I just want people to love my OCs as much as I do. Well, at least closely to it maybe. :’D So I’m doing everything that I’m capable of.

Probably the best quality I’ve ever carried out, but I wasn’t really motivated to try harder before. Feels like it’s time to start drawing seriously after years of sketching, so that my skills learned thanks to hundreds of doodles will (hopefully) turn into somewhat solid and worthy.

Hope you like this piece and the close-ups C: It’s not that I’m always proud of each and every of own drawings.

Last but not least, a big hug to those who supports my characters, they’re everything that I have in my life. ;v;

Ahaha okay Wakfu fandom, bare with me here.

How did Tristepin beat Ogrest?



How did Tristepin get himself out of a tree?

Eva waved at him.

Yeah? Yeah?

Okay, why did Tristepin cross the road?

To get to the second hand shop.


What does Tristepin do when Eva asks his opinion?

He goes out on a limb.