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Ah! Okay, thanks for explaining^^ in that case can I have "If they were to fall in love, who (or what) is their ideal?" for precious freckle bae Ace? >< thank you

I’m going to split this up into two segments: physical and mental.

In all honestly, Ace is actually not a very picky person when it comes to his partner’s body. In his mind, as long as the person fits his criteria personality-wise, it doesn’t matter at all what they look like. That being said, he has always had a thing for chub, especially on the belly, thighs, and breasts if they’ve got them. A place for him to hold onto, if you catch my drift.

Now this is where Ace gets picky. Unlike his potential partner’s physical traits, he’s very particular about their personality and how it would fit with his own. Despite how he may come off, Ace is a very private person, and he doesn’t open up to just anybody. He needs somebody that he can trust 100%, someone that he knows won’t run away once they learn about his bloodline. Growing up as he has- with everyone hating his father and spitting the mere possibility of Roger ever having children- he needs to know that a person that he goes after romantically wouldn’t judge him for his father’s sins and would love him regardless. He would also want to have someone that’s not afraid to have fun, to let loose. We all know how Ace is like, a goofy, fun-loving puppy in the body of a freckled sex god, and Ace would really enjoy if his s/o was just as silly and playful as he is.

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Could we have Brook relationship and fluffy headcanons please?

Fun fact: not even 20 minutes ago I was crying because I was thinking about how lonely Brook was on his ship and how psycologically scarring it must have been to wake up a skeleton surrounded by the corpses of the people that you love…….

but anyways some fun HCs for the Skeleton Grandpa!!

Brook relationship/fluff hcs

- Brook is the type of guy to take his s/o on dates often
- He’d court someone that he likes the old fashioned way (formally asking them if they’d allow him to court them, if they had parents/older siblings he’d ask them if they were all right with it, making his intentions for the long run known)
- He’d try to woo his s/o by playing on his violin for them accompanied by a cheesy love song about how he loves hearing their voice (although he doesn’t have any ears) and how their smile makes his heart flutter (although he doesn’t have a heart)
- He’d really like a person if they were just as subtly crude as he is (ya know, like making fart jokes and sexual innuendoes left and right, THATS his kind of partner)
- He wouldn’t mind his partner being young or old, either way they have a huge age gap (not to say that he would go after children or anything like that, just to be clear)
- He’d appreciate someone that he could be loud with at times, and also very quiet with at others
- I can see him being attracted to older men/women because he can relate to their experiences/wisdom
- He’s pretty mature when it comes to romantic relationships (though not too mature to not make skull and poop jokes)
- He’d be very, very, VERY protective of his s/o almost annoyingly (he’s lost too many people that he’s loved to not be)

- He actually not a very touchy person most of the time (I headcanon that he can’t actually feel that much like it’s been dulled down)
- But, if his s/o is down or upset, he’d be ALL OVER THEM and tell them the stupidest fucking skeleton jokes to make them laugh (Aside: “You give me butterflies in my stomach….although I do not have a stomach!”)
- He’s very self-conscious about his boney body, so he’d get extremely flustered if his s/o complimented his looks/body
- If his partner initiated cuddles he’d be super happy for the rest of the day
- Don’t think that just because he’s in a relationship that he wouldn’t still ask to see people’s panties (but if his s/o got pouty about it he’d reassure them that he likes their panties the best (Aside: “I like the little black one with the frills the best, it gives me a BONEr! Yohohohoho!!”)
- If his partner has a unique laugh, he’d try his damnedest to make them laugh, especially if they were shy about their laugh
- When he gets into a bit of a silent reflective mood thinking about his old friends, he’d half-heartedly try to shoo his partner away because he doesn’t want them to see him like that, but be secretly thankful if they stayed with him during his mood anyway


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