• what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: the world ends with you came out 8 years ago with an iOS port that came out 3 years ago that contained a teaser image that heavily hinted at an eventual sequel but there has been absolutely no shred of follow up info since then
The Signs As TWEWY Fandom Memes
  • Aries: The ‘Shiki doesn’t know what a meme is. Lul.’ meme.
  • Taurus: Various Sho Minamimoto Quotes
  • Gemini: Super Jesus Beams
  • Cancer: IOS Port Countdown
  • Leo: Chicken Nuggets
  • Virgo: I Need More Candy Canes
  • Libra: Most of Another Day
  • Scorpio: Business Wednesdays
  • Sagittarius: Joshua Trips
  • Capricorn: Joshua’s Ass
  • Aquarius: Neku’s Tampon
  • Pisces: The Sequel
Apollo Justice HD launched in Japan; launch trailer

If you’re in the States (or other English-speaking countries) there’s still a day or two to go, but Capcom has just launched the iOS HD port of AA4 in Japan! … &ls=1&mt=8

You can also see a trailer for the game, complete with (arguably unnecessary, but oh well) subs:

(PS: Hey, the OC Contest 2016 will be launching soon! Keep your eyes peeled…)

The first demo for Hocus Pocus Prince is out at!

This demo (Version 0.5) is for Windows, Mac, and Linux and contains the entire prologue of the game. Later, we will release a second demo that previews the first chapter for each path and includes mobile (Android/iOS) ports.

We appreciate your feedback, so please let us know what you think here, on the LSF forums, or by email. Here are some optional questions to get you started:

  • What did you like about the demo?
  • What did you dislike or think could be improved? Did you find any bugs or typos?
  • Which of the three character routes would you be interested in purchasing?
  • Any other expectations or wishes for the full game?

Thanks for your input, and we hope you enjoy Hocus Pocus Prince!


Man, look at those Ace Attorney “Reflect Charms,” they’re huge ⊟

Man, I thought these things were, like phone charm size! This is a very chunky Phoenix. I LOVE it.

Too bad it’s only available as a bonus with online purchases of Wright Selection 123.

I really don’t want a 3DS port of the iOS ports of Ace Attorney games, that wouldn’t even work with my 3DS – even if it meant I’d have one of these guys (or a little pixel Godot or Franziska). But I’d probably buy the whole thing if it were released stateside, Reflect Charms intact.

BUY Ace Attorney games, upcoming releases

I remember being on Tumblr when XIII-2’s soundtrack was released. Within the hour, people were expressing their outrage over the song “Crazy Chocobo.” Like, people got more angry over this one song than they did over Theatrhythm’s excessive DLC, the X-2.5 novella, and VI’s awful iOS port combined. I’m pretty sure it was described as “the death of Final Fantasy” more than once, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if someone had sacrificed themself to bring about the return of Ultima Uematsu.

And then it sort of… gradually ascended to meme status.


Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ to appear in next Famitsu Weekly, new screenshots & information to be released

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, the iOS & Android port of Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] will be featured in this week’s issue of Famitsu Weekly magazine. The preview from reveals that brand new screenshots will be included, we are almost certain to get a press release of these soon after and when we do we’ll let you know. The article will also contain new information about the medals which are replacing Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]’s cards in the iOS & Android version. You can view a preview of this article above.

999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors hits iOS March 17

The English version of 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors on iOS will be available worldwide on March 17, publisher Aksys Games announced today on its Facebook page.

Developer Spike Chunsoft launched the Japanese-language iOS port of the game, which was originally released in December 2009 on Nintendo DS in Japan, last May. Known as 999: The Visual Novel, the mobile version lacks the puzzles that were present in the original DS title; it plays out as a visual novel, with speech bubbles like the ones in comic books instead of pages to turn.

(Link to the full story)

Capcom pulls Ghost Trick from iOS, promises to return it once it's fixed

The iOS port of Capcom’s under-appreciated paranormal adventure game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective has been removed from the iTunes App Store — and removed from player’s purchase histories, meaning they can’t redownload the game if they delete it. But Capcom says the removal of Ghost Trick for iOS is temporary and the game will be coming back.

Ghost Trick’s removal from players’ purchase histories was reported by Touch Arcade earlier this week. The iOS version of the game has had compatibility problems before, leading Capcom to pull the game and update it to support iOS 8. It sounds like Capcom is updating the game once again, based on a statement provided to Polygon.

“Capcom has removed Ghost Trick from the iOS App Store while we make some important fixes,” a representative for Capcom said in an email. “We hope to have the game back up and available for purchase soon. Users who have purchased the game will be able to re-download it once fixes have been made.”

Ghost Trick isn’t the only iOS game from a major publisher to be sidelined recently. 2K Games’ release of BioShock for iOS was temporarily pulled from the App Store, citing incompatibility with Apple’s mobile operating system.

iOS incompatibility is also a problem for another Capcom game: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Capcom says it has no plans to update the action role-playing game to support iOS 9.

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