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This section of the hold reeks of salt, rotting ropes and stale piss. Crammed as they are into a space much too small for six adult men, Damen and his crew alternately grit their teeth and curse through the battle. Damen meets the grim eyes of every one of his men in turn, silently sharing with them the feeling of being so helplessly, infuriatingly passive, unable to do anything to affect the ship’s movements or the fight’s outcome. Unable to do anything at all except wonder if the next ball to splinter its way through the hull will take one of them with it, or allow seawater to come flooding into the cage of the brig.

When it’s finally over, Damen feels weak and almost sick from the endless wash of it over his nerves, like a high note just off-key, held and held and never allowed to sag back into tune. Physically, they came through it well. Pallas has a jagged scratch on his arm and Damen’s own ankle aches from one of the more sudden rolls, but that’s the worst of it. The din of sea battle is stripped back to the normal wooden groans of a ship and the faint slosh of waves, and the tense quiet in place of huzzahs indicates that His Majesty’s vessel the Charity has come off second best in this engagement.

“What will happen to us?” asks Pallas. Of them all, he’s newest to the life; he’s never been taken prisoner before.

“That depends who it is, doesn’t it?” says Nikandros shortly.

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Update: Corpse Party 2: DEAD PATIENT Will Have a Reboot With More History and New Graphics

(This article was originally in Spainish so the translate isn’t perfect, apologies.)
{Original Article: }
The sequel to Corpse Party Was launched in 2013.

The Twitter account of a Corpse Party 2 developer from GrindHouse has announced that the first episode of the game will have a PC reboot titled Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Neues.

The first episode will arrive in July, and those who already have the original game will be able to upgrade to the reboot version for free.
The rebuilt version will feature additions to the story, new images, and will run the new engine “KENIX Engine NEUES”.

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Progress Update:

i’m currently working on aligning all the UV’s together so the game looks neat. This is very time consuming and I only just learned how to do this. Without this ugly UV Grid, Bright Moon Cottage will look very nice, all pixel perfectly aligned. I will procede to do the same for Pit & Temple and will start recreating Kyoto.

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At this point you should wonder if they even read criticism from old timers like us. They almost erased persona 2 and classic SMT from existance (they have an official, fully translated port on ios and refuse to release it anywhere else. P2: IS on psp received near zero advertising, sold poorly in the west and they haven't finished the job with the duology, AGAIN.). They're treating the classics like Capcom treats Mega Man: only an old cashcow to sell merchandising and unrelated DLC elsewhere

They aren’t. I’m sure if someone from Atlus Japan read Identity Crisis (0% chance this happened), their reaction wouldn’t be “oh shit, we’ve fucked up so hard” or even something spiteful like “delicious kaneko-era fan tears.” They’d just shrug their shoulders and say “well, the newer games are outselling those of the previous era by a large margin.”

I’m a dumb person who likes to collect plastic crudely shaped into things I know and I’m hyped to be able to buy more merchandise of that vein. But the reality deflates even my earnest materialism when the figures produced in the mainstream collector’s Figma line are Pixie, Angel, and Mara: “sexy” girls and a big joke. No Belial, no Lucifuge, no Zaou Gongen; neat designs, but they have no obvious sex appeal. That says a lot about who buys those figures and the makeup of the general SMT demographic. If it continues I could see them producing a Lucifer since it’s, well, Lucifer.

There’s not much we can do. I tweet passive-aggressive garbage at the @megaten_atlus account but the only effect it really has is personal catharsis. These days not having personal input from or communication with creators seems so old-fashioned, but it may take a decade or more for most Japanese companies to get with the times. So just join me in listening to Everyday is Halloween by Ministry on loop and pay attention to what Soren and I might be doing in the future.

Apollo Justice HD launched in Japan; launch trailer

If you’re in the States (or other English-speaking countries) there’s still a day or two to go, but Capcom has just launched the iOS HD port of AA4 in Japan! … &ls=1&mt=8

You can also see a trailer for the game, complete with (arguably unnecessary, but oh well) subs:

(PS: Hey, the OC Contest 2016 will be launching soon! Keep your eyes peeled…)

So I decided I liked the look of FF6 iOS better than the GBA vers (I always go back and forth on this -_-), so I decide imma wait til it eventually goes on sale on Black Friday and get it then, so I’d play FF5 on the GBA, since I think it looks better than the iOS port of it, so I’m happily playing along in the Wind Shrine Tower or whatever, and the game freezes mid battle. Thinking maybe that’s why I got the games so cheap, and maybe I should just play it on emulator -_-.

So yeah, trying again to get into FF with 5, 6, and 7 (also waiting til Black Friday to get it on PS4).

The Signs As TWEWY Fandom Memes
  • Aries: The ‘Shiki doesn’t know what a meme is. Lul.’ meme.
  • Taurus: Various Sho Minamimoto Quotes
  • Gemini: Super Jesus Beams
  • Cancer: IOS Port Countdown
  • Leo: Chicken Nuggets
  • Virgo: I Need More Candy Canes
  • Libra: Most of Another Day
  • Scorpio: Business Wednesdays
  • Sagittarius: Joshua Trips
  • Capricorn: Joshua’s Ass
  • Aquarius: Neku’s Tampon
  • Pisces: The Sequel

For those that don’t know, Aika Yoshioka (the singer for majority of the Hakuouki themes) released her latest album just a few days ago titled “ことの葉の空へ” (Kotonoha no Sora e). It contains songs for the game’s Vita ports (ex: Zuisouroku and Reimeiroku), SSL, IOS & Android port, etc.


  • 01.桜の轍 (OP Theme for PS Vita port of the original game)
  • 02.星篝り (OP Theme for PS Vita port of Reimeiroku)
  • 03.星と真珠と夢と (ED Theme for PS Vita port of Zuisouroku)   
  • 04.風光る結晶 (OP Theme for PS Vita port of Zuisouroku)
  • 05.なりたい私に
  • 06.予感 (OP Theme for SSL ~Sweet school life~)
  • 07.水彩グラデーション (ED Theme for SSL ~Sweet school life~)
  • 08.蒼穹ノ旗 (ED Theme for the 2nd Movie)
  • 09.紅ノ絲 (ED Theme for the 1st Movie) 
  • 10.蒼き隼が如く(OP Theme for the spin-off title)
  • 11.白き誓い (OP Theme for the IOS & Android port)
  • 12.優しさの隣で (ED Theme for the IOS & Android port) 
  • 13.おかえり 

For those that love Hakuouki or need something new, it’s definitely worth checking because she’s really talented (✿´‿`). For some of her older songs, check both of her Aika’s Best albums. I’m not sure if this is on itunes internationally, but her older songs like Izayoi Namida & Maikaze are (at least for me in Canada)

So please support her! Also her newest song next month for the Shinkai game!!

2015 is a GREAT otome year!

This year has really been an amazing year for the Western side of the otome fandom. 

In 2015, we’ve gotten/will be getting these localized games:

1. Shall We Date: Scarlet Fate (aka Hiiro no Kakera 4) - IOS/android
2. SWD: Scarlet Fate Song of Spring (aka the HnK 4 fandisk) - IOS/android
3. Alice in the Heart ~Wonderful Wonder World~ - IOS/android (though the translation for this one leaves much to be desired, hopefully they’ll update it!)
4. Hakuouki - IOS/android port (also currently on PSP/PS Vita/3DS/PS3)
5. No Thank You!!! (BL) - PC
6. Ozmafia!! - PC
7. Amnesia: Memories - Steam/PS Vita
8. Code: Realize - PS Vita
9. Norn9 Var Commons - PS Vita
10. Shall We Date: Demon’s Bond (aka Toki no Kizuna) - IOS/android

All this in 2015 alone! In the past years, we were lucky to get even just one otome/bl game officially localized (usually we got none). Finally, our voices were heard, since we got 10+ games this year! I hope these games sell well, so we can continue to see more great visual novels brought over. It really does all depend on the sales. So if you want to see this trend continue, definitely show your support if you can :)
Live-Action Corpse Party Film Gets Uncut, 'Unlimited Edition'

5pb. announced on Sunday that the live-action film of its Corpse Party game franchise is returning to theaters in an “Unlimited Edition” in September. The new edition will feature explicit sequences that were cut from the original theatrical release. The Unlimited Edition will begin playing on September 19:

Text: The worst dread…
Text: That you …
Text: have yet to behold…
Text: The legendary horror adventure game series that has garnered popularity for over 15 years
Text: The first live-action film adaptation
Text: Rina Ikoma (Nogizaka46) in her first starring role
Text: Never-before-seen scream-filled scenes added
Text: Director: Masafumi Yamada
Text: Unlimited Edition
Text: Original Creators: Team GrisGris/5pb. Games (Mages.)
Text: Supervisor: Makoto Kedōin
Text: Theme song “Babylon ~before the daybreak” by Asami Imai
Text: Rina Ikoma (Nogizaka46)
Text: Ryōsuke Ikeoka
Text: Nozomi Maeda
Text: Corpse Party Unlimited
Text: Set to open September 2015

The staff describes the story from both the original Corpse Party horror game from Team GrisGris and the movie:

Facing goodbyes and graduation, Naomi (Rina Ikoma), her childhood friend Satoshi (Ryosuke Ikeoka), and their classmates, are clearing up after their last ever cultural festival, when horror buff class president Ayumi (Nozomi Maeda) decides to play Sachiko Ever After so they will stay friends for all eternity. What came instead was an invitation to a haunted graduation ceremony for Heavenly Host Elementary School, forced to close after a series of gruesome murders. What fate awaits Naomi and her friends at the cursed school…?

The film stars Nogizaka46 and AKB48 member Rina Ikoma as third-year high school student Naomi Nakashima. The role marks Ikoma’s first starring role. Ryōsuke Ikeoka (1/11 Jyuu Ichi Bun No Ichi, The Prince of Tennis Musical 2nd Season) from the male acting group D-BOYS and Popteen fashion magazine model Nozomi Maeda (Real Onigokko 4, Kami No Tsuki) also star as Satoshi Mochida and Ayumi Shinozaki, respectively.

Horror director Masafumi Yamada (Hitori Kakurenbo Gekijōban, Hontō ni Atta Kowai Hanashi) directed the film. Asami Imai performed “Babylon ~before the daybreak,” the theme song heard in the trailer.

The film’s original version opened in Japanese theaters on August 1, alongside a simultaneous live stream on Niconico Live.

XSEED Games released the PSP version of the original Corpse Party game in North America and Europe, as well as the follow-up game Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. Xseed Games also announced last year that it would release the original Corpse Party game for PC, and 5pb. released an iOS port with Xseed’s English translation last year.

Team GrisGris and 5pb. released the third and final chapter in the Heavenly Host Elementary School saga, titled Corpse Party: Blood Drive, in Japan last summer. A 3DS version of the original game shipped on July 30.

The franchise has also inspired several manga adaptations as well as the Corpse Party Missing Footage and Corpse Party: Tortured Souls -Bōgyaku Sareta Tamashii no Jukyō- video anime. The games have collectively sold over 100,000 copies, and the various manga series have sold over 100,000 copies

Help our fandom to get markiplier to play Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective!

Originally a game for the Nintendo DS, it received an iOS port in 2012.

  • It has an AWESOME plot. Like, seriously. Every review of it ever mentions as such.

You play a ghost who just recently passed away and has lost his memory. With the aid of your powers of the dead, you’re trying to work out why you died. But there’s a catch – when the sun comes up, you will stop existing, so it’s a race against the clock.

Even aside from the premise being intriguing, the plot is HUGE. Enough to be a multi-part playthrough. There’s some amazing characters who each have their own story within the overarching plot, and those stories are tied together amazingly.

Speaking of characters…


Look at them!

Each has their own distinctive design. The lead developer was Shuu Takumi who is better known as the person who did the Ace Attorney series, Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright and Resident Evil 2.


Look at this cute doggie! He is plot important!

  • The puzzles in the game are incredible.

As I mentioned before, you play a ghost who uses his powers of the dead to try and work out the reason he died. Our protagonist does this by possessing items and manipulating them.

However, you use these powers to save other characters. Many puzzle games have you solve puzzles because… the game tells you to. Not Ghost Trick. The puzzles all have weight behind them to save the lives of these people you grow to love, with the ultimate goal of finding out the truth behind your own life.

(If you’re of a sadistic kind, rest assured that these puzzles are not all that easy and there will be plenty of opportunity to watch Mark try and hop onto the game dev’s train of thought.)

  • The style of the game is one-of-a-kind.

Just look at these images.

These are just the backgrounds.

The Ghost Trick fandom is very small, so unfortunately we can’t really get the kind of momentum going that Mark would notice it on our own.
That’s why we’re reaching out to you guys. When Mark played OFF a while ago, Tumblr exploded with activity, and it would be wonderful for this fandom to get more fans!

Please help sempai notice us us get Markiplier to play Ghost Trick!
You can send comments, messages and tweets to hopefully bring the game to Mark’s attention!