holy. cannoli.

like seriously. we are here like “AGAIN?” “EVEN MORE??”

we are so overwhelmed by all these gifts, i don’t even know how to feel about it anymore.

we’ve been getting so many things, that emi and helix havent even tried or played with everything yet! (honestly, im holding out too, i dont want like 10 different bags of treats all open) 

today we got THREE MORE PACKAGES! from Io, Sawyer, and Ralph! seriously. the sweetest. Io and Ralph actually ended up sending the same thing, which is not a problem as I could use all the cookie cutters in the world! the frisbee things are pretty interesting too! i wonder how we will even get the dogs to catch them… 

i really hope there isnt anymore.. i dont know how much more our little hearts can take D: you guys have done so so much already, like srsly. we feel undeserving of everything.. but you guys really made our “belated christmas” incredibly memorable :) 

Ohhh, he does nibble at them. You can kind of tell in those pictures that his Cutie box has nibbled corners, as well as his concombre box pictures! He is a sweetheart 95% of the time! The other 5% is ripping up his potty pads that we use as a food mat when we’re gone, running away with our socks, and the occasional box nibbling.