iota art


Sorry this took me like 500 years but I finally found time to draw so here they are!


  • sleeps 16 hours a day
  • likesto sleep on people
  • is a dude bro


  • very bad at lying like he gets all sweaty 
  • wears fake glasses just cause
  • main person sigma* goes to to sleep on


  • tries to be supportive but just ends up annoying everyone
  • pretends to be badass but is a huge softie
  • likes to nap with sigma* from time to time


  • your average angsty teen
  • wants to pain his room black
  • pretends to listen to punk metal but really loves adele 


  • an idiot
  • cuts his own hair
  • wears big sweaters

anti-iota and anti-eta

  • very very close to each other
  • like super dependent 
  • very quite they don’t talk
  • they don’t have to talk to each other cause they can kinda read each others minds
  • always holding hands

But did you see them in the latest GFH episode?? I yelled so loud when my boys came on!! Also lil Eta and Iota with big bro Delta sooooo cute ;U;!!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

With the swooping sensation of stepping over a cliff edge, Church plunged into the Meta.

Also much like walking off a cliff, the immediate follow up sensation was agony. Utter fucking agony, mind blowing and hideous. Church thought he’d been familiar with pain; he thought death by tank shell and being blown up from the inside had taught him everything worth knowing about hurt. The Meta made those experiences laughable, trivial by comparison. Church’s entire awareness was subsumed by drowning in fire, being crushed by screams, thrashing desperately in a maelstrom with no beginning or end.

Alpha Alpha ALPHA alpha Alpha AlPhA ALPHA

“Wha-AAARG! What the fuck! How is this worse than the-the goddamn dumpster fire I just left!?”

Part 1 of my Big Bang art for @aryashi‘s wonderful fic, The Plan Sucked, We’re Changing It (x)! She’s an amazing writer and an even more amazing person, y’all should definitely go check her work out!

A redraw of a really old thing!! (Seriously, a redraw of like my second ever drawing digitally.) I was feeling nostalgic, I guess, about old Splatoon things hahah…

I remember I had no idea how to make it look dark or the colors look all glowy back then… If you really want to dig through my art or Splatoon tag to find the old drawing then be my guest. X’D

[Hikari belongs to @rose-titania!]