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This, this right here, is why I love science. And it’s why I love Richard Feynman. In this video, Feynman quotes a poet, but he’s the true poet. Listen to him wax poetic and scientific about a simple glass of wine.  I’ll never just mindlessly pour a glass ever again. 


When Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact!

This week’s episode of IOTBS is hot and fresh out the science kitchen! I ask why some science fiction is so good at predicting actual science.

From Ray Bradbury to Isaac Asimov to Arthur C. Clarke to Robert Heinlein to Mark Twain to Hugo Gernsback to Philip K. Dick … and of course the “Father of Tomorrow” H.G. Wells, what makes these writers so good at predicting the actual course of innovation and research? Are they Time Lords or something?

This was a super fun episode to make. You’ll get to see me in Asimov-esque sideburns and bolo tie, which I think is a good look for me and I might just try it out. Also, new intro!!!

Questions for you: Did I miss your favorite sci-fi science predictions? Which ones? And what sets these authors apart in their predictive power?

This week’s video is a big H.G. Wells-themed PBS collaboration party. Also check out PBS Idea Channel where Mike looks at War of the Worlds and asks “What is Fiction?”:

Also check out this special Wells-inspired short from PBSDS and James W. Griffiths, A Solitary World, a haunting and beautiful trek through Iceland, joined by words from Wells himself:


Joe’s new episode of It’s Okay To Be Smart got me all choked up. I am always full of goosebumps and a few tears when I think about the absolutely unbelievable fact that we have sent people to space and we continue to explore as far out as we do, mostly for the sake of curiosity. 


NEW SHOW FROM PBS DIGITAL STUDIOS! So make sure you tell everyone and their mom(s).

There’s now more than 7 billion human beings on Earth, and that got me wondering: How successful are we compared to other species? I take a look at out how our numbers stack up to some other domains of life. It turns out that biomass, or what things weigh, can be more important than how many of something there are. Find out how our numbers stack up against everything from bugs to bacteria, and get ready for some mind-blowing numbers!

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It’s Okay To Be Smart. Also okay? Making a fool of yourself with a blooper reel. 

“Hoooman. Hooman. WHAT IS GOING ON. This is really awkward. There is grandeur in this way of YouTube life.”

There’s more spitting involved in making a YouTube series than I ever thought there would be. And voguing.