• Modranicht
  • Iowaska
  • Vine Of Souls

I’ve been to a lot of weird shows.  However, one that sticks out in my mind for being stranger than most was seeing Iowaska during their (only?) tour of the United States back around 2001 or 2002.  My friend Allison was really into them so I saw them at all three of their Bay Area dates one of which was at some type of highly peculiar Pagan grindcore show at the Burnt Ramen.  The things that I distinctly remember were: people were peeing in the middle of the floor early on (like before anybody had even played),  the first band featured people with a lot of face tattoos that were encouraging members of the audience to drink from a mysterious wine skin that they were referring to as “the flask of fertility”, and at some point in the night there was fire dancing and trash can drumming.  In addition to all this,  Iowaska played their super psychedelic, space rock, punk set and sounded pretty good.  I found out years later that when they played down in LA, they stayed with some friends of mine and just sat around all day and did a ton of speed (which might explain why I never heard about the band again).  Anyways, this track, “Mondranicht” opens up their (to my knowledge) only record and gives you a good feel for just how far out and psychedelic their sound was.  Also, try to picture this music being played by four people with the longest dreadlocks you’ve ever seen (seriously, their bass player was probably 6'4" and his dreads hit the backs of his thighs).