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Reasons Why Colleen Wing is the Best Girl:

While I was writing so much about Danny, I kept thinking about how Colleen is the best and decided she deserved her own set of posts as well- Danny Rand supports this post. (Iron Fist Season 1)

-Colleen field trains her students so that they can get real-world experience

-Gives Danny two dollars because she thinks he’s homeless, even though she is struggling for money herself

-Doesn’t own any other clothing besides track suits and sweatpants

-Keeps buying Danny shoes because he’s a mess

-Wants to raise money for her student so she goes into cage matches and actually straight up plays with her opponents for fun

-Teaching Claire self-defense and giving her skills that are practical, not flashy

-Even though she doesn’t know him or have any reason to trust him, Colleen still gives the package of M&Ms to Joy and the papers from Ward because Danny asks her to

-Tells Danny where to get off when he hurts one of her students

-Carries around a sword on her back like it’s an every day accessory #goals