi you tryin’ ” by a meme obsessed Ray) and finds out that they use an app to control the lights, speakers, tvs, you name it.

So ten minutes later, and Kdin basically Rick Rolls the whole crew at 5 am, and boy was the crew pissed. The giant windows in the living room acted as a perfect screen to the madness and deafening of The Fake AH Crew.

And it goes on for three months.

Gavin doing his damnest to try to find an IP address, another person connected to the wifi, hell, even a firewall would of been promising, but they couldn’t find a single thing. Its a stroke of luck that Jack overhears some people talking about some kid in the city that hacked into some goverment organization’s files for the fun of it that they find Kdin.

So Michael, Geoff, and Gavin bust into the apartment where B-Team lived, and Kdin, sitting on the couch with his laptop, goes “about time you got here,” like that they wasted his time by being late to a coffee shop or something. The crew is furious, and is about to start either beating him up or yelling at him when Kdin speaks again: “you set off an alarm when you opened the door. The police are on their way.”

Kdin doesn’t look in the crew’s direction once during the onesided exchange. Police sirens are sounding through the thin walls of the apartment building and Geoff just growls in defeat, bested by a kid that couldn’t be older than Michael.

The three are forced to leave, Kdin smiles in satisfying victory, and Matt and Jeremy are in the other room laughing their fucking asses off.


Hey there! What you’re looking at here is a few stills of our lovely minecraft server, Marimocraft.

Recently the server restarted and we’ve been rushed to rebuild. So far we’ve made some pretty neat stuff! If you’re new to this, the server itself is a basic SMP (Survival multiplayer) server with its fair share of plugins such as mcMMO, factions, LWC, and much, much more. With 3 GB of RAM to go around lag shouldn’t be much of an issue, and you’re welcome to play anytime at all seeing as it’s up 24/7 with 25 player slots. All the admins and staff are fairly mature, and are determined to get rid of any nasty players who only contribute slurs and unruly behavior to the chat. If you’ve ever wanted to play minecraft in a fun friendly environment, then here is the place!

The server is running MC 1.7.4 and the IP to connect is .

If you plan to be a regular here I suggest you follow this blog and also track the #marimocraft tag. Thanks for giving this a read! We hope to see you there! ~Marimocraft staff


Hey everyone, I’m happy to tell you all that Marimocraft is open and ready for business! We’ve been working on this for a while now and finally it’s ready for more players. The server itself has about 3 GB RAM and room for 20 people. We feature over 20 plugins, including mcMMO, factions, silk spawners, LWC, logblock and many more. The server is up 24/7 so you can connect anytime! You can play minecraft fairly normally if you want to, but it’s recommended you join or make a faction to play in. (If you don’t know how, just ask and someone should explain it)

The server IP you connect with is

Thanks for reading this, and if you like the server I recommend following this blog. Have fun! ^u^

You Broke the Internet: The Internet’s Letter of Resignation

I am writing to inform you that I will be resigning from my job as the Internet, effective immediately.

I’ve greatly enjoyed my work for the last 45 years connecting IP networks around the world. (Did you know I’ve been in this position for almost half a century? I have! You can look it up! Oh. Wait. Sorry. You can’t.)

What prompted this decision? I would love to tell you that a number of factors went into my decision – but that wouldn’t be true. A number of factors did NOT go into my decision. There was just ONE factor.

Yes, I’m resigning because of Kim Kardashian’s ass.

You should know that it’s not the nudity that bothers me. I’m the Internet! I love nudity! But, enough is enough. I thought it would die down. I waited 15 minutes. Nothing. Then, 15 hours. Nothing. Days have passed! But – still – they talk. And so, I made my decision. 

What is the expression? “Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true”? (By the way, the next time you want to check a quote, you’re going to have to run into the library.) Be careful, indeed. I’m breaking myself. I quit.

In about an hour, I’m headed to the airport. I’m going on vacation. I want to go somewhere warm and sit on a beach and drink Piña Coladas. I just need to book my ticket. Actually, the last thing I’m going to do is buy a plane ticket! And then I quit!

When I’m back from vacation, I might open an Esty shop…. Oh, right. Never mind. Well, a food cart. I can open a food cart. I know about a zillion recipes. 

Thanks for everything. If you need to reach me, please use snail mail.


The Internet

anonymous asked:

your tracker thing makes me crazy uncomfortable... like you can see where i live??? and what i'm using?? and how long i was here??? why???

Literally everytime you visit a website you give them your IP address, location**, Internet service provider, computer type, etc.

**It isn’t your exact location but where your IP address connects to your service provider (eg. comcast), so if comcast is located in an office building 20 miles from me thats where it says my internet is coming from.

**Some websites can request to use your phones GPS which you have to give specific access to (by pressing allow on the screen) and it will show your exact location