Many of you know Io the Corgi and his amazing Corgis Begging for Stuff. This is my homage to Io.

Mum was making green beans and I went to investigate. This is the result. At this point I would like to address Io directly.

Io… HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?!?  I never even came CLOSE to the green bean! I have a new found respect for what you do!


holy. cannoli.

like seriously. we are here like “AGAIN?” “EVEN MORE??”

we are so overwhelmed by all these gifts, i don’t even know how to feel about it anymore.

we’ve been getting so many things, that emi and helix havent even tried or played with everything yet! (honestly, im holding out too, i dont want like 10 different bags of treats all open) 

today we got THREE MORE PACKAGES! from Io, Sawyer, and Ralph! seriously. the sweetest. Io and Ralph actually ended up sending the same thing, which is not a problem as I could use all the cookie cutters in the world! the frisbee things are pretty interesting too! i wonder how we will even get the dogs to catch them… 

i really hope there isnt anymore.. i dont know how much more our little hearts can take D: you guys have done so so much already, like srsly. we feel undeserving of everything.. but you guys really made our “belated christmas” incredibly memorable :) 

Ohhh, he does nibble at them. You can kind of tell in those pictures that his Cutie box has nibbled corners, as well as his concombre box pictures! He is a sweetheart 95% of the time! The other 5% is ripping up his potty pads that we use as a food mat when we’re gone, running away with our socks, and the occasional box nibbling.

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said: IT WAS HER

it was!!! we didn’t know, we were hoping. she is the corg that anne initially thought would be for us, but didn’t want to set anything in stone because the testing still had to be done. but OMG SO EXCITE!! like, super duper, mega, ultra EXCITE!

gertythecorgi said:ERMAHGERD PUPPEHHHHH!! Love the name. Scott Pilgrim forever <3

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! YOU WIN THE INTERNET!!! a number of people don’t quite get it? or are like ‘ew, why name a ladycorg that?’ um, hello?!?! because it’s awesome. KNIVES 4EVA!


said:What a pretty little face!

yes, she is excellent in the face having department! just like her big brofur!


said: Miss Knives is ADORABLE!! She looks like a red panda!

omg, she kind of does!


said: I had hoped it would be this one because of the cool white on her nose! Super cuteeee

haha yes! emmathebean‘s corgmahm had been referring to her as THE NOSE until we knew which corg was ours, and such. v. cute.


said:yaaaaaaaaay!!! perfect name!

spanks! we love it too, machete &  knives, it works!


said: Yay it’s the year of puppies for dogblurs! I still have 7 weeks till our new baby comes home :(

it will go by so quick but feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOOOOONGGGGGGGGGG!!! i know, we only have 3 weeks and 1 day left but it’s like OMG FOREVER AND EVER!!!


said: She is ADORABLE! I can’t wait to see the shenanigans she and Machete get into. More corgi puppehs!!!

thank you! we’re so excited for them to meet.  machete has been with us back to the breeder for our visits, and he’s going with us on our next visit next weekend, but he hasn’t met puppies yet. he’s so good with puppies, though, so we’re very excited!


said: LOOK AT THAT SWEET CORGLADY. SO excited for you guys!

spanks! LADYCORGTIME !!!

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Who is your favorite fictional character? Um.  Just one?  Let’s see… For video games, Erana or Aziza from quest for glory… For a book by a male author, nearly every discworld character…whichever discworld book I’ve read most recently affects which character I’d pick for just one… Maybe Granny Weatherwax?  Or Susan Death?  Um.  Yeah, Terry Pratchett is great.  For a book by a female author, Aerin Fire-hair from The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley.  For a comic character, probably Digger, from the comic by the same name, by Ursula Vernon.

What is your favorite TV show? Um.  I really liked atla, mythbusters, and mighty max.  But I don’t typically watch television these days.  If I am watching anything, it’s either being streamed, or on dvd.

Favorite beverages? Tea!

Favorite food? This changes so much, but… vegetarian yaki soba, black pepper potato chips, and Thai or Indian curry as all favorite.  Also cinnamon flavored oatmeal with fruit in.  Variety is important, tho.

Last movie you saw in the cinema: Um. Um… Gardians of the Galaxy, I think?  I don’t go to the movies much either.

Where do you want to go on holiday: Some place that has interesting zoos or museums.

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