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2017 Top Games of the Week Recap: Week 4

Week 4 had a lot of upset potential, though most of it didn’t end up happening unfortunately. Still, we learned a lot about many teams. Let’s recap!


Top Ten Games of the Week

10. Texas A&M 50-Arkansas 43

I don’t know what kind of deal Kevin Sumlin made with the dark forces to beat Arkansas in overtime every year, but it’s pretty hilarious. There’s not much to be said here, it’s not a referendum on either team, but it might have bought Sumlin some more time while making Bret Bielema’s tenure all the more tenuous.

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First off - way to go Hawks!  Iowa Hawkeyes are bowl eligible after beating Purdue today 38-14.

It was such a perfect day in KC - sunny and almost hit 70 degrees and it’s November 9!!!  I got out and tried a new running route that I think will become one of my main routes this summer to really get some good distance.  Nice wide newer sidewalks for most of it and as flat as I’m going to find in KC. 

5:08 miles / 44:31 / 8:45 pace

During my run I began to think about my 2014 race planning.  I have the Rock The Parkway half in April and then the BTN Big 10K in July.  I’m debating on whether to focus on running half’s and 10K's this year and a marathon next year or just bite the bullet and sign up for a full this year as well.

Question:  Did you jump in head first into your first marathon or build a running base of smaller distance races first?