iou a queue

Oh God, was I expecting this today?


I was going through amazon to check how much season two of supernatural would cost and I look over to the cart and see that there’s already an item in the basket, 

because I'm nosy, 

I click on it to see what my mum is planning to by,

and low and behold,

it’s season two of supernatural! 

Now this is something special, because she watches a lot of shows with me yet I always have to ask her to buy the next season … she’s never, not once … gone and thought about buying it herself.

She’s really a part of this fandom and it’s killing me(in a good way), she’s also gotten to that stage where she’ll yell at the screen if Sam and Dean and doing something stupid and she says their names confidently. :) 

(note: she gets paid today … so hopefully she’s gonna buy it!)