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Ghost Trick is easily my favourite game ever! There's an iOS port of it too! :) Be careful looking up info on it though, because the game is one plot twist after another and it's easy to get spoilered!

Oh an ios port might be what I veer to since I tend to have my phone on hand more often than I do my DS when I need a good puzzle or two to get me through the day :) thanks for the warning on looking up info on it!


  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:the world ends with you came out 8 years ago with an iOS port that came out 3 years ago that contained a teaser image that heavily hinted at an eventual sequel but there has been absolutely no shred of follow up info since then
The Signs As TWEWY Fandom Memes
  • Aries: The ‘Shiki doesn’t know what a meme is. Lul.’ meme.
  • Taurus: Various Sho Minamimoto Quotes
  • Gemini: Super Jesus Beams
  • Cancer: IOS Port Countdown
  • Leo: Chicken Nuggets
  • Virgo: I Need More Candy Canes
  • Libra: Most of Another Day
  • Scorpio: Business Wednesdays
  • Sagittarius: Joshua Trips
  • Capricorn: Joshua’s Ass
  • Aquarius: Neku’s Tampon
  • Pisces: The Sequel

Man, look at those Ace Attorney “Reflect Charms,” they’re huge ⊟

Man, I thought these things were, like phone charm size! This is a very chunky Phoenix. I LOVE it.

Too bad it’s only available as a bonus with online purchases of Wright Selection 123.

I really don’t want a 3DS port of the iOS ports of Ace Attorney games, that wouldn’t even work with my 3DS – even if it meant I’d have one of these guys (or a little pixel Godot or Franziska). But I’d probably buy the whole thing if it were released stateside, Reflect Charms intact.

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For those that don’t know, Aika Yoshioka (the singer for majority of the Hakuouki themes) released her latest album just a few days ago titled “ことの葉の空へ” (Kotonoha no Sora e). It contains songs for the game’s Vita ports (ex: Zuisouroku and Reimeiroku), SSL, IOS & Android port, etc.


  • 01.桜の轍 (OP Theme for PS Vita port of the original game)
  • 02.星篝り (OP Theme for PS Vita port of Reimeiroku)
  • 03.星と真珠と夢と (ED Theme for PS Vita port of Zuisouroku)   
  • 04.風光る結晶 (OP Theme for PS Vita port of Zuisouroku)
  • 05.なりたい私に
  • 06.予感 (OP Theme for SSL ~Sweet school life~)
  • 07.水彩グラデーション (ED Theme for SSL ~Sweet school life~)
  • 08.蒼穹ノ旗 (ED Theme for the 2nd Movie)
  • 09.紅ノ絲 (ED Theme for the 1st Movie) 
  • 10.蒼き隼が如く(OP Theme for the spin-off title)
  • 11.白き誓い (OP Theme for the IOS & Android port)
  • 12.優しさの隣で (ED Theme for the IOS & Android port) 
  • 13.おかえり 

For those that love Hakuouki or need something new, it’s definitely worth checking because she’s really talented (✿´‿`). For some of her older songs, check both of her Aika’s Best albums. I’m not sure if this is on itunes internationally, but her older songs like Izayoi Namida & Maikaze are (at least for me in Canada)

So please support her! Also her newest song next month for the Shinkai game!!


I remember being on Tumblr when XIII-2’s soundtrack was released. Within the hour, people were expressing their outrage over the song “Crazy Chocobo.” Like, people got more angry over this one song than they did over Theatrhythm’s excessive DLC, the X-2.5 novella, and VI’s awful iOS port combined. I’m pretty sure it was described as “the death of Final Fantasy” more than once, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if someone had sacrificed themself to bring about the return of Ultima Uematsu.

And then it sort of… gradually ascended to meme status.


Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ to appear in next Famitsu Weekly, new screenshots & information to be released

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, the iOS & Android port of Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] will be featured in this week’s issue of Famitsu Weekly magazine. The preview from reveals that brand new screenshots will be included, we are almost certain to get a press release of these soon after and when we do we’ll let you know. The article will also contain new information about the medals which are replacing Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]’s cards in the iOS & Android version. You can view a preview of this article above.

Five ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Platforms

I honestly do not get enough time to read through choose your own adventure stories. However, I might free up some time for these platforms that host and help you create your own CYOAs.


One of the more popular platforms for creating.Twine has been recommended from several established writers in the CYOA genre noting its ease of use and large user base.


Dendrite has a minimalistic interface and a heaping repository of stories, some with several thousand pages.  Also, clever logo and name, right? 


More of a programing-like interface that is aimed towards creating and hosting text-based adventures of yore like Zork. Avoid the Grues here.  


Another coding program. The work that comes out of this can be extremely polished with deep story trees. Graphics and animations can be found throughout many of the works created here. The app-game 80 Days was made using this program and then ported onto IOS and Android. 


Storium came out of a monumentally successful kickstarter and has been in beta, gathering stories, ever since. Its a platform that focuses more on collaborative storytelling, so when you choose your own path, you literally write out what happens and people in your group can respond to it. 

999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors hits iOS March 17

The English version of 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors on iOS will be available worldwide on March 17, publisher Aksys Games announced today on its Facebook page.

Developer Spike Chunsoft launched the Japanese-language iOS port of the game, which was originally released in December 2009 on Nintendo DS in Japan, last May. Known as 999: The Visual Novel, the mobile version lacks the puzzles that were present in the original DS title; it plays out as a visual novel, with speech bubbles like the ones in comic books instead of pages to turn.

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