Apollo Justice HD launched in Japan; launch trailer

If you’re in the States (or other English-speaking countries) there’s still a day or two to go, but Capcom has just launched the iOS HD port of AA4 in Japan! … &ls=1&mt=8

You can also see a trailer for the game, complete with (arguably unnecessary, but oh well) subs:

(PS: Hey, the OC Contest 2016 will be launching soon! Keep your eyes peeled…)

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The World Ends With You

A game whose central combat mechanisms were entirely dependent on the coexistence of the touchscreen with the top screen and face buttons

The Signs As TWEWY Fandom Memes
  • Aries: The ‘Shiki doesn’t know what a meme is. Lul.’ meme.
  • Taurus: Various Sho Minamimoto Quotes
  • Gemini: Super Jesus Beams
  • Cancer: IOS Port Countdown
  • Leo: Chicken Nuggets
  • Virgo: I Need More Candy Canes
  • Libra: Most of Another Day
  • Scorpio: Business Wednesdays
  • Sagittarius: Joshua Trips
  • Capricorn: Joshua’s Ass
  • Aquarius: Neku’s Tampon
  • Pisces: The Sequel

For those that don’t know, Aika Yoshioka (the singer for majority of the Hakuouki themes) released her latest album just a few days ago titled “ことの葉の空へ” (Kotonoha no Sora e). It contains songs for the game’s Vita ports (ex: Zuisouroku and Reimeiroku), SSL, IOS & Android port, etc.


  • 01.桜の轍 (OP Theme for PS Vita port of the original game)
  • 02.星篝り (OP Theme for PS Vita port of Reimeiroku)
  • 03.星と真珠と夢と (ED Theme for PS Vita port of Zuisouroku)   
  • 04.風光る結晶 (OP Theme for PS Vita port of Zuisouroku)
  • 05.なりたい私に
  • 06.予感 (OP Theme for SSL ~Sweet school life~)
  • 07.水彩グラデーション (ED Theme for SSL ~Sweet school life~)
  • 08.蒼穹ノ旗 (ED Theme for the 2nd Movie)
  • 09.紅ノ絲 (ED Theme for the 1st Movie) 
  • 10.蒼き隼が如く(OP Theme for the spin-off title)
  • 11.白き誓い (OP Theme for the IOS & Android port)
  • 12.優しさの隣で (ED Theme for the IOS & Android port) 
  • 13.おかえり 

For those that love Hakuouki or need something new, it’s definitely worth checking because she’s really talented (✿´‿`). For some of her older songs, check both of her Aika’s Best albums. I’m not sure if this is on itunes internationally, but her older songs like Izayoi Namida & Maikaze are (at least for me in Canada)

So please support her! Also her newest song next month for the Shinkai game!!

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: the world ends with you came out 8 years ago with an iOS port that came out 3 years ago that contained a teaser image that heavily hinted at an eventual sequel but there has been absolutely no shred of follow up info since then