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Honestly y'all get your shit together. I mean no harm or anything but suddenly giving the whole of Sherlock a bad name mainly because your otp isn’t canon is childish beyond words.

I personally loved the episode and am still at a loss for words, this was unexpected and very, very great.

As straight as possible

Destiel, college AU, roughly 1000 words. Based on that “straight guy worries he’s homophobic” article, you know the one. - I want to make clear that I don’t find homophobia funny, romantic or inspiring. It needs to stop. But that story was just too amazing not to re-use. (Even though this has probably already been done about 498,723 times.)

It is a quiet Sunday in autumn. A couple of tiny birds are picking seeds from the last hollyhocks in front of the window, the weather is chilly and fog has gathered in the streets, the living-room table is littered with textbooks, Jess is taking notes with a mug of steaming peppermint tea in front of her; and nothing has prepared Sam Winchester for this question.

“I’m – I’m sorry, can you say that again? The connection’s a bit unstable.”

He can hear his brother swallow hard at the other end of the line.

“Am I homophobic, Sammy?”

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