==> Socoro: Be productive

==> Sleeping and chatting to wrigglers online can only occupy you for so long.

==> You can’t actually remember where you are. Your memories of arrival are fuzzy at best, and since then you’ve only ventured out far enough to establish that it’s very large.

==> But you’re sick of eating noodles.

==> So you gather up the borrowed computer and venture out into the corridors.


Is anyone out here?

==> You don’t exactly get lost.

==> You know how to get back to the room where you started, honest.

==> It’s just everywhere else that you’ve misplaced.

==> You just keep wandering more or less at random.

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oh man I like know the first four there…
hey guys hows it hangin’ how have you all been…

last two though nice to meet you I guess.
mind telling me who the hell you are?
and if you guys have anything involving psychic voodoo save for psiionics get the hell out of here please I’m not fucking around with that shit again. 

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“Greetings to you. I am Loki, of Asgard. What troubles you to come and see me here today?”

==> Socoro: Wake up

==> You’re alone by the time you regain any semblance of consciousness.

==> Time has passed without you, slipping past while you struggled beneath the surface of feverish dreams.

==> The first sensation that returns is of heat; stifling, choking heat.

==> The spacesuit is smothering you, trapping your bodyheat and feeding the fever.

==> You push yourself up against the wall and struggle out of the heavy garment.

==> There’s nowhere obviously to put it, so you just bundle it up and take it with you.

==> The layout of the ship is unfamiliar, but you let your subconscious guide you back to the bridge, seeking someone, anyone.

==> You need someone to confirm that you’re alive and awake, not just dreaming again.


Is anyone in here?